You should always rent these 15 things

always rent

1. A casket

Buying: $200 – $10000

Renting: less than $1000

FTC explains: “A casket often is the single most expensive item you’ll buy if you plan a ‘traditional’ full-service funeral”. They do vary in cost and design a great deal, and they are an additional worry during a hard time. Since it only moves the body to the cemetery, any appropriate box will do.

2. Sports equipment

Sports equipment
source: instagram

Buying: $50 – $3000

Renting: $20 – $200

Starting a new sport is usually quite pricey, but buying the appropriate gear is more than necessary. People often buy a lot of gear before they are committed to the sport, which is a mistake. Therefore, try to explore renting the gear you need.

3. Solar panels

Solar panels

Buying: $15000 – $40000

Renting: $50 – $250

If you care about your environment and wish to save money, solar panels are the future. And the best way to get them is to lease them. Repairs and maintenance are not on you, and modern technologies and designs are guaranteed. You will have the monthly payment option, sign the power to the rental company.

4. A boat

rent a boat

Buying: average of $35000

Renting: $150 – $500 per day

Having a boat means being free on any water surface, and enjoying the waves, the sun, and the breeze. However, owning and caring for the boat can be a nightmare. Storage, docking, repair and maintenance fees can be astronomical. “If you own your boat for ten years, you can expect to pay a grand total of around $295,000 for that decade of boat ownership, “according to Better Boat. Therefore, renting a boat on your vacation is the way to go.

5. A Camera

rent a camera

Buying: $500 – $10000

Renting: $100 – $150

Documenting your trips and important events is the best way to save memories forever, so having a camera by your side is crucial. They do however get pricey, especially good DSLR cameras. Therefore, why not rent one? Many companies offer this, including Borrow Lenses and Lens Rentals.

6. Power tools

Power tools for rent

Buying: $100 – $900

Renting: $25 – $150

Nobody needs special tools all the time. Therefore, buying an electric tool from a hardware store might not be worth it, especially if you require its services rarely. Renting the necessary power tool for the project is smart. If you do not work in this field, you do not really need all those expensive tools.

7. Formal clothes

Formal clothes for rent

Buying: $150 – $500

Renting: $50+

If you have a wedding or a fancy gala coming up, and you require a special suit or a dress, as well as accessories, think before buying your own. As it is only for one night, try to find the right piece of formalwear at a rental. You will not have to worry about caring for it later, and deciding when is the right time to wear it again. If you want to learn more check online some websites and find some appropriate for you.

8. An RV

An RV for rent

Buying: $32000+

Renting: $1 – $200

Van life is tempting for many people, especially those with adventurous spirits. But buying a camper van or an RV does not really make sense unless camping is everything to you and you live on the go. If you simply wish to try out this trend for a week or so, rent yourself an RV of your choice, as it can be quite affordable.

9. Wedding cakes

Wedding cakes for rent

Buying: $350 – $2000

Renting: $100+

Buying and cutting those enormous wedding cake can really be a pain, so many couples decide for fake cakes that are just for show. Some even have an edible section, so that the traditional cutting can still happen. When it is sent back to be cut and served, the staff swap it with slices of another cake.

10. Camping gear

Camping gear for rent

Buying: $200 – $1500

Renting: $69+ per night

Similar to the RV, if you do not camp very often, and just want a taste of the wilderness away from the city, buying the gear is not the right move. In addition, deciding what to take and packing it can be hard. Luckily, rentals do exist which will send you a kit with all the necessities for a successful camping experience.

11. Farm animals

Farm animals

Buying: $600+

Renting $500 for a six-month period

Owning domestic farm animals is growing in popularity. If you wish to try it, there are rentals that will bring you hens and the necessary equipment to care for them. If you end up enjoying it very much, you can adopt the chickens! Goats are also available.

12. A home

home for rent

Butting: $200000 on average

Renting: $1400 per month on average

People often hate to hear that someone is renting a home. They believe it is basically throwing money away. However, there are many occasions when buying a full home does not work for some reason. A lot has to be planned and factored in before buying a home. It is a major life decision, so renting for a period is more than reasonable.

13. Neighbor’s garage

Neighbor’s garage for rent

Buying: $40 – $200 per month

Renting: $15 – $50 per month

It is difficult to find a good and affordable storage unit, and many are hard to access. Have you ever thought about renting some garage space from your neighbor who does not use it? Different companies work with renting empty sheds, attics, basements and garages, and it is much cheaper and more convenient than actual storages.

14. Garden space

Garden space for rent

Renting: 0 – $20 per month

Not everyone has enough space in their home to grow flowers, fruit or vegetables. If you have an empty piece of land on your property, try to offer it to people. Many are willing to rent pieces of space to plant what they like or need.

15. Jewelry

Jewelry for rent

Buying: $1000+

Renting: $75+

Like with formal clothing, jewelry is expensive to buy for a special occasion. Although they can be a real investment that you can earn from later in life, renting jewelry pieces and nice watches for weddings, parties and gala nights is something more people should think about.