7 Tips for Choosing Between uPVC And Aluminum Windows

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Whatever improvements you are making in your home, you primarily want to ensure that every decision you make is right. In other words, you want to invest money in the best possible way. Whatever your budget is, it is necessary to find the most proper solution and invest your money wisely, and not make some bling decision that you can regret after. One of the most important decisions that someone is making in their home is replacing the old windows with new ones.

Windows are impacting both inside and the outside of the home, and there are so many different factors you need to consider while making the decision of which window type you want to choose. Logically, you want your windows to make a good impression, and while the aesthetic factor is incredibly crucial, there are some other ones that you need to take into consideration. Selecting the right window frame comes with huge responsibility, so it is not a very easy task to just pick one option.

In fact, since there are so many available options on the market, as well as the window materials, colors, and styles, it is completely normal to feel a little overwhelmed. Therefore, before you start with your purchasing process, let’s dive into the te glass option that you can choose from. We prepared an article that will make the whole purchasing process much easier since we take a closer look and make the comparison between uPVC and aluminum windows.

Below, you will find the advantages and disadvantages of both options, so you can be properly informed which will lead to making the decision much easier and more confident, without doubting whether or not you made the mistake.

1. Aluminum windows vs UPVC windows – Which is the better option?

Source: homeguru.homepro.co.th

Both aluminum and uPVC windows have some great benefits worth considering. Logically, it depends on the homeowner, his budget, personal preferences, style, and needs which ones will be the most suitable option to select. Let’s get to the point and analyze some of the most important factors of both window options.

2. Price comparison of the uPVC and aluminum material

When it comes to the price of both options, we must say that the aluminum window option is way more expensive than the standard uPVC. This is because the material is more quality and there are also manufacturing costs included in the final rice.

Basically, if you are looking for a long-term option, aluminum is proven to be more cost-effective than the uPVC. On the other hand, if you are looking for budget-friendly window material, you should choose a uPVC option. Additionally, it offers benefits such as resistance to corrosion and a long lifespan. The prices between these two options are huge.

3. The durability of the uPVC or aluminum material

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In the terms of durability, you should know that even though uPVC window materials usually offer a longer lifespan, the frames will not last as long as aluminum ones. This is because aluminum material is a much stronger frame that is used as a window frame. If you take care of the window properly. and maintain it regularly, it can last for years.

4. Thermal efficiency of the uPVC or aluminum material

As you can probably conclude, the uPVC option is a great insulator that offers a high level of thermal efficiency which is a huge advantage. When it comes to aluminum windows options, there is a common misunderstanding among people that they are not providing proper insulation as the uPVC does. However, this is not true.

Even though the frames can feel colder when you touch them the window panes can provide and rich the same energy efficiency level as the uPVC option provides. Thanks to the usage of thermal breaks, this is possible.

In other words, this is a barrier that prevents contact from the outside and the inside of the aluminum frame, which keeps the inside of the home warmer for a longer time. Therefore, in terms of thermal efficiency, we must conclude that bost options provide a great insulation standard.

5. Security that uPVC and aluminum material provides

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Both window options that we are talking about – uPVC and aluminum ones are having reinforced frames as well as multi-point locks. These features make both options highly secure. Therefore, whatever option you select you should not be worrying whether you will be protected and secured. They are minimizing any potential risk of unwanted entry or breakage.

6. Maintenance of the uPVC and aluminum material

When it comes to the maintenance of these two window material options, your house knows that there is not any difference regarding this whether you chose the aluminum or uPVC window.

Neither of these two materials will require some premium cleaning. The only thing that you will need to do in order to keep any of these window options clean is to wipe them with some cloth every now and then and use the glass spray. Additionally, you should know that neither the first nor second window options are liable to decompose or fudge.

7. Style and aesthetic factor of the uPVC and aluminum material

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One of the most important things that many people consider while choosing what kind of window frame they want to pick for their house is whether or not it will match the interior and exterior of the home. Logically, everyone wants to enhance the beauty of the house design.

Therefore, never feel bad when you are primarily considering style and aesthetically appearance as a crucial factor that will determine what option you will pick. The functionality, safety, isolation are features that both uPVC and aluminum material provides, just at different levels. Therefore, if your primary goal is to add value to your home, just peek at the option that you like more!

Aluminum frames have sleek and elegant lines which makes them very appealing to the inside and outside viewers. Additionally, they are able to hold larger glass panels because of their strong durability features. This will surely improve the amount of natural light that will enter your home.

When it comes to the uPVC frames, you should know that they are providing remarkable style. However, this refers only to the right circumstances because there is not really much space for their customization. In general, both of these materials can be colored in your desired color. Therefore, in terms of visual appearance, it all comes down to which option you think can best suit your property.


As you saw, they are providing similar benefits when it comes to thermal efficiency, security, functionality, and maintenance. However, if you are still struggling to make the decision, you can contact the professional team on https://aluprof.eu/en that will discuss more details with you and help you make the final decision.