75 Celebrities and their Cars

75 Celebrities and their Cars

Cars. Very important machines in every human’s life, without which we could not imagine one day. However, when it comes to celebrities, cars represent a symbol of wealth and luxury. That’s why the common situation is that many famous people have large collections of expensive cars. Simply, in that way, they show their status and wealth that they earned with hard work.

To show you what some of the biggest stars of today drive, we did a little research and made a huge list that includes even 75 celebrities. So, continue reading to find out which machines are in the garages of famous actors, musicians, singers, comedians and athletes. Well, if you’re ready, let’s start.

1. Jennifer Lopez – Aston Martin DB7

Jennifer Lopez - Aston Martin DB7
source: Desiblike.com

We start with a well-known singer and actress Jennifer Lopez. There is no doubt that popular Jenny attracts attention when driving down the street in her Aston Martin DB7.

2. Pierce Brosnan – BMW i8 plug-in Super Car

Pierce Brosnan - BMW i8 plug-in Super Car
source: piercebrosnan.com

Plug-in hybrid cars are quite popular among celebrities, and one of those who drives such a car is actor Pierce Brosnan who owns the BMW i8 plug-in.

3. Verne Troyer – Mercedes CLK

Verne Troyer - Mercedes CLK
source: hitberry.com

Do you remember Verne Troyer, actor who is best known for his roles in “Austin Powers” movie as well as the role in the first film from the Harry Potter franchise? Unfortunately, this actor passed away last year, but once in his possession was the Mercedes CLK which was fully adapted to his height so that he could drive smoothly.

4. Janet Jackson – Aston Martin Vanquish

Janet Jackson - Aston Martin Vanquish
source: dailypioneer.com

Another singer who owns the Aston Martin car is a pop icon, Janet Jackson. She owns the Aston Martin Vanquish whose price is $234,260 and the maximum speed is 201 Mph.

5. Ryan Gosling – Toyota Prius

Ryan Gosling - Toyota Prius
source: gq.com

Toyota Prius is also one of the electric cars that have been a popular choice among celebrities in previous years. One of the actors who drive this car is Oscar winner Ryan Gosling.

6. 50 Cent-Rolls Royce Phantom

50 Cent-Rolls Royce Phantom
source: youtube

Famous rapper 50 Cent loves luxury cars, which can be seen by the current machine he drives. It’s Rolls Royce Phantom, in which this rap artist is often seen cruising down the New York City’s streets.

7. Simon Cowell – Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

Simon Cowell - Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder
source: hellomagazine.com

Simon Cowell is a famous TV personality and is often one of the judges of famous TV shows such as American Idol, Britain’s Got Talent and The X Factor. He drives Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder.

8. Angelina Jolie – BMW Hydrogen 7

Angelina Jolie - BMW Hydrogen 7
source: superstarsbio.com

Angelina Jolie is known as a person who often speaks about the protection of the environment. So, it’s not weird to tell you that she owns BMW Hydrogen 7. This is the first sedan in the world powered by hydrogen.

9. Kevin Costner – Audi S8

Kevin Costner - Audi S8
source: topspeed.com

Although known as the big fan of watercrafts, famous actor Kevin Costner has the Audi S8 in his garage.

10. Matthew McConaughey – Lincoln MKX

Matthew McConaughey - Lincoln MKX
source: motortrend.com

Matthew McConaughey is an American actor who chosen Lincoln MKX as his main vehicle. But that’s not all. McConaughey also took part in several advertising campaigns for the cars of this American carmaker.

11. America Ferrera – Toyota Prius

America Ferrera - Toyota Prius
source: time.com

As previously said, Toyota Prius used to be very popular vehicle when it comes to famous people. Another Hollywood star who chose this vehicle as her car is America Ferrera, best known for her role in the “Ugly Betty” series.

12. Nicole Richie – Bentley Continental Flying Spur

Nicole Richie - Bentley Continental Flying Spur
source: twitter.com

Nicole Richie is an American TV personality best known for participating in The Simple Life reality series. She has two children, so the Bentley Continental Flying Spur was an understandable solution for a comfortable and safe ride.

13. Jerry Seinfeld – Porsche Collection

Jerry Seinfeld - Porsche Collection
source: youtube

Remember that we said that famous people like to have whole collections of expensive cars and that they are a symbol of their wealth. One of the celebrities who have a large collection of Porsche cars is stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld.

