What Wedding Planners Do?

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Decision of getting married and dedicate your whole life to your significant other can be very emotional. Planning a wedding on the other hand can be very intense and overwhelming for bride and groom to be.

In order to lower down the amount of stress, more and more couples decide to hire a wedding planner to help them make their perfect wedding. This can be an addition to the wedding budget, but once you see how much easier it all goes, it will be worth your money. Without further ado, let’s see what a planner can help you with.

First Contact

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When you have landed on the decision to have a wedding planner, usually you will have a first meeting to get to know one another and agree on the extent of the enrolment and price. This first meeting has a purpose to get you all familiar with one another and for a planner to get a rough idea of your plans.

It is always a good idea to discuss budget since offers will in that way accommodated and you will not waste time on offers that are too pricey. Be honest during this meeting and do not be afraid to share your thought and ideas.

The planner is there to guide you and try to accommodate your wishes into the budget. Another good thing is that in most cases they are very good in negotiations and very familiar with good deals and discounts which is always beneficial. When talking with you chosen planner to bring some ideas.


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It’s always good to start with the big stuff. Once a planner is familiar with your preferences, you will be presented with possible venues and what they have to offer. In most cases, the venue will come alongside with the food, which is great since it allows you to wrap up two things from you list. While on the site, you can discuss decorations and places good for taking photos, dance floor and position of the band.


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One other big part of the wedding is clothes. Both the bride and groom will be the center of attention and they will have to look flawless. Picking a groom suit might seem easy, but with professional help it sure is.

Once the groom has landed a suit and shoes, it is time for the bride. Picking up a dress can be very hard, so before you go to the shop it might be wise to think about what you want. This requires not only thinking about your dress but also about accessories such as headpieces, flowers and veil.

The Internet can be of a lot of help if you know where to look; on Best for Bride it’s all in one place, so you can sit with you assistant and browse so there is the idea of what you would like in order to make the wedding the way you want it to be.


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Wedding planners are well informed about where good food is made, so they will be able to help you find the food that suits yours and your guests’ preferences. It is good to give a heads up about the allergies and food sensitivity since it would be a shame that a stray peanut ruins the whole reception. Food tasting is good to be done, just so you can be one hundred percent sure that you are getting what you have bargained for.

Another very important part of the wedding is the cake, and you know what that means samples. Picking a right flavored cake is essential and once your taste buds are satisfied it is time to find the right size and style. Your assistant here will help you decide on the décor of the cake and make sure it matches the wedding theme.


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Venue has to have a decoration and here is where the wedding planner comes to the rescue. Guided by your needs and desires flowers, lights and all those small details will be provided and set into place in order to make it memorable.

Venue decoration will match the theme of the wedding, couture, cake and couples wishes. Your job will only be to pick the flowers and color of all those small details. They may recommend a photo booth and this will be an amazing part of the venue and the overall event.

Little Stuff

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There are so many little things planners do for the bride and groom. Not only that they help you pick out the venue and what to wear, but they coordinate a lot of staff on the wedding day. They will follow up on the invitations, present lists, small details on the tables, dress alterations and many more.

They will also wait for endless hours in lines, pick up supplies and wait for deliveries of different items needed for the wedding to be just the way you want it to be. You will never know how many hiccups there were in planning and how much time your planner needed to pull out some strings in order to make everything works. All specific conditions of the band and the photographer have been met by this hard-working person. When all passes smoothly you will have to thank your planner for that.


Wedding planners will make your life so much easier and planning that special day more pleasant. From the first day you meet till the last day, they will make sure everything goes as smooth as possible. They appreciate honesty and will give you different options in order to pick the one that is just right.

Their invisible hand will guide you towards the wedding day and arrange everything, from the venue and the decorations to yours and your groom to be a wardrobe. Food and drinks will be at bay and you can be sure that all needs will be met. They will guide you through the whole big day and preparations so it just flows. In the end, their biggest price will be yet another perfect wedding day and satisfied newlyweds.