Behind the Price Tag: What Drives the Cost of Murphy Beds?


If you are renovating and want to save some money, you might consider a Murphy bed. A bed that flips down from the wall and reveals shelving, a desk, or some other useful feature.

They give you extra space, and you will hardly ever use them, so why not invest?

Well, if you want to install a Murphy bed, there is a lot that goes into the cost.

If you want to save some money, you need to know what drives the cost of a Murphy bed. Below, we give you our guide to help you budget and work out what you can and cannot skimp on.

The Bed’s Size


The size of a Murphy bed can influence the cost. Smaller beds cost less than larger beds as they need fewer materials. The size can limit storage options, which can require additional accessories such as shelving or cabinets to go with the bed.

Finishing details can also influence the cost, as they need either extensive labor or pre-built components that increase the cost of the bed. Larger beds often guarantee more sleeping space and storage capabilities.

They tend to be sturdier than their smaller counterparts, and they need more resources, so a Murphy bed price range often reflects that. The size of the Murphy bed determines the price tag because it directly factors in the resources and extra accessories needed to complete the bed.

The Type of Mattress Included

The Murphy bed cost can vary, and part of the cost depends on the type of mattress that is included. The thicker and more comfortable the mattress, the higher the price tag.

Quality mattresses tend to have a higher price tag, but they also offer more support and last longer. Poor-quality mattresses need more frequent replacement, and they are not as comfortable.

Additional Features


The cost of Murphy beds is often determined by the choice of additional features. Standard Murphy beds cost less than those with additional options and features such as built-in storage, lighting, plug-ins, and customization of a Murphy bed with desk.

These features can increase the cost of the bed, adding hundreds or thousands of dollars or more, depending on what features are desired. Some Murphy beds also provide support mechanisms that help the bed fold up safely and stably.

The Type of Bed Frame

The price of beds is influenced by various factors, including the type of bed frame. Traditional Murphy beds use heavy-duty mechanisms and steel box springs, while more modern designs often feature lightweight aluminum frames.

Some frames are built to be adjustable, meaning the height and angle of the bed can be adjusted to suit different needs. This makes them more expensive than traditional frames.

Materials Used


Murphy beds are more expensive than other beds due to the cost of the materials used. The more durable and higher-quality materials that are used, the higher the cost. For example, steel frames tend to be more expensive than wood frames because steel is a stronger material and usually lasts longer.

The type of wood used is also a consideration; higher-quality woods such as oak and mahogany are more expensive than pine or particle board. The hardware used in Murphy beds is also a factor, as heavy-duty hinges and mounting plates usually cost more than standard versions.

Delivery Fees

Delivery fees exist to cover the expenses of transporting the item to your home. Factors like the weight of the bed, the distance it needs to travel, and the cost of fuel can all affect these fees, as can the reputation and size of the delivery company.

When researching Murphy beds, make sure that you are not only taking into account the cost of the bed itself but also the associated delivery fees. This will help you ensure that you have the clearest picture of the total cost of the bed and a better understanding of what drives the cost of Murphy beds.

Professional Installation


Professional installation is one of these factors and is vital for the durability and support of the bed. Professional installers will ensure that the bed is secured to the frame and wall studs for stability and that the bed is constructed more precisely as compared to when done on one’s own.

The labor and knowledge of a professional help provide a stronger unit, as the units are prone to failure when fasteners are not installed properly. Professional installers can also make sure that the furniture will not cause mud or obstruction issues in the future.

Advertising and Marketing

Murphy beds have caught the public’s imagination and often come with hefty price tags. Advertising and other forms of marketing play a major role in the high cost of Murphy beds. Advertisements for Murphy beds focus on the convenience and versatility of the bed, appealing to consumers with cramped spaces or small homes.

To create an attractive advertising package, the manufacturers invest in high-budget videos and professional photography. Other forms of marketing leverage the exposure created by advertisements by allocating funds for promotion on social media, blogging sites, and through other influencers. These methods reach people who may not have heard of Murphy beds otherwise, driving the cost up as demand increases.

Extended Warranties

An extended warranty can cost an additional 10-20% of the original cost of the bed, providing extra comfort and security to the buyer. Murphy bed warranties usually cover any serious defect due to the manufacturer’s fault and, most importantly, a guaranteed return of your money within a certain period.

With this in mind, an extended warranty is especially important if you will be using your Murphy bed frequently. Knowing you have some coverage can provide peace of mind since Murphy beds are an investment.

Learning About Factors Affecting the Cost of a Murphy Bed


Murphy beds are a great solution for small spaces. They are surprisingly affordable and easy to purchase, with many styles and sizes to choose from. By understanding the components and mechanisms that drive the cost of a Murphy bed, shoppers can make an informed decision about what’s right for their wallet and home.

Buying a Murphy bed that is both comfortable and in line with your budget is the best result. Invest in a Murphy bed today for a convenient and practical solution.

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