How To Know When Your Website Needs A Complete Overhaul

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There are distinct differences between updating a website and having a complete website overhaul performed. In some cases, business owners may think they only need to update a few things for better performance; this may not be the case. We’re going to discuss the differences in needing some basic updates and how to know if you need to completely overhaul your website.

Reasons To Overhaul Your Website:

  • Your current website can no longer adequately support your marketing strategy
  • Your company has grown and evolved outside of your initial site parameters
  • Site speed is lacking
  • Conversion rates from browsers to customers are low
  • You are experiencing a decline in website traffic
  • Your website is difficult to use and confusing for customers
  • Your site is not original

Your Current Website Can No Longer Adequately Support Your Marketing Strategy


If you have experienced a complete change in your marketing strategy and have not updated your website; you will want to completely overhaul your site to include all of your new marketing strategies as well as products and/or services offered. Add any video clips or informational links that will include marketing, commercials or public outreach.

These will provide information about your ever evolving marketing techniques. Additionally, if you are crowdsourcing, you will want to share your marketing strategies on various social media platforms to enhance your client base.

Your Company Has Grown and Evolved Outside Of Your Initial Site Parameters

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According to the web design company,, as time progresses, businesses will naturally evolve. It does not matter if you are a retail or service provider. You will learn what works and what does not work for your business.

You may offer new features, or merge with another partner to offer variety to your customers. It is imperative to have a strong social media presence and to continually update your website. Once your business has made a total change, it is a safe bet that this is the time to make a complete online change as well.

Site Speed Is Lacking


A slow mobile connection speed can eventually cause a decline in product sales. Businesses need to acknowledge that the digital shopping world is ever evolving. A basic website cannot be the only means for a business to book appointments or make sales.

A mobile presence with a strong mobile UX will provide an easy to use experience for customers. When customers have a difficult time getting pages to load or complete a purchase, they will move on to the next business that is able to meet their needs in a more efficient and less frustrating way.

Conversion Rates From Browsers To Customers Are Low


A low conversion rate can be caused by a variety of things. In some cases, browsers will not pull the trigger and make a purchase because the site is too difficult to maneuver. In other instances, site visitors may find the speed disappointing and move on to a more efficient site.

One of the most common reasons browsers do not become customers is due to prices. It is important to continually update your website and stay competitive with your business competitors in price, service and customer relations. By revamping your site and making it easy to maneuver you may experience more clients and less browsers. As soon as you notice a decline in business it is time to look at your marketing strategies and start a complete website overhaul.

Your Website Is Difficult To Use and Confusing For Customers


Users want to visit sites that are easy to maneuver on both a computer and a phone or tablet. All information should be readily available at their fingertips and they should not need to spend extra time looking for product or purchasing information.

Product descriptions should be short and to the point with the option for an extended view on product or service descriptions. Prices and policies should also be easy to locate. Customers that can have all of their inquiries answered easily will become repeat customers. Those who cannot find what they are looking for within the first 2 minutes on a website will move on to the next site.

Your Site Is Not Original


Sometimes, if you hire a web designer, you may find someone who makes generic sites for various businesses like yours. You will want to see samples of work but ensure that you are having a unique site built.

If your business site looks like your competitors site 3 things could happen:

  • Clients will think they are on your site while they are on your competitors site
  • Clients will think you stole the design ideas from the site that looks just like yours
  • You will not stand out above your competition

These are obvious signs that your website needs a total overhaul. You will never want your business to be confused with another business. If your clients land on a competitor’s site, and that site looks exactly like yours, you may lose business directly to your competition. Additionally, if your customers land on a competitors page and yours looks very similar, they may feel as though your business lacks originality and decide to move on to another business.

You will want to ensure that your business website stands out from your competition and is easily recognizable. Continually monitor your competitors’ sites and make necessary changes or a total overhaul of your own site to outperform the competition.

If you continually update your site and stay on top of ever evolving connection speeds you will likely not need to do a total website overhaul. If you have not been paying attention to trends and analytics, you will want to have an assessment performed on your site and pay for a complete website overhaul.

Once your site is updated you will need to closely monitor consumer trends and make changes wherever necessary to achieve top site performance.