What You Should Know About That Awesome ‘80s Heavy Metal Look

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Perhaps you are into heavy metal music or you want to dress up as a metalhead for Halloween, knowing how to get that perfect ‘80s metalhead look can sometimes be confusing. Whatever you reasons for dressing up in the ‘80s heavy metal style, in the text below, you will be able to read about what items do you need to be a metalhead. Before going on to the clothes and accessories tips, let’s take a look at the heavy metal genre:

The Heavy Metal Wave

Heavy metal music started out as a more aggressive alternative to classic rock music of the ‘70s. Since that period, this genre became even more heavy, aggressive, and loud, and the bands that played this type of music usually provided fans with an amazing live performance. The people who enjoy listening to this music are often referred to as “metalheads” and as the music gained in popularity, the metalhead numbers also increased around the world.

The Heavy Metal Style

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  1. Black, Black, and a Little bit More Black

One of the most important things that you should remember is that black is the staple of metal fashion. You should try and implement more black clothes into your daily outfits and definitely avoid bright colors, as well as some clothes and shoes that would never be a part of the metal style – sandals and polo shirts. Darker colors have long been connected with the metalhead fashion, hence, you should have mostly black clothes in your closet.

  1. Wear Black or Blue Jeans

Metal fans can usually be seen wearing skinny blue, black, or dark blue denim jeans. The jeans can be in various conditions – they can be torn, full of holes, or held tightly together by a patch featuring a band logos or mottos. You should opt for tighter jeans instead of the ones that are baggy. Also, military-style pants and black shorts are also acceptable.

  1. Band T-shirts

You can easily show your support for your favorite band or bands by wearing a band t-shirt that will feature the bands’ logo, lyrics, or album covers. Since most band t-shirts are black, you will be able to easily match the t-shirts with your other clothes and they can also be great conversation starters.

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  1. Leather or Denim Jackets

You cannot wear a band t-shirt when it is cold outside, however, you can wear a leather or denim jacket. Since your t-shirt will not be visible under the jacket, there are other ways that you can show that you are a metalhead – with stitching on patches to your jackets. According to the website https://www.customembroideredpatches.com, there is a wide range of patches available that you can use to decorate your jacket with, and you can also create your own, custom patch that you can design.

  1. Accessorize

Metalheads wear rings and necklaces which usually feature a skull or crossed bones. Ankle boots are also a major staple for the metalhead fashion, as well as chains that they use to carry their wallet on. As previously mentioned, patches play a major role in completing your metalhead look, hence, it is a must-have for every metal lover.


By following the tips in this article, you will be able to create a metalhead look in no time. Hence, if you are missing some of the items on this list, do not waste any more time and start searching for them!