7 Ways 3D Object Scanning Can Improve Your Business

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Speed, versatility, customization, reverse engineering are just some of the advantages of using 3D technology. All industries benefit from these characteristics. If you want to provide appropriate technical support for your business, consider using this technology.

However, before you invest in a 3D scanner, research the available models.

Scanners play a very important role in product development and design. We are sure that you do not want it to badly affect the quality and series. So first determine the type of application you will use the scanner for. In the meantime, find out all the ways this scanner can improve your business.

1. Eliminate manual input

If you opt for 3D technology, you will open up many opportunities for your business. In the first place, there is a more productive and flexible work model. So, with modern technology, you will encourage faster decision-making and resource allocation. The end result is higher employee productivity, as well as huge customer satisfaction. Follow modern business, invest in your work and your employees. Manual intervention brings with it many potential problems due to human error. Unfortunately, when it comes to manual intervention, mistakes are almost inevitable. Also, the more people in charge of the job, the greater the chances. Fortunately, you can use a tool that gives you consistency and security.

Unlike the traditional approach, the laser scanner will scan the object from all angles and you will get all the necessary information. This means that based on the clear shapes and dimensions of the structure, you will have guidelines for further work. Remember that a 3D scanner is a very powerful weapon that can transform your business forever, but technology is not enough. To really master it, you need the right mindset, as well as your employees. So tell them the good news, but also provide them with the necessary knowledge in this area.

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2. Precision

As long as you use the 3D scanner correctly, as shown on this website, you will always get the results you want. To avoid problems, first define your goals. Think about the needs of your business and the role of the scanner in the process. This will help you make the right decisions, such as choosing the right scanner and so on. Based on that, you will improve the quality of your products and services. By using this method in reverse engineering, you get a high level of precision. The reason is a detailed measurement from a laser scanner.

He will accurately measure every angle.

Remember that these scanners can easily scan the human body. Use this feature to allow better customization of products that need to be individualized. Consumer products can be different, but scanning will bring you better modeling and design that will bring you new customers.

3. Easy redesign

Thanks to precise work, it is very easy to redesign with a 3D scanner. This is an opportunity to save a lot of money, because you will only create an old model of the product and experiment with it. There is no need to deconstruct the whole structure if there is a certain flaw. You can achieve better performance of product parts in a short time and with minimal resources. Another advantage of scanning is fast data collection.

Using the traditional method, this process would take much longer and would involve much higher costs. 3D scanner Precision is very important in additive manufacturing, because it will better adjust the design parts and get the right model. With accurate information about all points of the surface of the work or measured data, you will have a full overview of the surface. Reverse engineering involves making additional parts, creating parts for lost molds, etc.

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4. Inspection

Not all 3D systems work the same. While some are used as a scanner, others are used as a quality control tool. In that case, you will use 3D technology to measure the physical geometric characteristics of the object. You will get all the information about the coordinates and critical characteristics of the object. You will save all the data in the cloud and compare them with the models if necessary. This is usually done when targeted inspection of parts or products is required. These are mostly screw holes and other scale issues.

5. Creating a concept

Everyone who does design-based work always goes through the same or similar stages.

One of them is the conceptualization phase. Generating ideas is mostly achieved by writing or a similar method. Industrial designers are working hard on these ideas. However, 3D technology takes this phase to a new level. Thanks to the scanner functions, you will not only have more success in generating ideas, but you will also make better use of them in the future.

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6. Help with complex parts and shapes

Don’t worry if you have outdated parts that you don’t know what to do with. Just use a 3D scanner and we are sure you will have many innovative solutions. They are used for physical measurements of any object and all parts will fit on the first try. When it comes to the prototype design cycle, we must note that 3D scanning requires only one or no prototype. The reason is the use of precise model measurements.

7. Better implementation phase

After all the phases, we come to the phase of system implementation. So, this moment implies the development of the tested solution. The feedback received is used to improve performance. Corrective action is also taken if a problem occurs. It is perfectly normal to notice oscillations during the production process. The road from conceptualization to implementation is full of ups and downs, but a 3D scanner speeds up the whole thing.

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You can notice 3D technology at any time. Regardless of the industry and production cycle, this business move will save you time, money and materials. The result is better quality parts that will fit much better into the rest of the production. You will also have the low cost of a typical production design cycle. The better you understand 3D scanning technologies, the more you will enjoy its benefits.