What is it Like Travelling Solo to Egypt?

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Since the attacks that shook Egypt in 2004 and 2005, specifically targeting tourists, questions have arisen about the security of a trip to the country: the measures of the Egyptian state to re-launch foreign attendance at half-mast were without appeal, with an impressive strengthening of controls and security forces in the main tourist places in particular. The regime in place particularly fond of the police presence, the latter can become relatively heavy in the long run…

The fact remains that there is absolutely nothing more risk of traveling alone on Egypt Vacation than traveling in a group: in general, the country is reputed to be very safe, like Cairo, where the crime rate is very low compared to such a high human concentration!

Possibly if you are reading this post it is because you are a woman, you are thinking of going to Egypt and maybe you are asking yourself some of the following questions: Is it dangerous to travel to Egypt alone as a woman? , How should I dress? , How will I feel walking alone down the street? Therefore, we would like to give you useful tips to travel alone as a woman in Egypt.

Assume that, as a woman, they will observe you

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It is very important to be aware of the country you are going to visit. In this case, you should know that Egypt is a Muslim country and our physical appearance and our way of dressing is different from that of Egypt.

Although it seems obvious what we are saying, the sooner you realize that it is you who calls attention, the more comfortable you will feel in the country. Also, keep in mind that Egypt is no longer such a tourist country.

Egypt is the cradle of Egyptian civilization and that is why on your trip through the Nile country you can visit such important and well-known monuments that range from the impressive pyramids of Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure in Cairo to the incredible royal tombs of the Valley of the Kings in Luxor.

Honestly, you don’t see many independent travelers

Normally people who go to Egypt do so in organized groups (like ones organized by companies such as memphistours.com), so it is not (so) common to meet travelers who go on their own. Nor is Egypt one of the countries where you are going to meet many women traveling alone, as it happens in Southeast Asian countries.

Therefore, the locals will be surprised if you go alone on the street or if you visit the archaeological sites without a guide. You will also be surprised if you use the metro in Cairo or the shared taxis in Luxor. Just do not expect it and it will look curious.

So if you decide to travel alone do not expect to share transportation with many travelers you find along the way. You will not find a wide range of hostels where you can share a room to reduce expenses. Tourism in Egypt is another type of tourism.

How to dress when traveling to Egypt as a woman

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It is important that you take into account the clothing you are going to wear in Egypt. It is a Muslim country and Egyptian women dress in a completely different way from the western way. The truth is that in Egypt there is no prohibition regarding the way of dressing but we believe that you can save some odd situation by dressing in a certain way.

In general, we avoid shorts or short skirts, tank tops, pronounced necklines and tight clothing. We prefer to choose thin and baggy pants that reach the knee and that on the other hand are more comfortable and fresh.

To foolish words, deaf ears

Let’s assume: in the world, there are more good people than bad. But you may encounter some idiot along the way. In case someone tells you something obscenity that you understand (or not), ignorance is best. You already know the saying: “To foolish words, deaf ears.”

Walking a night in Luxor, a man approached us and released a few words in Arabic, which we did not understand. At no time did we see it as dangerous, since we were in one of the main streets and there were many people around us. Our reaction was to keep walking until the man got tired.

Avoid giving personal social networks

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One thing we have learned, from some past experience, is to avoid giving our social networks. On several occasions, after some talk with locals, they have asked us for Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp.

We simply believe that it is to “banter” with your acquaintances on the networks and perhaps post an innocent photo that you have taken with that person. However, to avoid misunderstandings, we do not give personal social networks.