A Guide to Coolscuplting

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Coolsculpting is a protected name for a process known as cryolipolysis, which is a non-invasive treatment to remove body fat, with a freezing process. It’s similar, but not the same as liposuction. It doesn’t involve cuts, surgeries, anesthesia, or any other thing that liposuction includes. Knowing that there can be some side effects, it’s always good to go for trained doctors and clinics like drgambhir.com, so you can be sure the whole procedure will run smoothly, with the lowest risk possible.

According to many studies, but also to satisfied clients, it works great for reducing the fat from the body areas that can’t really be targeted with diets and exercises. Since it’s approved in the USA, by the FDA, the interest in this intervention is growing every day. The fat is cooled down to a freezing temperature, and even in the first month, it may drop down by 25%. The fat cells are dead, due to the freezing temperatures, and the body is throwing them out through the usual metabolic processes.

It’s mostly used for the thighs, belly, lower back, and sides. During the process, you may feel a tingling or cooling sensation, but nothing too scary. The temperature targets only the fat cells, no matter that it’s made through the skin. When done properly, it takes about an hour until the session is done. The skin isn’t damaged, but you may feel some soreness in your body like you’ve been working out a little.

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Can obese people choose CoolSculpting?

Keep in mind that in cases of extreme obesity, there is a completely different approach. Usually, these people should lose weight by changing their lifestyle with diets and exercising, and then undergo some non-invasive treatments to remove the excess body fat. There are some cases when due to the general health condition, the person can’t use this technique to lose the fat. Before you decide to do anything like that, talk to your doctor, and then with the professionals at a coolsculpting clinic, and most importantly, be honest, even if you have any big health problems.

Is it worth investing my money in this procedure

Since the results can be really durable (but that depends mostly on you and your lifestyle), we can say it’s worth it. But, keep in mind that if you are more likely to put on some weight when you get back to your usual lifestyle, the results may not last that long. It’s really important to exercise regularly and to eat healthy food. There are also many other benefits, but the best one is that it doesn’t require a recovery and healing time, which means you can get back to your regular activities if you feel like that after the treatment. If you feel something unusual, such as pain, or you have frightening bruises or red spots on the skin, go back to the clinic so they can treat you on time.

Are there any risks or side effects?

Every procedure has them, no matter how safe it’s generally considered. During the procedure, due to the low temperatures and pulling up the skin, you can feel a little discomfort or even pain on some specific spots. The cold temperatures should work as an anesthetic, but every one of us is different and it may not go as planned. Sometimes bruises, redness, and swelling may occur, but that’s just temporary, and it will go away in a few hours. But, we also should mention the most serious side effect of CoolSculpting, known as paradoxical adipose hyperplasia, that happens mostly to the men who undergo this treatment. It’s the reverse process, and instead of decreasing, the fat levels are growing. There is no clue why it’s like that, and still needs to be investigated.

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Is it affordable?

Since it’s considered a cosmetic treatment, it’s more affordable than the invasive treatments and surgeries, but it also doesn’t mean it’s cheap, due to the advanced equipment, and the special training the doctors should have. According to some resources, the average cost of CoolScuplting can be at least $700, but depending on the location, the body area, or the levels of fat, it may be around $1,500 per session. There are cases when it’s much more expensive than that.

Also, keep in mind that with this one, there are no instant results, and you will need to wait about four to six months, and a few treatments, until the fat leaves your body. But if you want rapid results, liposuction is a better option than, even though it’s practically a surgery. There are some new techniques that use lasers to burn fat, but they can be costlier than CoolSculpting.

But, can it hurt my skin?

The symptoms are individual and may vary from one person to another. It’s good to know that the fats are freezing at a higher temperature than the skin cells, and that’s why your skin is not damaged during the process. The fat layer is rolled and placed between two paddles, and that’s the moment that can be unpleasant and a little uncomfortable for the person, depending on the targeted area. The “freezer” burns the fat cells, and after that, your immune response and metabolism will wash them away from your body. It sounds simple, but it’s more complicated for those who need to learn how to perform this procedure since it requires additional training.

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Where can it be used?

Some of the body areas can collect and store fats, like the chin, thighs, under the breasts, around the arms, or under the butt. There aren’t really many exercises that may work for that. So, in this case, you can go for CoolSculpting. Avoid it if your skin is too sensitive, too loose, or you suffer from different conditions that include temperature sensitivity.


No one can tell you if something is good or bad for you. You are the only one who understands your own body. . Only you and your doctor can help determine if you are eligible for this procedure or not. Be informed, so you won’t suffer any pain or side effects.