5 Tips to Ensure Your Leather Bag Lasts for Years

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There is no denying that a woman’s number one accessory is her handbag. We spend lots of money on ensuring we have the perfect piece of arm candy, and so it is only right that we care for our bags so that they last for many years to come. Some handmade leather bags like the ones at www.handbuiltleather.com are built and guaranteed to last a lifetime. With that being said, continue reading to discover five tips to make sure that your leather bag lasts for years and years!

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  1. Remove stains correctly – Different types of stains require different treatments. If you want to remove water, for example, simply blot and let it dry naturally. If you have a food stain, crushed white chalk works effectively. Let it sit on the stain overnight then use a clean cloth to brush it off in the morning.
  2. Keep metal hardware shiny – Do your best to keep zippers and jewelry away that could scratch the hardware of your metal bag. There are lots of great products out there that can help you to keep the shine going for years to come, so make the most of these.
  3. Store your bag properly – You need to make sure you store your bag properly if you are going to protect the longevity of it. If you are the type of person who just tosses her handbag onto a haphazard heap at the bottom of the closet, it is time for a change. Make sure you store it in the right way. It should be in an upright position, and it is a good idea to store it in the original dust bag. If you don’t have this, a cotton pillowcase will work. Vinyl and plastic both trap moisture inside, so never store them inside of such materials.
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  4. Protect the lining – Make sure your liquids and cosmetics are stored in the pouches. Avoid click pens, as they can easily end up ruining a beautiful bag. If you want to be extra careful, you should put your cosmetics (and even your pens) in a makeup bag or a clear plastic bag.
  5. Protect the material – The best thing you can do for your leather bag is to make sure you protect it before any dirt of spills occurs, rather than being reactive. There are lots of different products on the market today that are designed to assist with this. The best thing to do is to look for a product that has been specifically designed for leather. You should then test it on a tiny bit of the bag to make sure that it works effectively and that it does not cause any damage to your bag.

So, there you have it: five tips to make sure that your leather bag lasts for many years to come. If you own a leather bag, you will be surprised by just how much of a difference these suggestions make. It is so important to make sure that your bag is stored correctly and that you make an effort to protect the material too.