The Treatment of CCIE Certificate Holders and Significance of the Certificate


Recently, many friends came to ask me about the treatment of CCIE certificate holders. In fact, the treatment is directly influenced by your personal abilities. A person’s abilities are divided into hard skill and soft skill. CCIE certificate – spoto represents a kind of hard skill, which is knowledge. Knowledge itself is valuable. In an enterprise, your value matters a lot. If you have high value, you will receive good treatment.Visit this website and find more information about that.

In the enterprise, your value is not equal to your knowledge storage. For example, you want to use knowledge, your hard skill, to sell products to customers, but they don’t want to listen to you. That indicates your lack of soft skill (communication and public speaking ability, etc.). Thus you bring little value to the enterprise and don’t give play to your knowledge. When the two skills are not balanced, there will be problems. For example, if you are only engaged in the work of adjusting equipment, the value of your work is very low. Cisco certification network is added to the collection because it is constituted according to the manufacturer’s instructions. So before considering your treatment, please make your own value clear.


Hard skill itself will depreciate. For example, a Pentium 75 chip used to be worth 790 US dollars, but now it is worth only 1 US dollar. BGP / OSPF is the standard in 1989 and has been printed on books for more than 10 years. Two years ago, the knowledge was rare and valuable. A BGP training in Beijing often cost 16,666 US dollars. But today if we still buy a P75 chip for 790 US dollars, how can the society progress? If the old knowledge does not depreciate, our society is probably still in the Western Zhou Dynasty. It is a permanent axiom that does not change because of man’s wills. If people stick to the old ways and do not observe the development of society, it’s hard for them to learn new knowledge and develop new technologies. No matter how great the original knowledge is, it will eventually become the dust of history like the chip of P75.

As mentioned above, the depreciation of hard knowledge is inevitable. But the treatment of many CCIE experts is becoming better. For example, the author of TCP / IP Volume 1 came to Juniper. And many CCIE experts we know are treated well. That’s because they constantly update their knowledge and skills after passing CCIE certification. What’s more, they keep improving their ability to express, namely soft skill, to makes more value. Naturally, they can get higher income. Before registering for CCIE certification exam, please remember that any unrealistic idea will make the certificate a burden to yourself. I have a clear understanding of my position. When I don’t have any advantages, I must make some breakthroughs in some aspects first.

If a CCIE certificate holder now seeks a job of 333 US dollars / month, it will not be a problem. He can gain the opportunity to grow experience. When he accumulates his experience to a certain extent, his value will rise and the treatment will rise. The demand for talents on the Internet is extremely large and immeasurable. As a CCIE expert, one still has the initiative and more room for future development. After unremitting efforts and calm analysis, any effort will be rewarded.

Advantages of CCIE Certification

Let’s check out some of the advantages of the CCIE certificate so you can know more about it in detail. The benefits of the certification given to the bearer are worth knowing.

Excess To The Resources


CCIE Network Certified Technicians approach elite gatherings where they can trade data and proceed with their schooling. For instance, as a CCIE Certified Technician, you will approach Nitro and can look for counsel on the utilization of arising innovations from other CE. They have the advantage of getting the resources which you want.

Technicians have the advantage of looking into various resources that they find most useful for them.

Proficient Confirmation

CCIE confirmation is undeniably challenging to acquire, and in this manner, it is exceptionally regarded by businesses. If you have the certification, then you have the confirmation of professional certification. Endless supply of the CCIE program, you will get a declaration and certificate, yet you will likewise approach occupations with a compensation scope of $ 94,000 to $ 111,000 yearly and maybe more than that. it depends upon the company that you choose. In some countries, you can easily get a good salary if you have professional certification of CCIE.

Technical efficiency requires you to be perfect, and you can only get it by acquiring skills. To be more professional, you should have the CCIE certificate so that you can be a certified professional in your field.

Nonstop Inspiration To Learn


In light of the fact that network innovation advances so quickly, a person acquiring a CCIE certification can never stop learning. You should constantly learn and try to evolve yourself according to the changing environment. This might appear to be a little hard for you at the start, but by and large, the most skilled professionals procure the most significant compensation or salary.

By expanding your capacity to plan for recertification, ensure you generally bring something of significant worth to the table for possible clients. Keeping a persistently developing range of abilities is the ideal way to get new clients and continue existing ones.

Parting Words

These affirmations are by and large acknowledged overall as the most renowned systems administration accreditations in the business. The CCIE and CCDE people group has laid out a standing driving the systems administration industry in profound specialized systems administration information and are conveyed into the most testing network tasks.

The certificate holds a significant value in the technical industry and if you are planning to get it then you must because in the future you will get to know about its significance.