Aaron Paul Refuses To Use A Computer Or A Smartphone

Image source: dailymail.co.uk

Aaron Paul is refusing to use a computer or a smartphone and he says it makes him “100% less anxious”. Talking to The Daily Telegraph he said: “It’s a blessing and a curse to have data control and data collection, but because of that, I haven’t owned a computer in over 10 years”.

For now, he is using “a dumb phone”, which can only make calls and send texts. “I’m considering going back to a flip phone, but in the meantime, the Light Phone makes calls, stores ten numbers, but there’s no camera, no texting or emailing”, the “Westworld” actor said.

Image source: mensjournal.com

The American star said that instead of looking at the phone all the time he reconnected with his friends and became less tense. He also feels less ‘suffocated’ since he stopped watching the news, citing Donald Trump and coronavirus as particularly upsetting to him.

“Honestly I feel like I’ve cracked a code in a way, and I cannot begin to tell you how much better I feel. I’m 100 percent less anxious… I have an honest connection, which is what we all used to have”, he said. He does have an Instagram page, though.