5 Rules You Should Know About Online Dating

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If you are new to the online dating world, you might feel a bit overwhelmed at first. Not only because you are meeting new people over the Internet, but because you are trying out an entirely new way of meeting people. One of the most important things about online dating is for you to stay safe. Hence, before you create an account on a site or several free dating sites, make sure that you read and remember some of these rules. Let’s take a look at the rules of online dating:

  1. You Should Never Use Your Real Name and Surname

Although you might hit a wall when thinking about what “fake” username you should use, do you really want a stranger to know your real name? Of course, not all people are creepers and stalkers, but you might stumble upon a few of them while dating online. Hence, when you create an account, you should always use a fake name or your nickname in order to stay safer.

  1. Choose How Long You Will Continue Talking to Someone

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You should try and meet the person you are talking to as soon as you can. If you are both living in the same city, you should not let a few weeks pass by without meeting each other. When it comes to living in different countries, you should not allow a few months to pass by without meeting. Now, you might be wondering what is the reason behind this, well, it is quite simple. Meeting someone face-to-face will allow you to determine if you want to continue investing your feeling and time in that person, or simply move on to the next if it does not feel like a good match.

  1. Do Not Share Private Information Too Soon

You should never share your private information such as your address, workplace, how much your salary is, and your family members’ names too soon. And the top free dating sites will have settings that can allow you to hide any information that you want from your online dating account. As wonderful as the person might be, you never know what someone’s true intentions are. There are scammers lurking around a lot of these websites, and you do not want to give away too much information that someone can use against you.

  1. Keep Your Phone Number Private

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Keep in mind that most free dating sites in the USA have settings that will allow you to hide something from your timeline. This is the same for your phone number. Most of the time, we need to provide a phone number to sign up for these sites, however, check the setting to see if it is hidden. Also, you should only share your phone number when you feel 100% confident in the person you are talking too.

  1. Remember the Golden Rule, the Other Person is Not Real – Until You Meet

According to the experts from free.date, as amazing their profile looks like and no matter how good the conversations are, remember that they are not real until you meet them in person. Of course, you should be open to discussions, be genuine and real, but you should also safeguard your emotions until you meet someone in person.


These five rules of online dating will firstly make the entire online dating process easier for you, but most importantly, these rules will keep you safe. Hence, now that you know the top five rules of online dating, do not waste any more time and start searching for an online site, like Amolatina.com where you might meet someone truly amazing.