14. Xzibit – Lamborghini Gallardo

Xzibit - Lamborghini Gallardo
source: Hollywood.com

Xzibit is a renowned rapper who was also a host of Pimp My Ride TV show that was about restoring old cars. He even participated in the Gumball 3000 rally in the year of 2007. So, Xzibit is a great fan of sports cars and owns one such. He drives Lamborghini Gallardo.

15. Julia Roberts – Toyota Prius

Julia Roberts - Toyota Prius
source: vanityfair.com

Well, it’s nothing new to say that another Hollywood star drives the Toyota Prius. Julia Roberts is an actress and winner of the Academy Award, which owns this plug-in hybrid.

16. Charlize Theron – Land Rover Range Rover

Charlize Theron - Land Rover Range Rover
source: vanityfair.com

Range Rover is another car that is pretty popular among celebrities. One of those who own this vehicle is the actress of Australian origin, Charlize Theron.

17. Jessica Simpson – Cadillac Escalade

Jessica Simpson - Cadillac Escalade
source: pinterest

Jessica Simpson is an American multi-talented celebrity who is best known for singing and fashion design. Since she is famous, it is logical that she needs a great car with heated seats and similar things that are necessary for the stars. She owns the Cadillac Escalade that meets all the requirements.

18. Samuel L Jackson – Lamborghini 57 S

Samuel L Jackson - Lamborghini 57 S
source: vanityfair.com

Samuel L Jackson is another star from the film industry who chose the car by Lamborghini. The way he bought this supercar is really wonderful. Namely, Jackson purchased a Lamborghini 57 S at an auction to help the Child Safety Network.

19. JaRule – Lamborghini Murcielago

JaRule - Lamborghini Murcielago
source: PEOPLE.com

JaRule is a hip hop star who is engaged in music. In addition to being a rapper, he is a producer, but he also deals with acting. In his garage, there is Lamborghini Murcielago.

20. Leonardo DiCaprio – Toyota Prius

Leonardo DiCaprio - Toyota Prius
source: youtube

There are really many celebrities driving Toyota Prius. Leonardo DiCaprio is the fourth well-known person on our list that owns this plug-in hybrid. However, he, like everyone else, contributes in this way to the reduction of global warming and the negative impacts of diesel or petrol-powered vehicles.

21. Paris Hilton – Mercedes SLR

Paris Hilton - Mercedes SLR
source: Xevathethao.vn

Paris Hilton is a person who really has a lot of money. In addition, she has a really large collection of expensive supercars and luxury cars. One of those which Paris drives is the luxury Mercedes SLR. There are rumors that she has been repeatedly punished for speeding up her machines.

22. Kirsten Dunst – Toyota Prius

Kirsten Dunst - Toyota Prius
source: celebmafia.com

And again, there’s Toyota Prius. Kirsten Dunst, known for his role in the Spider-Man 3, is another proud owner of this car.

23. Ice T – Bentley Continental GT

Ice T - Bentley Continental GT
source: pinterest

Rappers definitely like Bentley cars. One of them is Ice T, who used to drive the Porsche 914. However, after a car accident, he decided to buy the Bentley Continental GT.

24. Shaquille O’Neal – Ford F 650

Shaquille O'Neal - Ford F 650
source: youtube

Shaquille O’Neal is really a huge man. His height is 2.16 meters and there is fact that it has always been difficult for him to find properly clothes for himself. A similar situation is with some cars. However, Shaq owns custom-made Ford F 650 which is completely customized to his size.

25. Justin Timberlake – Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Justin Timberlake - Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
source: gq.com

Justin Timberlake is the winner of several of the most important awards in the world of film such as Grammy, Oscar or Emmy. This means that this successful singer can afford any car he wants. However, his choice is Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.

26. Mary Kate Olsen – Porsche Cayenne

Mary Kate Olsen - Porsche Cayenne
source: wmagazine.com

Mary Kate Olsen is a fashion designer and part of The Olsen Twins, along with her sister Ashley. When it comes to the car she owns, it’s Porsche Cayenne for drive with style.

27. Missy Elliott – Rolls Royce Phantom

Missy Elliot - Rolls Royce Phantom
source: thesource.com

It looks like the rapper, besides Bentley, likes Rolls Royce machines. In addition to 50 Cent, Missy Elliot also owns Rolls Royce Phantom. Her car is very interesting because it owns wheel hubs with the logo of a British car manufacturer. It is interesting that this logo remains stationary even when the vehicle is moving.

