Is 3D Custom Metal Business Signage Good for Your Business?

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Are you indecisive when it comes to choosing whether 3D signs are appropriate for your business? Confused about whether it doesn’t suit the overall concept? Don’t worry we are here to help you! Of course, it is not simple to come up with a 3D sign that best reflects the features of your business in a way that your customers will remember upon seeing your sign. It has to be striking to be memorable but you entirely have no idea how. Here, we have put together this article to note what to consider before getting a 3D sign and assess whether it is right for your business.

Three-Dimensional Signs

In this age of innovation, it is very important that your signage immediately catches the attention of people especially when you’re aiming for higher brand recognition and  That is why 3D signs are the most preferred signs for your business due to their guaranteed effectiveness in product placement both indoors and outdoors. This is done by enhancing the shape, shadow, and shading of the ordinary signage. Furthermore, it adds more depth and dimension especially to the width and height of normal signage.

Advantages of Choosing 3D Signs

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  1. For better emphasis, 3D signs work well with lighting

Although 3D signs have already established their visual appeal even without light due to the enhancement of two-dimensional signs, it is better when applied with lighting regardless of whether it is back-lit or natural light. Its visibility through many angles counts as an advantage but with lighting, it is more visually appealing and would surely attract more visitors. Also, even without the lighting, the shadow is contributed to highlighting the signage.  With the many innovations that have been released for 3D signs, businesses have stepped out of the ordinary concept of their current signs and went for an improved look to add more dynamic factors.

  1. Versatility

3D signs come in different sizes to give the finest visual communication to the public. Depending on the type of business you have, it is important to evaluate the right type of signage that would represent it. Is your business focusing more on the corporate area? Or is it more on selling goods and commodities? Of course, the small and colorful 3D signs do not match the concept of the professional, corporate types of businesses because it is much formal. Meanwhile, the serious and sleek approach to 3D signage will not be used for the small casual businesses offering goods and services because it will appear too dry, dull, and plain. It has to be attractive enough to invite possible customers.

  1. Highly Visible

Those colorful and attractive heavy backlit 3D signs are an effective marketing and advertising strategy because it is very visible to customers who are meters away. Although you may have availed for a 3D sign with a  back-lit light, however, this doesn’t mean that you can gather some customers and avail of your services. It has to be visible even without the light because the light does not operate all the time. With the best type of materials, you can have quality signage if you have the letters created using shiny materials. This ensures that your sign is still visible during the mornings and afternoons.

Now, is 3D signs the right type of signage suitable for my business?

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If you’re looking for a sign that makes your brand stand out among the rest, then 3D signs are definitely for your best for your business but this does not stop you from testing out other materials. There are different types of 3D signs to check out: one, high-density urethane foam which is must strong, light, waterproof, and a cost-efficient option which is best for creating shaped signs; second, the acrylic signs which are highly preferred for interior applications mostly in lobbies like hotel and address numbers. These are versatile 3D sign types that are cut, sandblasted, polished, bevel-edged, and engraved so the features stand out even without light.

Third, wood dimensional letters are made from almost any type of wood present and are polished. Suitable for businesses with a rustic or elemental theme to match the establishment. Fourth, cast metal plaques are common in corporate offices because it appears more professional and sets the distinction from the other establishments situated in the same area. Lastly, is metal signage which is the most durable out of the five 3D sign types. The durability is no joke and can be painted, brushed, or left with small rusts for a vintage look. With the availability of different metal types like aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, and steel, your signage can have a unique polished appearance with guaranteed longevity.

Consult signage professionals on choosing the right signage type

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You may have searched countless signs and have come up with a decision, however, your gut tells you that you are still unsure of your decision because of underlying doubts that cloud your mind. Don’t fret! You are free to have an open consultation with those who know better about this matter.

Talk to a signage expert and ask all the questions you have before considering getting a 3D sign. Look for the competent ones especially those who have built their reputation in the said field for many years as they have several experiences to assist you in deciding. Ask about the difference in the materials utilized for 3D signs; the type of backlit-signs to be installed; the cost-efficient options available; or even assistance in conceptualizing your final layout for your sign. Consider the area and the people visiting your place.

Will a back-lit light be necessary? How big will your sign be? It is best to ask these before you regret making decisions that would make or break your 3D sign project plus you will be investing a great amount of time and money, so we wouldn’t want your efforts to be put to waste. One reliable sign manufacturing company is ShieldCoArt and you can access their website: