A Business Owners Guide to Building a Bowling Alley

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Do you dream of owning a bowling alley?

Bowling is a family-friendly game that people have been enjoying for centuries. Managing and building a skittle ground is a fun and rewarding career for anyone who loves the sport.

If you dream of opening your own alley, but you’re not sure how to get started, keep reading to learn more helpful information.

Guide to Building a Bowling Alley

Starting any business from scratch takes a lot of hard work, and a skittle ground is no exception. You’ll need to make sure you have the time and start-up money needed to start a new alley in your area.

Once you’ve decided you’re ready to start building your bowling alley, here are five tips to help you make sure it’s a success:

  1. Pick Your Business Model

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When you’re trying to turn your love of bowling into a business, you’ll need to decide how much control you want.  You can either open an independent one or try to purchase a franchise from a national bowling chain. An independent skittle ground will give you more control over your business, but a franchise will come with name recognition and resources to support you.

  1. Find the Right Property to Rent

Finding the perfect property to house your skittle ground can be tricky. You should start by trying to find an existing alley for sale, so you can renovate it and make it your own. Another option is starting from scratch and finding a construction company familiar with designing and building one.

  1. Add Food and More Entertainment

If you’re a frequent bowling alley visitor, you probably know that most popular places offer a lot of different food and entertainment options. Most have food, drinks, arcade games and more.  To give your alley more appeal, offer food, alcohol and as many different entertainment options as you can.

  1. Purchase Equipment

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After you’ve started construction on your building, you’ll need to make sure your business is properly stocked with all the equipment your patrons will rent to play the game. This list includes pins, balls, shoes and more.  Check out our full line of equipment for more guidance on the things you’ll need to get your bowling business up and running.

  1. Hire the Right Staff

A good staff can make or break your skittle ground business. Start by trying to hire people who have past experience with the sport, preferably those who have worked at a different alley. You’ll want your staff to love bowling as much as you do, so they’ll inspire the community to come to your business.

  1. Market Your Alley

Marketing is key to any successful business. Start by hosting some free events or discounted nights for bowling. You’ll also want an active presence on social media and a website that’s easy for potential bowlers to find.

Learn More About Building Bowling Alleys

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Building a skittle ground is a long process with many steps involved, but it will be worth the effort once you see your dream take shape.

US Bowling (http://www.usbowling.com/) is here to make sure your bowling business is successful. Check out our products for purchase, or contact our sales department for personalized advice on how to get started.