7 TV Shows About Student Life Worth Binge-Watching 2024

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College years are one of the prominent periods of life for many of us. That’s why there are so many TV shows, movies, and books about this experience. All of them have a unique approach to the problems that almost every student faces. And it is always fun to watch something relatable or eye-opening.

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Community is one of the iconic shows because it is original, funny, and quirky. The main difference from many modern shows is that it is not about Ivy League school, but a community college.

The main characters are the group of underdogs that have very different interests and motivation to be in the class. They form a study group and eventually become friends.

The show is extremely ironic and postmodern but in a good way. It has its iconic moments, like paintball games. It is critically acclaimed both for writing and acting.

After all, it is hard to find a sitcom about college that has episodes about parallel universes.

How to Get Away With Murder

This one is far from a typical college series. It is designed for those who are into crime, mystery, and investigation. The show has been airing since 2014, making it six seasons long.

The main characters are law professor Annalise Keating and her group of wittiest students. Besides their law classes that deal with true crime, students get involved in an actual murder case.

The show is full of suspense and drama. Maybe there are not many classic tropes like parties or sororities, but it is extremely entertaining and thrilling. If you’re into criminal dramas, you should definitely check it out.

Fresh Meat

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This one is an amazing British comedy and drama show about students sharing a house. It has four seasons, but it is quite manageable to binge as there are only 30 episodes in total.

The show is funny, relatable, and maybe just a bit over the top sometimes. The main characters are freshmen at college who live together and try to find their place in life.

Mostly, the action takes place in the house. The viewer gets to watch the protagonists go around classes, academic success, work, relationships, and finding themselves. In a way, it is a series about becoming an adult, learning to make hard decisions, and take accountability. And there are many hilarious situations and relatable mistakes along the way.

Veronica Mars

This is another classic mystery and drama. The show is of a detective genre. It features the main character, Veronica Mars, who is in high school in the first two seasons.

The protagonist helps her father, a full-time private investigator. And she also conducts her own investigation for friends and clients. But the main mystery is yet to be solved – the tragic death of her best friend.

Originally, the show had only three seasons. They are quite interesting and have managed to gather a significant following. There was also a featured movie with the same characters and actors. In 2019, the final fourth season was released.

Dear White People

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This Netflix original drama series touches upon many modern problems and has received wide critical acclaim. It is about Black students that study in Ivy League institutions and the issues they face on a regular basis.

The show features comedic and satirical situations that provide an insight into the state of the elite educational system. It is very realistic and relatable. Many social injustices people of color have to deal with in predominantly white surroundings are presented at a practical angle. It has become an instant classic and is good to watch for people of all ages.


It is a British drama and thriller that was released in 2017. It is placed in Edinburgh, and the story features two childhood friends. They have just started their new life at university and follow their own very different paths.

One of them, Georgia, is drawn to an elite social group, clique. The other one, Holly, is left behind, but she follows her friend and gets involved in the lavish elite life full of luxurious parties. It is noir, thrilling, and very exciting to watch. The main themes are friendship, discovery, mystery, and darkness.


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Grow-ish is a spin-off of the amazing TV show Black-ish. So if you like the original one, you’ll most likely enjoy this story too. This is an amazing example of how great a spin-off can turn out to be.

It is about Zoe Johnson’s first year in college. The show features many common problems freshmen face. It is about fulfilling family expectations, being away from loved ones, finding friends, and trying to stay on academic schedule while life happens.

It is also about the reality of academic life, which is often far from what we expect. The series depicts making decisions, finding inner freedom, and growing up. It is a hilarious and truly enjoyable series.

In Summary

These series are exciting, thrilling, and extremely funny. Some of them are more dramatic; others are in a detective genre. Overall, everyone will have something to one’s liking on this list.

So if you were looking for something to binge-watch, now you have enough options! Just make sure to handle your academic matters first. And don’t stay up late, no matter how good a show is, it’s not worth disturbing your sleep schedule.