28. David Beckham – Cadillac Escalade

David Beckham - Cadillac Escalade
source: hellomagazine.com

David Beckham is known as a person who really has a style. One good proof is the car he drives. It’s the Cadillac Escalade.

29. Jeremy Piven – Cadillac CTS

Jeremy Piven - Cadillac CTS
source: timesofisrael.com

Another person from the Cadillac club is Jeremy Piven. This famous American actor and comedian is the owner of the Cadillac CTS.

30. Jim Carrey – Mercedes S-Class

Jim Carrey - Mercedes S-Class
source: wmagazine.com

Jim Carrey is a very famous comedian and actor who was most active during the nineties, which was the most successful period in his career. Since he earned a lot of money at that time, it was logical that he invested some cash into a good car. He has Mercedes S-Class in his garage.

31. Wyclef Jean – Mercedes G-Class

Wyclef Jean - Mercedes G-Class
source: dailydetroit.com

Wyclef Jean is primarily a rapper. However, during his career, he tried to be a politician and run for president of Haiti, which is his homeland. Unfortunately, he failed to win, so he bought himself a Mercedes G-Class to overcome this failure.

32. Seal-Ferrari – F430 Spider

Seal-Ferrari - F430 Spider
source: youtube

Seal is another rapper that is a fan of sports cars. His song “Kissed by a Rose” was used in the Batman Forever movie. As for the car, Seal owns the Ferrari F430 Spider.

33. Colin Farell – Ford Bronco

33. Colin Farell - Ford Bronco
source: besttennews.com

Colin Farell is an Irish actor who made a very successful career in Hollywood. Since he is European, it is more logical that Farell drives a European car. However, this is not the case because he drives Ford Bronco, which is a real American-style car.

34. Fergie – Hummer H2

Fergie - Hummer H2
source: time.com

Stacy Ferguson, better known as “Fergie”, is a former member of The Black-Eyed Peas. After the group was disbanded, she continued her successful solo career. She managed to get Hummer H2 through her work.

35. Madonna – Maybach 57

Madonna - Maybach 57
source: youtube

It’s unnecessary to talk about how Madonna is successful and famous. Simply, she earned a great fortune during her career so that she could afford any car on the market. Currently, she drives Maybach 57.

36. Britney Spears – Mercedes SLR

Britney Spears - Mercedes SLR
source: etonline.com

Britney Spears had the most successful period in her career during the late nineties and at the beginning of this century. After that period, Britney had some personal problems, so she had to take a break. Now, she is focused on Las Vegas where she often has performances. Given her wealth, she can afford excellent cars. Currently, Britney drives a Mercedes SLR.

37. Tyra Banks – Lexus SC

Tyra Banks - Lexus SC
source: pinterest

Tyra Banks has acquired her wealth and fame as a model for Victoria’s Secret. Currently, she has Lexus SC in her garage.

38. Tom Cruise – Porsche 911

Tom Cruise - Porsche 911
source: youtube

Tom Cruise is another celebrity member of the Porsche club. He owns a large collection of cars and other vehicles, but currently drives the Porsche 911.

39. Benji Madden – Ford Shoebox

Benji Madden - Ford Shoebox
source: lifeandstylemag.com

Unlike other celebrities on our list, Benji Madden chose a real American car. It’s about Ford Shoebox that was manufactured in 1950 and was restored to make it look unbelievable again.

40. Matthew Perry – Porsche Convertible

Matthew Perry - Porsche Convertible
source: justjared.com

You know Matthew Perry from the famous TV series “Friends”. Unlike the character he acted, Perry drives the Porsche Convertible in real life.

41. Damon Wayans – Dodge Challenger

Damon Wayans - Dodge Challenger
source: tvguide.com

Damon Wayans is best known for his role in the Lethal Weapon series. In his garage, he has a Dodge Challenger that has adapted to his wishes by adding some things such as LED lighting and leather seats.

42. Axl Rose – Porsche 911

Axl Rose - Porsche 911
source: billboard.com

Axl Rose is a member of the legendary American rock band Guns n ‘Roses. He currently drives the Porsche 911.

43. George Lopez – Land Rover Range Rover

George Lopez - Land Rover Range Rover
source: foxnews.com

George Lopez is a well-known American person who deals with stand-up, production, and acting. He currently has a reliable Land Rover Range Rover in his garage.

