What Content Attracts Most Likes on Instagram?

Img source: techprevue.com

With over 1 billion monthly active users, of which 500 million browse through the app daily, there is no shortage of content and activity on Instagram. The social media platform has become a hub for people to share images and videos of their interests, hobbies, and daily lives, but it is also home to many influencers with massive follower counts. Due to the competition that is provided by this massive amount of activity, it is becoming harder and harder for individuals to stand out.

The attention span of consumers is decreasing and there is a demand for short bits of content that can be consumed quickly and without much thinking. As such, attracting audiences requires quick adaptability and consistently creating high-quality and engaging content. For those who are willing to work hard and put in some effort, Instagram is a great place to capture a new and highly engaged audience. For those who don’t want to work too hard, there are always services like this, but you need to think in the long term about using them anyhow. If you are unsure of the type of content you should start posting, here are some types that generate the most likes on the platform.

  1. Food

Img source: eventbrite.co.uk

Most people enjoy eating delicious food and great looking food is something everyone can relate to. There are even accounts dedicated specifically to the art of food that generate a mass following, so posting images that are visually pleasing and make users crave for whatever is in them is a great way to generate a lot of likes. You can visit friendlylikes.com if you are interested in learning more.

  1. Scenery and Landscapes

Posting amazing, breathtaking pictures of the outdoors is a great way to catch someone’s eye as they are scrolling through their feed. It creates a sense of wanderlust and even if your brand has nothing to do with the outdoors, these types of images are a great way to connect with the user’s feelings, emotions, and even their interests.

  1. Inspirational Quotes

Img source: thebrag.com

Inspirational or motivational quotes help inspire people to take action and chase their dreams. Sometimes, it simply gives them hope or makes them smile, making them feel happier and lighter. Providing comfort and motivation to people can create a sense of connection and this is why this type of content is extremely popular on Instagram.

  1. Animals

Funny images and videos of animals and pets tend to go viral on any social media platform. Not only that, but high-quality animal pictures can tap into people’s raw emotions and as such generate higher engagement. The world is full of animal lovers, so whether you post funny images or videos of your pet or share some incredible animal imagery, there is a high chance people will love the content you post.

  1. Human Faces

Img source: independent.co.uk

According to snoopreport.com, photos that feature faces in them get about 38% more likes than photos without them. This is because they can tap into people’s emotions and create a more personal connection to your brand. Just remember to post content that doesn’t seem staged, but natural and honest.


Today, visual content is much more likely to gain consumer’s interest than any other type of content, and this is why Instagram has continued to grow and will only keep getting bigger in the future. With the right quality content, consistency, patience, and hard work, you can also use this social media platform to gain a following that is highly engaged and interested in what you have to offer.