The Best US Cable TV Plans to Choose in 2024

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Although cord-cutting is on the rise, many people still subscribe to cable TV plans. And service providers keep introducing reasonably priced packages as well. So that more people can have access to cable TV. Moreover, the variety of channels is more than ever before. However, some service providers offer better plans than the rest, like which are among the top.

If you are planning to subscribe to a cable TV plan this year or planning to make a shift to a new one, here are the best available options.


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Every offering by a company comes with pros and cons. However, DISH sill remains one of the best that you can get access to despite some of the negative things about it. If you have an eye on this option, then you will have to choose between the following plans:

  • America’s Top 120
  • America’s Top 120+
  • America’s Top 200
  • America’s Top 250

The minimum number of channels that you get access to with DISH is 190. And the most number of channels go above 290. Some of the qualities that make these packages a favorite are consistencies in prices and a solid DVR. The consistency in prices means that you pay the same amount for your package for the life of it. Unlike other providers who jack up prices after a year. Apart from that, sports fanatics swear by these TV plans as there are numerous amount of channels offering sports coverage.

Perhaps, the only con in DISH is that it does not offer as many channels as DIRECTV. But that shouldn’t be an issue. Because let’s be honest, no one watches EVRY single channel on the list anyway. And there is another bad news too. DISH does not carry NFL Sunday Ticket. But on the bright side, you get access to numerous college sports channels.


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When it comes to the packages, DIRECTV offers more than DISH. However, You will also have to deal with the price increase that the company imposes on the subscribers every 12 months. But this should not bother you much as almost every company follows this norm. Coming to the good about DIRECTV, topping the list is the fact that it offers NFL Sunday ticket. Apart from that, it gives you access to more HD channels than any other service provider.

The available packages are:

  • XTRA

Other than the vast range of deals, DIRECTV also offers the subscribers Genie DVR. The DVR allows you to record over 200 hours of anything that you fancy and watch it at your ease. Other than that, sports fanatics will love the company for the many major sports leagues’ programming that it offers. Some of the most prominent names include MLB Extra Innings, MLS Direct Kick, and NBA League Pass.


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In case you are looking for more affordable options, then you would want to consider Xfinity. Some of the goods about the cable packages include the inclusion of popular channels even in the basic package and no contracts. Although the company offers only two cable packages, they are enough for anyone looking for budget-friendly options. Available options are:

  • Digital Starter
  • Digital Preferred

You will be surprised to learn that the channel lineup of Xfinity and DISH’s basic package is almost the same. However, you should be familiar with the cons before making a final decision as well. Xfinity’s customer service does not have a good repute. Apart from that, the company might charge additional fees on certain occasions.


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If you are a sucker for ‘no-contract’ options, then Spectrum should be on your list as well. With a cheap (talking about the price) basic package, the company offers a total of three cable TV deals. Apart from the reasonable price of these packages, Spectrum also offers a good bargain for the premium channels. The available options include:

  • TV Select
  • TV Silver
  • TV Gold

Although you will get good value for your money, DVR service is not one of Spectrum’s strong points. It has weak DVR choices. If you choose to order through the website and reach the checkout, you will realize that they do not ask you for the DVR that you would want with your package. It also turns out that one has to specify while ordering that he wants a DVR that displays channels in HD. This is a slight turn off as no company in this age offers DVRs without the HD option, to begin with.

Moreover, the DVR is only capable of recording 21 hours of your favorite content. But that is the only con that you would find in Spectrum.


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In case you are in search of a cable TV plan that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, then you should consider Cox. Do not think of it as any less than other services just because it comes at a relatively cheap price tag. The company offers two plans:

  • TV Starter
  • Contour TV

The former offers over 75 channels while the latter gives you access to over 140 channels. The best thing about the packages is the low price. So, if you like minimalism in everything in your life and are looking for nothing but the essential channels only, then you wouldn’t get a better option than this. However, if you are a sucker for sports channels, then you will have to subscribe to the Contour TV package as the TV Starter package does not offer that.

Having talked about the good, there is one thing that may put you off regarding Cox’s packages. Although the plans mentioned come at a reasonable price, adding various Paks would cost you a lot. As you will have to pay for each of them separately. But that shouldn’t be an issue if you are looking for the most basic channels.

Other than these, you can also consider Verizon. However, the choice would depend on some key factors. The major one being your budget. The rest comes afterward.