Mortgage Brokerage Systems in the UK


In the changing world of mortgage brokerage technology, simplifying procedures, improving customer satisfaction and fostering business expansion are key to driving growth. From cutting-edge mortgage comparison platforms to systems for managing client relationships, the mortgage industry in the UK is adopting technologies to remain competitive and address the changing demands of customers. Let’s look into the technologies reshaping the mortgage broker industry in the UK today.

Mortgage sourcing platforms

Mortgage comparison platforms are tools that enable brokers to efficiently and accurately compare mortgage deals from lenders. These platforms aggregate information from lenders allowing brokers to search for mortgages based on factors like interest rates, case-specific features and eligibility criteria.

There are 3 systems that dominate today’s residential and BTL mortgage sourcing market, although some companies and networks have their own version as well as a few specialist offerings for later life mortgages or for bridging, commercial and development finance.

Brokers can see more up-to-date and complete information on these systems than customers can do browsing on comparison websites, including exclusive deals and criteria details such as EPC requirements or availability via specific mortgage networks/clubs/firms.

Admittedly, even mortgage brokers can’t see all the deals on the sourcing platforms, as some lenders are not on them, while others only show their product switch deal options in their system after the broker logs in. This practice has been the subject of much debate, but the fact remains that while mortgage brokers have access to better data than consumers, the systems are not perfect either.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems


A CRM system for mortgage brokers helps manage client relationships by collecting and sharing information and documents, thus improving communication processes. These systems empower brokers to collect client data, track leads, manage transactions and automate follow-up procedures to ensure no opportunities are missed.

Some CRM solutions used by mortgage brokers in the UK are generic or foreign systems that require a lot of customisation. On the other hand, there are also some specialist mortgage broker CRM systems like ClientTree CRM that were designed and built specifically for the UK mortgage and insurance broker market.

CRM systems can replace traditional paper-based documents and thick client files, offer an easy-to-search system where finding past information is quick and easy, assist with auditing and compliance in a more efficient way as well as aid management reports, regulatory (FCA) reports and replace excel sheet-based business tracking.

Software for managing documents

Document management softwares make it easier to store, organise and access mortgage-related documents securely. Brokers handle a variety of highly sensitive and confidential documents during the mortgage application process, such as identification proofs, income statements and property valuations.

Tools for e-signing and electronic ID checks allow brokers to digitise paperwork, streamline document workflows and meet modern requirements effectively.

Software for mortgage origination

Mortgage origination software automates and speeds up the mortgage application process from submitting an agreement in principle until completion of the transaction. These platforms come with features like application forms, document upload options, credit checks and electronic signature integration. By automating tasks through processes, a mortgage origination software boosts efficiency, decreases processing times and enhances the overall application experience.

These systems are not procured by mortgage broker firms, but by mortgage lenders who make it available for brokers to use. By offering this online solution, brokers don’t have to complete a paper form, scan it and email it (or fax it / post it) any more. Digitising this leg of the process speeds up the processing time and saves on paper, so it’s beneficial all around.

Regulatory Technology for compliance (RegTech)


Adhering to standards is crucial in mortgage brokerage operations. RegTech solutions assist brokers in navigating the intricate regulatory environment. These tools provide functionalities such as compliance monitoring, audit trails creation and automated compliance assessments to ensure brokers comply with all laws and regulations.

Some functionalities may already be part of the CRM system used by the mortgage broker firm, while separate software solutions can also be used by paying a licence fee, uploading info and documents.

Customer portals

Client portals provide mortgage applicants with the ability to submit their details and documents, monitor their application progress and communicate with their broker conveniently.

These portals offer transparency throughout the mortgage process, so clients stay updated at each stage. Many CRM systems (like ClientTree) come equipped with customer portals, while there are independent solutions as well, which give the client the convenience to submit their details online, but if these systems are not integrated with one or more CRMs, then the broker has a disjointed experience.

Data analytics and business intelligence tools

These solutions assist mortgage brokers in understanding market trends, client preferences and business performance. By examining data from CRM systems, mortgage sourcing platforms and various other sources, brokers can pinpoint growth opportunities, optimise marketing strategies and make decisions based on data insights.

Communication and collaboration tools


Communication is key in any business and as a service industry, mortgage brokerages need all the right tools to help communicate effectively with clients, lenders and other stakeholders involved in the mortgage process.

Communication may happen through a platform that enables real-time messaging, video calls and document sharing to facilitate collaboration among brokers and their contacts.

Traditional software solutions

As digitalisation continues to shape mortgage processes, cybersecurity and data protection have become priorities for brokers. Antivirus software, firewalls and intrusion detection systems are cybersecurity measures that safeguard sensitive client information from cyber threats. Data protection solutions such as encryption, data masking and access controls ensure compliance with data privacy regulations like GDPR.

Adopting the right technology is key for the mortgage brokerage industry in the UK. Brokers now operate efficiently thanks to sourcing platforms for mortgages, innovative CRM systems and compliance solutions that help them navigate regulatory challenges effectively. By embracing a variety of technologies ranging from traditional to cutting-edge tools, brokers are staying competitive in a forever evolving environment.

Mortgage brokers in the UK need to adapt to new advancements and adopt modern solutions to enhance their business performance and cater to the changing demands of their clients.