An Easy to Follow Guide to Online Dating

Guide to Online Dating
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Online dating is slowly becoming a dominant form of meeting new people. The traditional way of going out and finding interesting people is still there, but in the modern world, it is becoming hard to find time or money to do it regularly. That leaves you limited to people you know from work, but dating someone your work with can be a tricky thing, especially in the case of a bad break up. Things tend to get awkward really fast and you don’t want that in a place you depend on for your livelihood. Younger generations also find it more convenient to make that first contact via dating apps, rather than face their social anxieties and try to approach some stranger in a public space.

Be Safe

This is the number one concern when dealing with online dating. Never agree to go to his or her place on the first date. Choose a public place with a lot of people around, like a restaurant or a bar. Another tip to consider is to have the first date during the day. Perhaps meeting for lunch or afternoon drinks is a better idea than going for a dark club located in some back alleyway. Once you know who you are dealing with, you can adjust your behavior accordingly, but for that first date, it is best to take every precaution you can, including a can of pepper spray.

What to Say

When talking to someone on a dating app, you do it writing and everything you say remains recorded. It is important to keep this on your mind and reveal as little as possible about your personal life as possible. Also, don’t say anything you would be uncomfortable with your family and friends reading afterward. Sites like Reddit are filled with Tinder screenshots and you don’t want t end up there.

Guide to Online Dating

Always Use A Current Photo

It is always tempting to use a photo that is most flattering, but if you are 40 years old and you use a picture taken 20 years ago, that will only lead to disappointment. At least when you use your current photograph, you know that the person that has swiped on it knows what he or she is dealing with and has chosen you, not you from the last century. Just imagine how would you feel if the tables are turned and you are the one deceived by an old picture.

Never discuss Your Exes

Nobody wants to hear you complaining about your exes. This is a taboo topic for a first date and you should never bring it up. It only shows that you are still thinking about them and it is a wrong message to send to a person that you are trying to get together with. Focus on the present and forget about the past, at least while you are on a date.

Split the Bill

Equal rights have brought up an awkward conversation: Who pays the bill at the end of the night? Offering to split the bill is usually a good idea and even if the other party insists on paying, it will show that you are not expecting a free ride. Social norms have changed and it is no longer acceptable to expect that men will always foot the bill. If anything, it will remove that feeling that you somehow owe them something because they took you out for dinner or drinks.

Be Choosey

It is alright to be selective. Usually, you simply won’t have the time to meet everyone that swiped right on you and to be honest, you don’t want to. There are plenty of people you will be quite happy never to lay eyes on. The idea is to go for quality and not quantity. That way you may have limited your options, but at least you know that the ones left are worth your time and effort.

An Easy to Follow Guide to Online Dating

Use Video Chat

Video chat option may be a great way of making the first contact. Texting is fine, but you will get a much better fill on what is someone like if you can see their face when you talk to them. If you want to make connections with other people, you should try apps such as ChatSpin, which help you to meet like-minded individuals without the constraints of real-world relationships.