44. Will.i.am – Tesla Model S

Will.i.am - Tesla Model S
source: independent.co.uk

Will.i.am is another former member of The Black-Eyed Peas. He also drives an electric vehicle by Tesla. It’s a Model S that has fake air intakes and vents to look like a full-blooded car with an internal combustion engine.

45. Adam Carolla – Porsche Race Car

Adam Corolla - Porsche Race Car
source: pinterest

Another member of the Porsche club is Adam Corolla. Believe it or not, this famous American multimedia person paid for Porsche Race Car incredible $4.4 million. It’s the same car as the one Paul Newman drove on the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans race.

​​46. Matt LeBlanc – Ford Focus

Matt LeBlanc - Ford Focus
source: Motor1.com

Matt LeBlanc is the most famous by Joey Tribbiani role in the “Friends” series. He is currently driving a very modest Ford Focus, although we believe he can afford a much more luxurious car.

47. Bill Gates – Tesla Model X

Bill Gates - Tesla Model X
source: celebritycarsblog.com

A similar situation is with Bill Gates, one of the richest people on the planet. He definitely can afford whatever car he wants, but he decided to use the environmentally-friendly Tesla Model X.

48. Dr. Dre – Cadillac Escalade

Dr. Dre - Cadillac Escalade
source: instagram

Like some other famous rappers, and Dr. Dre drives the Cadillac Escalade. This legendary rap artist drives this car that worth about $100,000, but there are rumors that he has spent more money to make it even better.

49. David Hasselhoff – BMW M4

David Hasselhoff - BMW M4
source: youtube

David Hasselhoff is a famous American actor and musician. He currently drives the beautiful BMW M4.

50. George R.R. Martin – Tesla Model S

George R.R. Martin - Tesla Model S
source: vox.com

All lovers of the Game of Thrones series know who is George R.R. Martin. He is the author of the novel by which this popular series is inspired. Currently, Martin drives Tesla Model S.

51. Kevin Hart – Mercedes G65

Kevin Hart - Mercedes G65
source: autoevolution.com

If you remember, Kevin Hart was featured in the Hyundai Genesis commercial a few years ago. However, the car that Kevin now drives is Mercedes G65, on which he had to do some modifications (replacement of rims and tires) to match it with his wishes.

52. Jeff Goldblum – Toyota Prius

Jeff Goldblum - Toyota Prius
source: pinterest

Jeff Goldblum is another celebrity who owns this plug-in hybrid vehicle. In the early years of his career, this actor was involved in roles in horror films. However, he later starred in the films “The Life Aquatic” and “Jurassic Park” for which he won the Oscar and Emmy Awards.

53. Sylvester Stallone – Mercedes G-Wagon

Sylvester Stallone - Mercedes G-Wagon
source: revengeofthefans.com

Another member of the Mercedes club is the famous actor Sylvester Stallone. Simply, he wants a reliable and good vehicle when driving, so he chose Mercedes G-Wagon.

54. Arnold Schwarzenegger – Porsche 911

Arnold Schwarzenegger - Porsche 911
source: youtube

There is no doubt that Arnold Schwarzenegger is very successful when it comes to acting. However, he was equally successful as a politician because he was governor of California for twice. As far as his car is concerned, he drives the Porsche 911.

55. Danny DeVito – Toyota Prius

Danny DeVito - Toyota Prius
source: themarysue.com

If you thought we were done with Toyota Prius, then you’re wrong. Although Toyota Prius is known to be an electric car, it is not actually the only car of this type that has ever been owned by actor Danny DeVito. He was previously the owner of General Motors EV1.

56. George Clooney – Tango 600

George Clooney - Tango 600
source: youtube

Frankly, George Clooney owns a car that is probably the worst designed. It’s about the Tango 600 that has only two seats. Still, Clooney probably has his reasons for buying such a vehicle, although he could own any luxury vehicle.

57. Lindsay Lohan – Porsche 911

Lindsey Lohan - Porsche 911
source: people.com

Another celebrity who owns the Porsche 911 is Lindsey Lohan. Interestingly, she repeatedly damaged her machine, so she had to repair it. This means that this she really likes it and enjoys it while driving.

58. Eddie Murphy – Mercedes SLS

Eddie Murphy - Mercedes SLS
source: latimes.com

We all know who Eddie Murphy is. This popular actor was a spokesman of Toyota decades ago. However, now, he drives Mercedes SLS.

