Why the Trained Painter is Necessary for your Home Painting

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When you want to do some renovation or painting work in your house then we always look for professional painter. The professionals at malerkanonen.dk know the painting techniques perfectly.

The most frequent painting mistakes are the following:

  • Do not clean the walls
  • Not adequately protect the floor and surrounding items
  • Paint new layers without the previous ones being dry

Tips to hire professional painters

With the end of the year approaching, many people are starting to think about revamping their home look. And, as with many other types of services, such as an electrician or bricklayer, the painter needs to be skilled and experienced to make the job perfect and you are satisfied with the end result. Here are some tips for hiring a good one and avoiding problems with your makeover:

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Search for more than one painter option

To find the ideal one, it is advisable to research various options. Do not take into account only the cheapest value or fastest term. Try to get at least three budgets.

A good tip for anyone who has no indication of a painter is to visit a store that specializes in paint. Usually these stores have a record of good professionals to refer customers.

Beware of the painter “does it all”

Stay tuned for the so-called “do it all”, that professional who says he understands everything a little. He is an electrician, a plumber, a painter, an assembler, in short, he does all the work he needs, and at first he seems to be the ideal person to paint the wall of his house.

But to avoid setbacks, it is best to hire a specialized professional for this service. Otherwise, cheap can be expensive.

Meet the painter’s work

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To hire a good one, it is also important to know the work of the professional to check the quality of his service. It’s good to talk to people who have already hired you and ask if they were satisfied with the painting. Doing this will make you safer to hire.

Observe if the painter has experience

Another very important aspect to note is the experience of the painter. Before hiring the professional, try to know how long he has been working with painting, if he takes training courses, as this is very important and will reflect on the result of the service.

An experienced painter can tell which type of paint is best for every room in the house, and is also aware of special paints such as epoxy and textures that require different techniques.

Standards for work at height

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If painting involves working at heights, such as façades, for example, in addition to the necessary safety equipment, the regulatory standard that addresses worker exposure to the risk of falling from heights.

According to the rules of the Ministry of Labor and Employment (MTE), the hired painter must ensure that he is qualified to perform that particular service by submitting certifications and technical reports of the equipment.

If the service is performed by an unqualified person, the contractor may be held liable for a potential occupational accident, which may result in high compensation costs.

Make a detailed budget

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Making a detailed budget of the service to be performed, including working time, labor value and material quantity calculation is also essential to avoid setbacks. And it is worth reinforcing: when choosing a professional, do not consider only the price.

Make a contract

As soon as you close a deal, make a contract between yourself and the painter describing all the work to be done, including deadline, amount and form of payment.