Vintage Glass Pendant Lights: Are They Right for Your Home – 2024 Review

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Vintage is a style which will obviously only grow with time. Years pass, and it’s inevitable that we want to bring back designs that were once popular. The fun part is adding only the pieces to your home which have proven to stand the test of time, rather than other styles where you may look back and wonder what the heck were people thinking.

Adding new pendant lights to a room is a quick and relatively cheap way to completely redo its look and feel. Glass pendants, being one of the most popular types out there, are the way that many people ultimately decide to go. Still, many are unsure because they worry about issues like fragility, cleaning, and how seamlessly they’ll fit into your existing decor style.

So are vintage glass pendant lights right for your home? What other issues should you be looking at when making a decision? No worries, we’re about to cover all that and more!

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Are glass vintage pendant lights more fragile than other types of fixtures?

The only answer we can really give you here is that while technically yes they are (but only by a small amount), it’s not something you should let stop you from buying. Yes, the fact that they have glass shades will for obvious reasons make them more fragile than a metal shade pendant, but you shouldn’t let that dissuade you. Most every retailer will allow you to return items damaged during shipping for a complete replacement or your money back.

Installing your lights should not create any extra worries of breakage either, as professional installers will be more than accustomed to working with glass shade vintage pendant lights. Finally, once installed they should be well out of the way from danger, so they should cause you no more concern than a metal shade pendant would.

Which rooms do vintage glass pendant lighting fixtures look best in?

Any room you could possibly imagine will look great with these wonderful lights! Essentially any room in the home could do well with the addition of vintage glass pendants, it’s just a matter of making careful selections during the search process so that you find lights which fit your home and styling perfectly.

The popularity of this style means that there are designs specifically made for every placement you could desire. Whether you’re looking for vintage bedroom pendants, or something you can hang over your kitchen island, you’ll have no shortage of choices.

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Can you combine vintage pendants made of glass with other decor styles?

Maybe you’re thinking that you already have a farmhouse style going with pieces you can’t bear parting with, so then surely you can’t bring vintage pendants into the mix, right? Or perhaps you’re looking to move towards a rugged industrial style in your kitchen, so then how could vintage glass lighting fixtures work into this plan?

The answer is: easier than you think! As we’ve mentioned, the vintage style is one of the most popular around in the world of pendant lighting, and designers are well aware of the fact that people will want to combine them with other styles. After all, they do the same things in their own homes. Glass shades come in many different styles as well, so they’ll be an easy fit too. So if you’ve been daydreaming of remaking your kitchen into a vintage farmhouse beauty, or adding a rustic vintage feel over your dining table, you’ll have plenty to choose from.

How much extra cleaning do the glass shades on vintage pendants require?

The amount of cleaning you’ll have to do with your pendants will vary based on your household and where you have them placed, but the fact that they have glass shades should not make any difference versus a metal shade pendant. Glass shade vintage pendants might require more regular minor maintenance like spot cleaning the glass, but considering this should take minutes at most it shouldn’t be something that keeps you from going in this direction.

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Do they come in as many sizes, styles, and shapes as other types of pendant lighting?

Absolutely! There should be just as many different sizes and shapes as you’ll see in metal pendant lighting. Styles will perhaps have even more to choose from, as you’ll have all the same types of designs you’ll see with metal pendants, and then numerous different types of glass to choose from as well, which you can see in Stylish Direct’s vintage glass pendant lights collection. Just to list a few, there are clear glass shades, seeded glass shades, frosted glass shades, colorful glass shades, and much, much more.

Do vintage glass pendant lights cost more than other types?

No, they don’t necessarily cost more or less than any other type of pendant. Some vintage glass pendants will cost more, while some will cost less. It all comes down to the particular pendant you are looking at, and factors like the size and shape. Just the fact that the shade is made of glass will not inherently change the price at all, so don’t let that factor into your decision making.

Will vintage glass pendant lighting fixtures be more difficult to hang?

No, they should not be more difficult to hang. The process of hanging a vintage pendant light with a glass shade will not be any different than with other types. In both cases, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional to handle the installation process for you. They will be highly familiar with working with all types of pendant lighting, including those which have shades made out of glass. The actual steps involved to get them installed will not cause them any different types of issues, so don’t let this be a worry for you.

Hopefully this has eased any worries you may have had about adding these beautiful lights to your home. As you can probably see now, they come with no different significant issues than other types of pendant lighting, so if you find a vintage glass pendant light that feels right, then you should definitely go for it — you won’t regret it!