Zeus Arc GT Vaporizer – Features Rich Gadget

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The Zeus Arc is a device made in Germany that presents a robust yet classy design. It has a heating gold plated chamber and gold plated vapor path. It has a casing of hard-coated aluminum, which isn’t as heavy as it seems. The ZeusArc resembles a phone in shape and size, which makes it comfortable and easy to carry around.

It can fit in a pocket or purse. It is the best vaporizer for anyone who wants to be discreet. The heating gold plated chamber detects if the device has not been in use for more than 30 seconds and cools it down, therefore, saving the herb.

How to use the Zeus Arc Vaporizer

Unlike other vaporizers in the market, the Zeus Arc doesn’t need a manual. It is very easy to use and less technical in its operation. To switch it on, you simply need to press the start button for some seconds and a lengthy vibration indicates it’s switched on.

The device has 3 preset temperatures that heat up to the last temperature after it’s switched on. By simply pressing the start button, you are able to change through the temperatures. The heating time, however, is not so fast.

It has a blue LED indicator that turns green and vibrates to indicate its readiness for use. The battery status is indicated by a red LED. When the device is cooling down, a white light flashes while a yellow one indicates a malfunction in the device.

The device is shovel-shaped, thereby making it easy and convenient to scoop the herb directly from the bowl with it says HazeSmokeShop. The sieve, however, has to be replaced, which time is consuming but is not an issue.

Stages of Vapor Production

The device provides you with 3 stages of steam conduction. For maximum pleasure, you need to advance to each stage slowly. It is advisable to stir halfway through each session.
The first stage is the light stage. The vapor is quite aromatic and soft and it tastes good. The second stage is the balance stage. This stage provides consistency between the steam and taste and most users prefer this stage. The third stage is through the stage. The last of the herbs are put to good use. The taste at this stage is not as pleasant as the previous stages, but it is sure to take you to the edge.

Battery Life and Maintenance

Img source: knowtechie.com

The ZeusArc has an in-built battery capacity of up to 3000mAh, with it, you have approximately 6 sessions per charge. This, however, depends on the stages one selects.
Unlike other vaporizers, the ZeusArc doesn’t require intensive cleaning. The herb chamber can be cleaned with Q tips that are already supplied by the manufacturer. The insulated airway can easily be cleaned with a pipe cleaner. The sieve and mouthpiece need to be dipped in the alcohol provided but only for a short time. Afterward, these accessories should be rinsed in clear water and left to dry.

Pros and Cons of the Zeus Arc GT

The advantage that this device offers is the portability. It is convenient for traveling since it is lightweight and small. It has a big herb chamber, which spares you the trouble of filling it every time. It has an attractive and elegant finish.

The device, however, has a few setbacks of its own. For starters, the battery is inbuilt, meaning that if it malfunctions, the device is rendered useless. The tools also are separate, it is therefore quite easy to lose them. There is no temperature control. You only use the setting the device gives you.

Device Accessories

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The device comes with Q tips soaked in alcohol for cleaning and sterilizing, a USB cable for charging on the go, a tool for exposing the airway in case the device gets blocked, a chamber reducer glass and operating instructions which are in English.


The Zeus Arc is perfect for the laidback or discreet fellow who prefers to have less attention. For someone looking to travel but still enjoy their steam, this device is for you since it can fit even in a jacket pocket. This device overall is both impressive and practical with good features. If you’re looking for elegance, portability, and power, then the ZeusArc vaporizer comes in highly recommended.