10 Popular Health Tips that You Need to Stop Following Right Now

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A healthy body is one of the essential parts of a happy life and almost every one of us wishes to lead a healthy life. To be honest, many of us would even choose a healthy life over a happy one. Well, in our search for ways of living a healthy lifestyle, we sometimes start believing in myths. These myths instead of helping us out in leading a healthy lifestyle to lead some exactly opposite results. In order to stop you from believing in any of the health-related myths, today we are going to talk about 10 popular health myths that people believe in but you should not.

10 popular health tips to Avoid

1. Eat the whites and leave the Yolks

The bad rap for the egg yolks has been mostly made up of the gym freaks because of its fat content. But recent studies have revealed that egg yolk contains a lot of good cholesterol which is healthy for everyone until and unless the person is allergic. So, the next time you hit your gym, don’t forget to eat those yolks too. if you don’t believe this, then you can always ask a doctor at Docprime and find for yourself.

2. Starving is one of the best ways for Weight loss

Starving your body for food and cutting down drastically on your calorie intake might sound a shortcut to a flat belly but the outcome might not be pleasing for you or in fact exactly opposite of what you expect it to be. When you start to fast, your body tries to hold on to the calories that you consume. It tries to consume them slowly and save them until you break your fast and eat again. So, what can happen is the case that your body may start to store fat and you might gain in place of losing pounds.

3. Not able to see clearly at night, Eat Carrots

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Scientifically, carrots help eyes to convert light into some form of signals which are sent to the brain for interpretation. So, carrots do help in improving your vision. But nothing has been found that backs the belief that carrots improve night vision. It might be a popular myth that has been passing over for generations.

4. Tap water is unhygienic while packaged one is not

If you think that here, we’re going to say that bottled water is unhealthy, then you might be disappointed. Bottled water is perfectly fine but all we want to do here get rid of the belief that tap water is unhealthy for drinking. In reality, in many places the tap water is directly supplied by municipalities and the municipality water is perfectly healthy for anyone. In fact, if we do compare bottled water against tap water, then we should account for the waste that is created from not reusable bottles of water which is unhealthy for the environment.

5. Want to change your Diet, go through a Detox

If you think that consuming only liquids is going to benefit your health, then you should give it a second thought. See, Detox means getting rid of toxic materials from your body and kidneys and liver are responsible to perform this function. More about the liver cleanse, you can read on Dr Natura. In fact, what you might get as a result of detox is problems in the bowel movements. Instead, increasing your water intake is a great way to get a jumpstart while you are changing your diet.

6. Don’t eat before you go to bed if you want to lose

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If you are in the process of weight loss, then one thing you must know is that weight loss works on very simple logic. You have to consume fewer calories than you burn daily. All the calories which you cut in the diet are compensated from the stored fat in your body and you should not even need to ask a doctor to confirm this logic. So, if we go by this logic, then there should be no restriction on what time to eat as long as we keep our calorie intake less than what we burn daily. Therefore, if next time anyone says you not to eat right before you go to bed, then you know what’s the truth.

7. Want Six-packs? Do Crunches

Getting six-packs is not only about doing hundreds of reps of abs exercises. In order for your abs to show up, you should also think about getting rid of the fat layer over your abs. no matter how many crunches you do and with what intensity, if you have a layer of fat over your belly, then you will have to face a hard time in order to get the abs. Yes, crunches are abs but that doesn’t mean that it helps in getting rid of the fat too.

8. Get rid of sugar and you’ll be good to go

There is an ancient and completely true belief that overdose of anything is lethal. This is nothing different in the case of sugar. Sugar is one of the first things that we cut down on when we go on a restricted diet. But sugar contains essential nutrients that are essential for your body. Sugar is not harmful at all if taken in controlled quantity. But if you over-consume the sugar, then you should worry.

9. Stay away from Gluten, it’s bad for you?

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Nowadays, a gluten-free diet is totally among the gym freaks and health fanatics but there is a wrong belief associated with this gluten-free diet. Yes, gluten is harmful to the intestines as it triggers reactions in your abdomen which damages the intestines. But this is the case only for the people who are allergic to gluten or who are suffering from some sort of gluten-related disorders. So, if you are not allergic to gluten then you can and you should some amount of gluten in your diet daily. And if you ask a doctor, then he would also suggest you have gluten in your diet.

10. Yogurt is healthy

This health tip is made popular by the yogurt advertisements that we across frequently. Now, what we see is the fact that the yogurt being shown in the ads is healthy but what we draw from those ads is that every yogurt is healthy which is exactly what you are not supposed to do. See, there are yogurts available in the markets which are full of healthy bacteria but for every healthy yogurt packet out there, there are at least ten options that are not as healthy. A lot of yogurts available in the market are full of sugars and high in fructose content which contradicts their health benefits altogether.

5 Health habits to adapt

So, we talked about the 10 myths but this is not all. There is still something left. We just probably busted through some of the myths that you believed and therefore, to cover up we are going to talk about some of the basic yet best health tips in this section. Let’s get started.

1. Drink lots of water

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Drinking plenty of water benefits your body in a ton of ways. Glowing skin, better digestion, detoxification, improving the complexion, boosting up the immune system, less frequent headaches, increased brain power, energizing your body and whatnot. For any layman, eight glasses of water every day should be the water intake. If you consume 8 glasses of water every day, then you can get a lot of benefits from it.

2. Eat a balanced diet

We can bet that you’ve been listening to the benefits of eating a balanced diet since your kindergarten and still, a lot of us don’t understand the true value of a balanced diet. A diet composed of all the essential nutrients is the healthiest diet you can have. This way, your body gets the supply for all the nutrients that it cannot produce itself. A balanced diet not only keeps you healthy but to a great extent keeps your disease-free as your immune system becomes stronger from it.

3. Regular Exercise

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One of the most underrated benefits of doing regular exercise is that it keeps your body in shape and thus, makes you feel more confident and happier & a happy human is a healthy human. Apart from this, as everybody knows exercising makes your body stronger, makes your muscles and joints stronger, regulates the blood flow in your body, good for digestion and bowel movements, increased energy levels, healthy skin, sharp memory, and the list goes on and on. For joints good function, you can use Dona products, too. Even a complete article would not be enough to list out all the benefits.

4. Sleep Tight

If you ask a doctor what is the one best thing habit that you can adopt in order to improve your health right away, then most probably the answer you will get will revolve around having a sound sleep daily. In today’s world, when work burden increases or any stress arrives, then our sleep is the first thing to be sacrificed which in fact only worsens the situation in the long term. Getting 7-hours sleep daily is recommended for every human being and anything less can even lead to health problems like obesity.

5. Stay away from Gadgets

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Let’s face it, in today’s world; electronic gadgets have become an inseparable part of our life. If you think that we are exaggerating the case here then just notice that you are probably reading this article on a mobile screen or a tablet screen or a laptop. Smartphones specifically have become an essential part of our life. Can you imagine going back to those dumb feature phones and use them today as your primary daily driver? Your answer is probably no. well, a lot of health problems are caused by these gadgets and therefore, what all we want to say here is that you should try to keep your interaction with the gadgets as low as possible in order to avoid all the health problems caused by them.