5 Types of Trailers and What You Can Use Them For 

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When seeking an economical solution for transporting goods, consider trailer hire. Purchasing a trailer can be costly, but hiring one from Melbourne businesses and locals can save you money.

Are you looking for an affordable way to transport goods from one location to another? A trailer is the answer to your problem however, buying one of them can be expensive. That’s why you should consider opting for trailer hire Melbourne businesses and locals use to save cash.

There are a variety of trailers to choose from and you’ll need to use the right one based on the type of goods you’re transporting. We’ve provided details on 5 trailers and what they’re used for so you can choose the right one for the job. Keep reading to find out more!

1. Tip Trailer

A tip trailer features a loading floor that raises the top side so that it can tip out loose material. They come in a variety of sizes depending on the cargo you’re transporting. This type of trailer is used for:

  • Junk: You can transport scraps such as metal, pipes, and other materials to dump them at a junkyard.
  • Sand or gravel: Tipping trailers are ideal for moving large loads of sand and gravel when building structures or removing loose material from your property.
  • Snow removal: You also get hydraulic tip trailers that are used to remove large batches of snow from an area.

Hydraulic tip trailers are ideal for moving heavier loads and you can operate them using a remote control. This way you don’t have to manually tip the trailer to remove its contents.

2. Enclosed Trailer

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An enclosed trailer will either have a solid box around the loading floor or a cage. It also comes with doors and a lock to keep the cargo safe inside the trailer. These trailers also come in a variety of sizes depending on what you’d like to transport. Use an enclosed trailer for:

  • Moving house: You can move boxes, furniture, and electronics to your new home. The enclosed loading floor will prevent your items from falling out of the trailer.
  • Livestock: If you’re a farmer you can move cattle, chickens, and other animals using an enclosed trailer. Horse breeders can use them to transport thoroughbred horses to shows or other farms.
  • Camping: Enclosed trailers are ideal for transporting camping gear like tents, gazebos, umbrellas, chairs, and tables.
  • Extra storage: Do you need something to store sensitive items like antiques or expensive motorbikes? Enclosed trailers are safe and convenient storage units until you can find a permanent solution for your items.

If you’re transporting goods inside an enclosed trailer, be sure to secure your items using ratchet straps or rope.

3. Equipment Trailer

Equipment trailers have flat loading floors without a box around them to make it easier to load heavy items onto the floor. What’s more, you can also secure your items easily onto the back using straps. You can use this type of trailer for the following:

  • Small stalls: Use a flat equipment trailer to load small food or market stalls for corporate events or festivals.
  • Heavy machinery: You can use this trailer to move large construction machinery such as small excavators, bobcats, and tractors.
  • Heavy materials: Transport materials like large logs, poles, PVC pipes, or even large boulders using a flat equipment trailer.
  • Small stages: Mini stages are for events like concerts, pageants, and dancing competitions. You can easily move these small platforms using a trailer with a flatbed.

Make sure you choose an equipment trailer that comes with a ramp so you can easily unload your items from the floor.

4. Refrigerator Trailer

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A refrigerator trailer or a reefer is an enclosed trailer that’s designed to transport goods at low temperatures. They have insulated walls to maintain constant temperatures inside the box. With this type of trailer, you can transport the following:

  • Ice: You can transport ice to bars, shops, and events in a refrigerator trailer to prevent the cubes from melting along the way.
  • Meat: Butchers use these types of trailers to transport meat to shops or events. The low temperatures prevent the meat from spoiling.
  • Ice cream: Factories need refrigerator trailers to transport their products to shops around the area. The temperatures need to be set low to prevent the ice-creams from melting.
  • Medication: Certain types of medication need to be kept in a cool and dark environment. Using a refrigerator trailer can help you transport your pharmaceuticals safely.
  • Fruits and vegetables: If you’re going to spend more than three days on the road transporting produce, a refrigerator trailer can prevent spoilage.

It should be noted that Australia has specific laws when it comes to transporting food. You must adhere to this legislation to remain compliant.

5. Car Trailers

A car trailer is specifically designed to transport vehicles. It has a ramp to easily load the car onto the floor. It also has a grid floor bed so you can secure the car using clamps or hooks. You can transport any type of car using this trailer such as SUVs, sedans, and luxury or antique cars.

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Final Thoughts

Trailers are versatile and can be used for a variety of tasks. However, you’ll need to choose the right trailer for the job if you want a positive outcome. Use this article to decide on the best trailer to hire depending on the cargo you want to transport.