Unique Christmas Tree Wreath Projects

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Many people adorn their homes during the holidays with a wreath. Wreaths are garlands in a circular shape, usually created with flowers or leaves, that indicates a time of celebration.

There are many styles of wreaths, and you can even create your own version. Here are some unique Christmas Tree Wreath projects from Yarnspirations that will take your wreath making to new heights.

Bernat Pom Pom Wreath

If you want to add a bit of flair to your holiday wreath project, a festive pom pom one can brighten up any room. Plus, they are fun to make. All you need is some Bernat Pipsqueak to get your pom poms soft and fluffy, and a color scheme of your choosing. Your guests will feel welcome at holiday gatherings when you place your finished project on the door.

Christmas Wreath Throw

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This easy project is the perfect avenue to show off your crochet skills. Throws make you feel cozy and remind you of winter, and this Christmas wreath throw is a clever spin on the motif. You and your family can enjoy this throw in your holiday decorating tradition.

Bernat Alize EZ Wreath

This simple wreath is made without needles or a hook! The pre-looped yarn of Bernat Blanket-EZ gives it a unique texture and is made by wrapping it around a foam wreath and securing with hot glue. This is a simple, kid-friendly project that can be made in any of the vibrant shades of Bernat Blanket-EZ yarn.

Lily Sugar’n Cream Merry Christmas Wreath

Img source: yarnspirations.com

Crocheted in the signature Lily Sugar’n Cream yarn, this Christmas wreath is a playful version of a regular Christmas one.

Christmas symbols like jolly Santas, festive gifts, and stockings unite to surround this Christmas wreath. You can complete the project as shown in the directions, or create your own version. This project can be a lot of fun and requires extra craft supplies to complete it.

Sparkle Wrapped Pom Pom Wreath

Pompoms are all the rage this season. When you want to take a break from your knitting, crocheting, and sewing projects, this wreath is a simple crafting project that you will enjoy. It works well both indoors and outdoors and can make a great gift. To achieve the best look, wrap sparkly yarn around a foam wreath and then add pompoms, jingle bells, and ornaments.

Nail Art Wreath Plaque

Img source: yarnspirations.com

Nails don’t just have to be used for household errands – they can be used in your art projects. Use your craft skills to make a wreath plaque that will impress everyone who sees it, and one that will be enjoyed at future holiday gatherings.

Christmas Wreath Dishcloth
If you want to add some holiday spirit to your kitchen, it dishcloth makes for an excellent project and makes the perfect gift this holiday season.

Now that you have a starting point, you can get working on some wreath Christmas projects. Yarnspirations has many different patterns for knitting, crochet, and sewing, as well as several craft ideas. Get out of your comfort zone this Christmas and try some out-of-the-box projects for Christmas wreaths or any other ideas that inspire you.