Visit Taormina at Least Once in Your Life – Embrace the Heart of Sicilian Beauty

things to do in Taormina, Sicily

The city of Taormina is a fusion of outstanding Italian beauty and old-world charm. Known as a location where history comes to life among cobblestone alleyways and ancient ruins, its breathtaking views on the turquoise Ionian Sea and the glorious Mount Etna will conquer everyone seeing it at least once.

For those aiming for a magical vacation in the soul of Italy, the town is a must-visit because of its culture, delicious food, and friendly people, so let’s get to know it better…

The Landmarks

As we mentioned before, Taormina boasts one of the most spectacular vistas on Sicily which are made up of characteristic spots and sights.

The town was founded by the Greeks in the fourth century BC and the Taormina’s historical background is still mirrored in its well-preserved ruins and overall architecture influenced by Roman, Byzantine, and Arab styles.

Visitors will enjoy the marvelous panorama on the waters of the Ionian Sea and Mount Etna, the most active volcano in Europe, and by taking a stroll along the ancient Greek amphitheater, Teatro Antico, everyone will have a chance to get the best point of view on these wonders of nature.

We recommend you to non pass up the opportunity to visit the historic Greek theater, which is still used for concerts and performances against a splendid background.

The Art of Food

The Art of Food

Taormina’s cuisine reflects the traditional cuisines of Italy combined with elements from the Greek, Roman, Arab, and Norman civilizations, as well as regional ingredients and cooking methods.

Being a coastal town, Taormina boasts a wide variety of fresh seafood, therefore the grilled swordfish, the octopus salad, and the pasta with sea urchin sauce are regional classics. The well-known pesce spada alla ghiotta, a substantial stew of swordfish stewed in a rich tomato sauce with capers, olives, and fresh herbs, is a great start to familiarizing with the local culinary tradition.

Many kinds of mouth-watering street food options can be found in Taormina’s busy marketplaces and winding lanes, such as paneled, which are hot and crispy chickpea fritters, and crunchy arancini, which are golden-fried rice balls filled with meat, cheese, or vegetables.

Cannoli are crispy pastry shells filled with sweet ricotta cheese and topped with chocolate chips or candied fruit for a delightful dessert that you shouldn’t miss.

Wine tasting

Sicily is also famous for its rich winemaking tradition, and Taormina offers ample opportunities for wine lovers to sample the region’s finest wine.

Visitors can explore local vineyards and wineries nestled in the hills surrounding Taormina, where they can take a tour of the vineyards, learn about the winemaking process, and taste the famous Nero d’Avola, Etna Rosso, and other regional specialties.

Full-bodied reds or crisp whites, Sicilian wines will offer their natural bold flavors and distinctive terroir, so wine tasting in Taormina is an experience not to be missed.

Moreover, if you’ll have the opportunity to try or buy homemade wine from the locals, be sure, it will probably be one of the most delicious wines that you’ve ever tried.

Music festivals

Music festivals

Taormina’s yearly music festivals, which boast a great choice of musical genres and performers, bring the city’s dynamic artistic scene to life.

Among all, the Taormina Opera Festival, held in the historic Teatro Antico, and the Taormina Film Fest, which attracts international filmmakers and celebrities, offer an opportunity to experience world-class entertainment against the Taormina’s landscapes.

Are you a fan of classical opera? Or maybe jazz, or contemporary music? Taormina’s yearly festivals promise to satisfy every wish and guarantee unforgettable performances and the best memories.

Boat tours

Boat tours offer a beautiful way to experience Taormina’s coastline and surrounding waters. From the deck of a boat, visitors can admire the rugged cliffs, hidden caves, and pristine beaches that line the shoreline.

During a boat tour, travelers have the opportunity to explore secluded coves and hidden places that are inaccessible by land, for example, Isola Bella and the enchanting Grotta Azzurra (Blue Grotto). Some boat tours even include stops for swimming and snorkeling, allowing participants to immerse themselves in the crystal-clear waters and explore curious underwater ecosystems.

Some boat tours offer the chance to venture out to sea and explore offshore islands and marine reserves. For example, the Aeolian Islands, a UNESCO World Heritage Site located north of Sicily, are a popular destination for day trips from Taormina. Boat tours often include stops at tiny fishing villages and coastal towns, where travelers can sample delicious fresh seafood.

The Locals


Despite being a popular tourist destination, Taormina holds to a laid-back and relaxed atmosphere, embodying the Mediterranean savoir-faire. At the heart of Taormina’s local mentality is a deep connection to the land and sea, with many Taorminese involved in agriculture, fishing, and other traditional trades.

There’s a profound respect for nature and an understanding of the seasons’ rhythms, which is reflected in the region’s cuisine, festivals, and celebrations. The Taorminese enjoy sharing their culture and greet tourists with joy and respect, and of course, they expect the same kindness in return.

Taormina’s native way of life is in fact centered around hospitality; guests are greeted with open arms and sincere friendliness. Whether sharing a meal, offering directions, or just having a conversation in the town square, the warmth and hospitality of Taorminese people are well renowned. So is the local way of life, which is why so many come to experience the Italian dolce vita by staying in a 5-star resort in Italy, visiting locals, or renting a room in a bed and breakfast.

Taormina is truly a place to enjoy and will indubitably continue to captivate the hearts of visitors all over the planet. Whether you’re drawn to its panorama, activities, culinary delights, or local mentality, seeking adventure, relaxation, or simply a moment of serenity amidst the chaos of everyday life — Taormina will become a pleasureful experience that will forever leave an impression on your heart and spirit. See the irresistible appeal of Taormina, the most gorgeous seaside town in Sicily, and let yourself be amazed.