TV Aerial Repairs – When To Call An Antenna Installer Or Repair Man

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Each and every electronic requires renewal and compatibility for their smooth running. Same goes with TV Aerials. Genuine and effective solutions for such types of issues can only be accurately provided by a well-informed person.

TV Aerial issues are very normal and basic. Though there are some, which can be solved by us. However, other major issues need to be solved by an antenna installer or repairman. For such sincere and efficient suggestions and services, is one of the best you can find. Following are state, some of those situations for which you need to call an antenna installer or repairman:

1. TV Screen Pixelation

This is one of the main and most irritating aerial issues that one faces with a TV aerial. Here the full picture disintegrates into small blocks which move about rapidly. It is basically an image oddity, it is also known as jigsaw puzzle effect while others call it, block effect. This cannot be solved without the help of a repairman and calling up one is the best option.

2. Problems associated with Analog Antenna

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Analog Antennas do not provide the latest and most modern reception. They may not also receive certain channels of higher frequency. If that is the case, you really need an antenna installer to avail the best reception through Digital TV antenna which not only provides you with the best reception but also ensure that they offer you to receive Melbourne Digital TV channels.

3. Freezing or Flickering Images

When the screen displays dark or bright frames at irregular intervals, it is known as flickering while as freezing images means when the images stay constant yet the audio goes on normally. It mainly occurs due to misplaced or improperly installed antennas. This issue cannot be solved easily by us, thus it is important to call a repairman for rectification.

4. Interfering Sound Quality due to Antenna Problems

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This is a very frustrating condition because the sound tends to get cracked and scratched infrequent intervals and you can understand nothing going on. These issues can be very easily solved with the help of amplifiers, boosters, various other antenna mounting options, etc. For these services, you need to get hold of a repairman.

5. Old and Tired TV Aerials

The average age of an antenna shouldn’t be more than 5 to 6 years at the most, but observation has shown that people use the same antenna for at least 12 to 13 years, which is why there may be a lot of disturbance. In such cases, get in contact with repairmen so that they can come over and suggest what is best. It is not necessary that you need to get the whole thing replaced at times; upgrading some parts can also work out the issue.

6. Incorrect Antenna Installation

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If for instance, one has bought a new TV aerial but has operated an old installation or have plugged a new technology TV to an old antenna, the TV reception in major cases are affected. But the intensity of both things might not be the same. In that case, you need to get hold of a professional installer so that they can detect whether the antenna and the TV reception booster is working in accordance with each other.


These are some of the reasons for which you should always opt for the help of an installer or repairman. Because issues related to poor cabling, inferior splitters, etc. can cause severe accidents, if not dealt with properly. Also, at times we feel the need of an expert decision regarding the solutions of the above-stated TV aerial issues, and then we need a professional.