59. Ashton Kutcher – Ferrari California

Ashton Kutcher - Ferrari California
source: pinterest

Ashton Kutcher is another famous actor on our list that became popular after the role in the “That 70’s Show” TV series. Now, he has Ferrari California in his garage that can reach 100 kilometers per hour in just 3.6 seconds.

60. The Rock – Ford F-150

The Rock - Ford F-150
source: youtube

Just like Shaquille O’Neal, Dwayne Johnson is a huge man. Since he probably could not fit into any sports car, the popular “The Rock” needed something more comfortable. He found it in the Ford F-150.

61. James Harden – Chevy Camaro

James Harden - Chevy Camaro
source: thruumylens.blogspot.com

Another successful athlete on our list is James Harden. This NBA star has a Chevrolet Camaro in its garage.

62. Lady Gaga – Lamborghini Huracan

Lady Gaga - Lamborghini Huracan
source: tmz.com

A great superstar like Lady Gaga must have a supercar. She chosen the extraordinary Lamborghini Huracan for her.

63. Joey Lawrence – Mercedes S63 Coupe

Joey Lawrence - Mercedes S63 Coupe
source: variety.com

Joey Lawrence is a famous musician, actor and host. He has been present in the media for many years now and there is no doubt he attracts a lot attention when he appears in his Mercedes S63 Coupe.

64. Adam Sandler – Dodge Challenger

Adam Sandler - Dodge Challenger
source: rollingstone.com

Adam Sandler is a well-known actor who gained fame by winning roles in comedies but also as a host of Saturday Night Live show. He also owns the real American muscle car-Dodge Challenger.

65. Travis Barker – Cadillac Custom ’54

Travis Barker - Cadillac Custom '54
source: pagesix.com

When we are talking about American cars, Travis Barker has one very beautiful model from 1954. It’s about the Cadillac which he restored and made it beautiful again.

66. Matt Damon – Tesla Roadster

Matt Damon - Tesla Roadster
source: bio.com

And Matt Damon decided to drive an electric car to protect the environment. He currently has an elegant Tesla Roadster in his garage.

67. Ludacris – Ferrari 458

Ludacris - Ferrari 458
source: youtube

Ludacris is primarily a rapper, however, he also played a role in the 2 Fast 2 Furious movie. He owns the Ferrari 458. An interesting fact is that Ludacris rented the entire racing circuit to be able to play with his supercar for 24 hours.

68. Goldie Hawn – Tesla Model S

Goldie Hawn - Tesla Model S
source: today.com

Another member of the Tesla club and environmental advocate is Goldie Hawn. She owns Tesla Model S.

69. Gavin Rossdale – Jeep Wagoneer

Gavin Rossdale - Jeep Wagoneer
source: usmagazine.com

Many celebrities have a very expensive car, but not Gavin Rossdale. This famous English musician has Jeep Wagoneer in his garage.

70. Nicki Minaj – Lamborghini Aventador

Nicki Minaj - Lamborghini Aventador
source: motor1.uol.com.br

By spending $400,000 on the purchase of the new Lamborghini Aventador, Nicki Minaj attracted the attention of all those present when she appeared on a red carpet while presenting her clothing line.

71. Beyonce – Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II

Beyonce-Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II
source: youtube

Although Beyonce often has her own personal driver when she participates in public events and performances, this popular singer owns the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II which she drives only.

72. Chloe Grace Moretz – Mercedes GLE

Chloe Grace Moretz-Mercedes GLE
source: hotimage.info

Definitely the youngest famous person on our list is Chloe Grace Moretz. This young actress has a style when it comes to cars because she owns Mercedes GLE.

73. Melissa McCarthy – Land Rover Range Rover

Melissa McCarthy - Land Rover Range Rover
source: pinterest

Melissa McCarthy is the owner of the Land Rover Range Rover. However, this famous actress and comedian travels much more frequently with private jets while uses her Land Rover for transportation from the airport.

74. Tim McGraw – Mercedes 1969 Convertible

Tim McGraw - Mercedes 1969 Convertible
source: people.com

Another celebrity who loves the old-school car is Tim McGraw. He has Mercedes 1969 Convertible in his garage. Also, there is a very interesting story related to this car. Namely, Tim’s father had previously played for New York Mets, and in 1969, he won The World Series with team. Then, from the money, he bought Mercedes, which is still in the family and now belongs to his son.

75. Jeff Dunham – Batmobile

Jeff Dunham - Batmobile
source: pinterest

Jeff Dunham is a famous comedian with Batmobile. He bought this car at auction, and the machine he restored was from Adam West movie.