12 Ways A Hair Lover Can Celebrate International Women’s Day 2024

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International Women’s Day may have just passed, but that doesn’t mean you can celebrate one of the most impactful events of the year. Celebrating equality and breaking stereotypes are the key messages this year, and with that, embracing and empowering yourself too. It’s a time to celebrate what women have achieved recently and historically, whether it’s political, economical, environmental… it’s a time to recognize the influential and inspiring women throughout history.

To celebrate this occasion, as a hair lover, there are things you can do to empower yourself and feel more confident in your skin. Your hair is a way of expressing yourself, so you need to take care of it and yourself. It’s a time of change but also of appreciation, so it’s time for a bit of newness all whilst enjoying who you are!

Go For The Chop

A way of revitalizing your hair and giving yourself a confidence boost is by opting for a new haircut. Finding something that expresses a little bit more of yourself and will prepare yourself for any big change in your life – a job interview, a special occasion, whatever it may be… Opt for a gender-neutral hairstyle for a bold and stylish look and for more haircut ideas, check out allthingshair.com

Opt For A New Hair Color

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Dare, dream and think big! Empower yourself with a new hair color – the latest trends are silvery blonde, caramel highlights or even lilac hair if you’re feeling bold! Whether you’re looking for a bold new look or just want to top up your latest hair color, revive your hair color and feel empowered this International Women’s Day!

Build A Relationship With Your Stylist

Building a relationship with your stylist will allow you to experiment and be playful with your hair. You will empower each other and get experimental. As well as working on your hair, your stylist can also be seen as a personal therapist, or a new friend – you guys can get chatting about anything going on in each other’s lives and motivate one another!

Treat Your Hair

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Treat yourself to a relaxing bit of hair care. A relaxing scalp massage will increase hair thickness as it stretches the hair’s follicles and stimulates it to grow thicker and stronger hair. The relaxing features of a head massage will help your hair cycle progress. Before long, you will feel pampered and empowered by your thick, vivacious hair!

Take Care

Celebrate International Women’s Day with a nourishing hair mask that will transform your hair from drab to fab. Invest in a luxurious-feeling hair mask or create your own by mixing natural ingredients such as coconut oil, avocado or honey. By using a hair mask, you’ll be providing health benefits of these ingredients in one go, and helping it feel nourished and hydrated. A hair mask containing coconut oil is perfect for giving your hair a bit more oomph as it contains acids that will dig deeper than regular conditioners.

Treat Your Loved Ones

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Treat you and/or your loved ones to a pamper session for International Women’s Day. Whether your friend has been hesitating about going for the chop or treating your family member to a therapeutic hair care session with their favorite stylist, empower those around you with a bit of much-needed TLC.

Treat Yourself To Empowering Brands

If you’re looking to top up your product selection, then for this International Women’s Day, study brands that celebrate women and put actions into place to educate and help women all over the world. Voir Haircare, for example, will be donating part of its sales to a charity helping women to enter the workforce and give them work attire.

Set Yourself Hair Challenges

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If you’re bored with your day to day hair routine, set yourself new challenges! Create a list of weekly hairstyles to try, whether it’s adventuring with your curlers or testing mermaid style braids, push yourself out of your comfort zone. You’ll find that you will have a lot more versatile looks, for your casual days or for dressy occasions. Even when International Women’s Day has been and gone, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t push yourself!

Stop Those Bad Habits

We all have bad hair care habits – whether it’s over-washing your hair, or grabbing the hair straighteners one too many times, we all have bad practices to kill. International Women’s Day is the time to empower yourself and break the vicious cycle. Create better habits – opting for dry shampoo when you want fresher hair, or letting your hair dry naturally, are better alternatives to breaking your precious hair.

Look Out For Positives

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Through this time of change, it’s almost important to take note of the positives. Jot down the things you love about yourself, and the things you love about your hair. Perhaps your latest cut was around a life-changing time, or your hair color was inspired by an icon of yours, whatever you love, write it down and enjoy!

Top Up On Nutriments

Another way of empowering yourself and giving yourself envy-worthy hair is by feeding yourself and your hair. A healthy diet provides healthy hair, so remember to eat a balanced diet and top up on vitamins when you can. Remember – vitamin A will help with growth, so get plenty of spinach and kale down you, vitamin C will also do the trick through citrus fruits and strawberries.

Glam Up

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Even when you don’t feel like it, glam up and make yourself feel fabulous. Do your hair and makeup to perfection and wear your best outfit – beauty therapy is a thing! Making yourself look amazing will help make you feel amazing.

A little bit of me-time reduces stress and depression and breaks negative thought patterns. Do this on a regular basis, completing a routine from start to finish will help you feel like you have accomplished something great! Then use that same motivation in your personal and professional lives – and accomplish great things!