Add Flavor to Your Parties with Proof Syrup – 2024 Guide

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No party is complete without cocktails. Who doesn’t like to have a glass full of a mouth-watering cocktail that can lighten up your mood immediately? We know you all love it. But we cannot deny that there is one very big issue when it comes to cocktails is that you do know how to prepare it yourself. You are always dependent on those bartenders to help you making your favorite cocktails. You wait for parties to taste these cocktails or you go to bars and pay a lot of money to get a glass of a cocktail for you. But what if we tell you that now you do not have to spend a lot of money on those glasses anymore. What if we tell you that you will not have to be dependent on others to create some amazing cocktails?

Yes! You heard it right. You can now create some amazing cocktails at your home and by your own just by simply using Proof Cocktail Syrup. It will help you in creating a perfect cocktail for you. In fact, you can boost your bartending skills and boast about it in your friends that you are the one who creates those epic cocktails. It will add a perfect taste to all your cocktails and that too without you putting in any sort of efforts. All the complicated stuff of creating a cocktail will be done by Proof Cocktail Syrup and your job would be to take praises from others.

Why should you buy Proof Cocktail Syrup?

There are a lot of amazing reasons for you to buy the Proof Cocktail Syrup. Let us look at some of those reasons.

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1. Quantity

One bottle of Proof Cocktail Syrup is enough to make 32 glasses of cocktails. Yes! You heard it right. All it takes is one bottle of this magic. No matter how big is the gathering at your home, or even if you want to drink alone, you will always be prepared to make amazing cocktails and that too up to 32 glasses from just 1 bottle of this syrup.

2. Multiple Flavors

We understand your love for these cocktails, and we also know that how you like to have different flavors of cocktails, and that is why we have created a lot of options when it comes to flavors. You can buy bottles of multiple flavors to offer different types of cocktails to your friends. Not only this, you can also watch multiple amazing cocktail recipes that you can create using this syrup from our website. There are a lot of recipes to explore and experiment on. You will definitely have a great time playing with those recipes.

Some of the most popular flavors that we sell are Traditional Proof Syrup, Pecan Proof Syrup, Maple Bacon Proof Syrup, New Black Walnut Proof Syrup, New Pumpkin Spice Proof Syrup and many more. You must try all these flavors as all of them are unique in their taste and you would definitely enjoy trying each one of them.

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3. Gift Cards

We do not want you to enjoy these amazing drinks alone. That is why we also provide you with the option of sharing gift cards to your friends and loved ones, so that they can enjoy it too. If you are planning to gift them a gift that they would love and cherish, then this Proof Cocktail Syrup is the one that you should consider. You can easily gift them these bottles, and you will yourself witness the happiness on their faces. These bottles will soon become your favorite gift to give to someone.

4. Attractive Offers

We value you and your money and that is why we keep on coming with amazing offers for you. Currently an amazing offer is going on where you will get a flat 15% off on the total cost if you buy three bottles from ProofSyrup together. There are a lot of other amazing offers that you can explore from our website.

How does this Proof Cocktail Syrup Work?

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A lot of people ask this question that how they can create awesome cocktail recipes and that too all by themselves. So let us look at the complete process that goes into making an awesome cocktail.

  • Step 1: The first step here is that you need to have the right equipment with you. It includes the right ingredients and the right measuring things so that you are all set to start.
  • Step 2: Pour ice cubes in a glass in which you want to enjoy your drink.
  • Step 3: Pour ½ oz of our amazing Proof Cocktail Syrup on the ice cubes. Make sure that you are measuring the quantity of the syrup poured properly because it will play an important role in how your cocktail will taste like.
  • Step 4: Pour 2 oz of your favorite whiskey or bourbon in the glass over your cocktail syrup. Make sure you choose a good whiskey to get the best taste.
  • Step 5: Finally stir the whiskey and the syrup well, to get the best taste. You can use a stirrer to stir.
  • Step 6: To make your drink even better, we would suggest you to use orange in it. You just have to peel a small portion of orange from a peeler, and you have to use it to garnish the glass to make the look of the glass astonishing.
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And once you are done with all these steps, you will be all set to taste the best cocktail ever and that too made by you. Just by following these simple steps you will be able to create something which would be amazing and praiseworthy. It will make you stop from going to a bar from the next time, as you will be a rockstar bartender yourself.

Do try making these cocktails on your own and let us know about your awesome experience that you will have while drinking your cocktails.