Why are Retro Fruit Machines Still Popular?

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Is there anything as mesmerizing as pulling the handle and watching a fruit machine spin?

What about tapping the buttons to nudge until you get the line you need?

Slot machines are one of the most popular games played in land-based casinos and a top contender online too! There are now many slot providers available online, such as WinkSlots who offer a huge range of games, from new modern themes to old style fruit machines – there is something for everyone!

But what makes retro fruit machines so much fun?

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How retro is retro?

Even if our first experience with the retro slot machines was somewhere in the 60s,70s or 80s, they date back much further.

Many people believe that the first slot machine was around in 1887 and was called Liberty Bell. Developed by Charles Fay, it was a simple start for this globally adored game.

With three reels, one pay line, and five symbols, it was simple to understand and took off quickly. The symbols were a heart, diamond, spade, bell and a horseshoe.

Although, at the time, you weren’t allowed to play games for cash, according to the story, fruity gum was distributed to winners. Hence the name fruit machines.

In 1963 the first real fruit machines hit arcades, and they had fruit on the reels, and it was called Money Honey.

Why play retro fruit machines?

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While playing new arcade games is a lot of fun, undeniably so, retro games have a firm place in the hearts of gamers.

Slot machines have always stood apart from the regular casino games and are often a player’s first experience in an arcade.

Something is so inviting about the flashing lights and ease of play.

  • Engaging

Throughout casino and arcade history, slot machines have been one of the most played games. They are highly engaging and keep players entertained for hours. You don’t need to have learned anything special to enjoy playing.

  • Convenience

Playing a retro fruit machine has been one of the most convenient games to play online and at land-based locations. Retro fruit machines are quick and straightforward, and with so many mobile casino apps with slot options – they’re more convenient than ever.

  • Free play

Of all the casino games you could play, slots often offer the most free spins and free play options. There are even instances that you can win real money with free slots. Free slots drastically reduce the amount you’ll spend on average.

Where can you play retro fruit machines?

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You don’t have to worry if strolling into a casino like 007 isn’t your thing. Fruit machines are often found in a much more relaxed environment.

Head to any seaside town, and you are likely to find a pier packed with rides, delicious ice cream and an arcade. These arcades, while they often do have newer games, are a treasure trove of retro games. Fruit machines are amongst those solid favourites.

Regular arcades are also home to a whole host of retro classics like Pinball, racing simulators, penny machines, multi-game arcade cabinets, air hockey, shooting or fighting simulators and fruit machines.

Slot machines are often found and are popular in an arcade

Of course, you’ll probably see a few merchandiser games here too, where you can win tickets and prizes directly from the machine.

Pubs, bars and nightclubs are often the home of many different types of fruit machines too.

Aside from all of these great locations, you can also find fruit machines online or playable with apps.

With many pub closures happening all over the globe and trips to a tourist seaside, few and far between online slots are the perfect way to play.

Technology keeping the retro games alive

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Technology has allowed players to experience a combination of nostalgic and modernised feel at the same time.

Retro games give us a sense of nostalgia, and that is powerful stuff. It can transport us back to simpler times or simply remind us of how we spent our youth.

The games from the 60s, 70s and 80s have had an enormous influence over modern styles. Clothing, photography, and colour palettes are all back in fashion.

Although they had a payout, the original retro slot machines weren’t comparable to the possible payouts when playing online in modern times.

Classic games, and undoubtedly in-person games, didn’t have the capability to payout as much as their online counterparts.

And even though you aren’t physically pulling the handle on the fruit machine yourself, everything about the game has the feel that you initially fell in love with.

There is a theme and type of slot for every kind of retro game that you enjoy too. For example, if you prefer the 70s, then you can take a spin on the Wild 70s slot, which has that 70s vibe.

The 80s is more than catered for with the ultra-fun Space Invaders slots and music bands covering that period.

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The best thing? They have the retro vibe, including music, stylization and even wilds, and free spins or bonus triggers to match – but! They come with all the modern advancements.

More pay lines, more fun options, and access to bigger jackpots.

Retro fruit machines are disappearing from our high streets and pubs, through closures or simply not working anymore.

Game developers have found a way to keep the retro dream alive, incorporate all of the modern perks of gaming, and deliver a high-quality retro game feel.

Retro slots are the perfect balance of old and new. Blurring the lines between modern technology, a healthy dose of nostalgia and the ultimate casino game – slots.

So fear not, the next time you have the urge to play a fruit machine in an arcade and can’t find one – online casinos and slot websites have got you covered.