5 Ways to Improve Testosterone in 2024

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Testosterone, often called T, is an androgen, male hormone that is produced by testicles. This is a hormone that provides manliness characteristics like facial hair, muscular build, and a deep voice. At the same time, it produces red blood cells, aids thinking ability, prevents bones from becoming weaker, improves overall mood. The production of T is at its zenith at the beginning of adulthood and starts declining as a person gets older.

Every year, an older person could lose up to 2%. This leads up to some of the symptoms like the decline of sexual desire, impotence, anxiety, less energy, anemia, a decline of muscle mass, potential weight problems, etc. Even though this is a natural occurrence, some things can have a significant influence on the decline of testosterone.

Also, there are some cases where younger persons could have a low level of T. This is a condition known as low-t. Countless men every day face some kind of problems related to the lack of testosterone. One of the biggest contributors to the declining of T is low-quality general health.

For example, people who struggle with weight or diabetes, using drugs like steroids, etc. Naturally, there are medications that could prevent the potential decline. If you are interested in taking a look at them, you can follow this site. Thankfully, there are other ways you could improve your testosterone levels. Now, we are going to present you with several ways you could do just that.

Improve Diet

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Eating healthy is a massive contributor to general health. As we already said, general health is something that can’t be separated from the levels of testosterone in a man’s body. This is the reason, it is of utmost importance to improve your diet. For example, you need to eat more vegetables, especially garlic and onions. Both of these have an influence on your body and make it produce more testosterone. Furthermore, they have a natural chemical, flavonoid, which helps the production.

Protein is one of the essential ingredients you need to take in order to increase the levels of testosterone in your body. This means that you should eat more meat, like chicken, lean beef, and fish. At the same time, you can eat eggs, nuts, seeds, tofu, etc. You should try to digest about five or six ounces every day. However, the level of protein that you should consume depends on your age, sex, and your overall activity. When we are lacking protein, our body makes it from testosterone, which leads to low-t. You could also try natural supplements like the ones found at suppsadvisor.com. These are a more simple, natural-based formula compared to other testosterone boosters. 

Dropping Alcohol

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Drinking beer for five days in a row could potentially lead to a drop in T levels. There are a lot of elements in your body’s hormone system that could be damaged by alcohol consumption. Some of the symptoms of heavy drinkers are thin chests, smaller testes, thinner beards. This clearly shows that a person who is a heavy drinker has higher levels of estrogen, a female hormone.

Alcohol is one of the things that inflict massive damage to the Leydig cells that are responsible for producing testosterone. Furthermore, massive alcohol consumption is credited to releasing endorphins who produce relaxing feelings. But at the same time, they are interfering with the synthesis of T. As you could conclude, alcohol could increase estrogen levels in a male’s body.


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Working out is something that is known as one of the healthiest things you can do in your life. Well, the levels of testosterone can be improved with a frequent focusing your training session on your muscles with the use of testosterone booster for muscle gain. The cardio session could have a little influence, but not as good as strength or muscle training could have. You need to be careful because overdoing it could have a completely opposite effect when it comes to the level of T and could lead it to the low-t condition.

In more detail, there are two ways that working out is improving the levels of. The first one is that a set of specific exercises help the production of testosterone. The second one is a set of exercises that could have an impact on building muscle mass and the decline of fat that accumulates for various reasons. As we said, the practice that is the most effective when it comes to testosterone production is lifting weights or strength training.

Cold Baths

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Taking cold baths after a long and hard session at the gym could have a massive contribution to the production of T. This is frequently listed as a benefit of cold showers, which you can find numerous articles one click away on Google. This is not unproven. Try to find a study from 1993, which was conducted by Thrombosis Research Institute that proved that cold baths have a contribution to the production of T.

Have Enough Sleep

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Lack of sleep can have several bad influences on your overall health, from mental health issues to the frequent tiredness. One of the things that get hit heavily by a lack of sleep is the production of T. At the same time, it has an influence on gaining and accumulating fat. It looks like these two are interconnected. They’re increased while you sleep and decrease while you are awake. According to a study, eight days of less than six hours of sleep can derail the production of testosterone by 10%-15%.

You can look at it this way. You are in a gym and you have a session of strength building. It is natural that you’ve spent some of your testosterone and that you need a proper meal and a good sleep. This is as dangerous with younger people as it is with older people who already have a low T production. When you calculate their 1%-2% drop and you add this 10%-15%, this is a serious decline that you are looking at. The prevention is pretty simple. You just need to have a good night’s sleep.

Last Thoughts

Low-T condition is the thing that men want the least. We are pretty certain that this is the case with 99% of men from all over the world. Sometimes, things that can’t influence could potentially lead us to the condition. Thankfully, there are numerous ways you can prevent it from happening. We’ve presented you with several ways you could improve your testosterone level. We hope that you are going to find our article useful.