6 Worst Places In Europe For Solo Travelers – 2024 Guide

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You can go everywhere you want on your own; these days, the world almost has no boundaries. These days it is rather popular to travel alone, as it kills the need to beg someone to go on a trip with you. But, while traveling alone has many advantages, it also has a few flaws, and we are here to point those out.

In this article, we are going to explore places we wouldn’t recommend you to visit alone. By no means these are not places you should avoid going to alone at all cost. If there’s an option of having someone by your side, please have them with you. Let us take a look at the six worst places in Europe for solo travelers – 2024 guide.

Lake Como, Italy

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While this lake is the home to many celebrities summer resorts, it is not the one we would recommend to you for an alone visit. Yes, solo traveling can be exciting, but it won’t be so much at Lake Como, trust us on this one. This is a place that’s perfectly suitable for couples, and this is noticeable on almost every corner.

People who go there alone, with a backpack on their back, will be left exposed to the looks of the couples and groups surrounding you. Furthermore, it is not a travel destination that offers too much to do, especially if you are alone. If you want to visit this part of Italy, be sure to go with your prettier half, and include a tour of Milan in your plans.


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This country is not technically in Europe, but it holds many connections to the Old Continent geographically and historically. They participate in the EuroSong contest after all, and their football team plays qualifications with European teams. As such, we included it in this list. Israel has plenty to offer, looking at it purely as a tourist. But, when you take other factors into considerations, the general picture changes a bit.

This country has a strong economy and military, and many historically and religiously significant places to visit, and many troubles. The biggest issue is the poor relationships with neighboring countries, which has been an issue for decades. Terrorist threats are the main reason we wouldn’t recommend that you go there alone. While you would probably enjoy seeing Jerusalem, Nazareth, or Haifa, no one could fully guarantee your safety.


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The ice country, as its name suggests, has so much to offer. But it would be best if you did not go there alone. Unlike Israel, it’s not because of safety reasons. On your own, you won’t be able to experience the beauties this country has to offer fully. You need a partner for the Icelandic journey, as you need to share the emotions and feelings you’re going to experience on the spot.

Many people who went there two times, once alone, and once in a company, stated that they enjoyed it more with people than alone. No set of photos is going to express how you felt when you witnessed nature’s monuments, such as Thingvellir National Park, Gullfoss Falls, or Retreat Spa.

Taormina, Italy

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A beautiful place, without a doubt. But, if you travel alone and are not a fan of romantic couples, it could turn out to be a nightmare. The entire city looks like it was made out of remote locations perfect for taking pictures – of couples. Many balconies serve this purpose, but they’re far from being ideal for a lone selfie.

Furthermore, all of the restaurants look like they only have tables for two. Even if you find one where you can sit on your own, drinking wine, and eating pasta, you’ll most likely be surrounded by couples. Really, you should avoid going on your own to a place that is dubbed as one of the most romantic places in the world. Italy is vast, and you’ll be better spending your alone time in Rome or Turin, for example, or one of the cities tricksandtrips.com recommends for you.

Santorini, Greece

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Many people will dub Santorini as their dream destination without being there even once. The reasons why we consider this place as a no go for solo travelers are similar to those we laid out for Lake Como. Yes, many celebrities decide to send their summers here, but you probably won’t mingle with them.

Instead, you’ll be surrounded by a hundred couples that are at Santorini for their honeymoon. Going there alone is like walking into a blizzard completely naked. What’s worse, there’s equipment to handle heavy snowing, while there isn’t any for couples in love. We’re not sure that any lone traveler comes prepared for the romantic vibes you’ll find in this Greek resort. If Greece is your next travel destination, then better go with Rhodes.

Paris, France

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One of the world’s premium tourist destinations. So, why don’t you go there alone? Yes, Paris has its charms, and you are free to visit alone, but having a company could add a different flavor to your visit. Most people go to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, and Triumphal Arch of the Star. This is all good and well if you enjoy art that much. But, the city on its own is massive art creation, and you could walk it all day long and enjoy it. But, walking alone doesn’t allow you to catch all the charm the city of love has to offer.

Furthermore, Paris is always too crowded with tourists from all over the world. In all of this crowd, you’d like to have someone by your side. Of course, there’s a chance you’ll get pick-pocketed if you don’t pay attention, as this happens to many people who visit Paris.


We hope that our list convinced you not to travel alone to these destinations. They have plenty to offer, but it’s either not safe to go alone, or you won’t grasp what they’re all about without good company. So, have this article on your mind next time you pick your destination for solo travel.