Get Refreshing Alkaline Water Directly From Nature – 2024 Guide

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Since ancient times, the rain has been considered as a cure to many problems. Along with external benefits like a healthy bath, and benefitting hair it includes consuming it and benefitting the body internally as well. Dehydration can be life-threatening which explains the importance of drinking water. One can go without having food for weeks but you cannot live without water for more than 3 days. Rainwater is a very pure distilled type that falls from the sky by mother-nature.

Many people question the purity of it by raising concerns like is it safe to drink it? Or is it beneficial? Oh yes! To get to know about it, it is important to understand the water cycle closely. By exploring it, one will realize that rainwater is nothing else but pure, distilled water. It is evaporated from the earth using solar energy and sent back to earth through clouds. Just drink and let it benefit you with no harm. Nature has provided natural ways to benefit living organisms since its beginning. The beneficial rain not only benefits us but also the soil and animals.

In fact, rain is quite good for farming than usual water supplies. Hence, the only concern that should be raised is how this rain will be collected, filtered, and delivered to us. Many companies are providing the wonder of nature with guaranteed purity. Today, life has been easier than ever, one does not have to make an effort to collect and harvest rain to get benefitted from nature, these heaven drops can be easily delivered at your home or available at grocery stores. However, only fewer companies are providing the best product, many companies are adding harmful chemicals and bleaching agents to filter and distill the water. It is important to verify first, click here to get more information about the best alkaline bottled water.

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The pH level

The level of pH of both food and body can determine health. The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14, more towards 0 is acidic and towards 14 is basic, where 7 is neutral. Alkaline water is praised for its quality to neutralize acidity from the bloodstream that’s associated with certain health benefits. Certain foods are responsible for making our blood acidic like some dairy products, fizzy drinks, sodas, processed foods, etc.

Where does natural alkaline water come from?

Natural alkaline water comes when it picks up minerals and salts from areas where it passes over the rocks, evaporated, and poured in the form of rain.

Benefits of rain and alkaline water

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  • No harmful toxins

Rainwater is naturally evaporated from the earth. It has slightly basic properties when this water is heated up, most of the germs and microorganisms are killed by natural solar energy. However, other sources like tap or well, neither it is distilled naturally nor it is chemical-free. Rust and corrosion in pipelines make tap the worst source for water consumption. Chlorine is used to kill germs while fluoride is obtained naturally from the soil. Both of these chemicals are highly injurious to health whereas rain has countless benefits.

  • Detoxification and body cleanse

Rain is considered to detoxify the harmful substance from the body. On one hand, a rain bath can cleanse the skin and nourish the hair growth, and on the other, it can detoxify the body and leave it clean like a holy temple.

  • Anti-cancer

It has anti-cancer properties. It is suggested by herb experts that patients with cancer should drink rainwater. In contrast to that hard water can cause cancer itself. The alkaline pH in rain is known to inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells since it helps restore the neutral pH of our blood and body cells.

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  • Treating stomach pain and digestion

It is advisable to drink 2-3 sips of rainwater on the empty stomach every morning. It can heal the pain, ulcers, and promote the digestive system.

  • Neutralize the acidity

Alkaline properties maintain the pH to normal. Acidity can cause many problems; drinking alkaline water can help to maintain normal pH. As our blood is slightly basic, acidity in the body can harm kidneys, liver, and lungs. It is very important to maintain a normal pH level.

  • Pet health

Animals have always been closer to nature than humans. These rain lovers know the importance and purity of it. Pets’ health uses rainwater as their natural medicine. Meanwhile, rainwater health benefits to animals just like humans.

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  • Weight-loss

Obesity is one of the most dangerous diseases, every day the younger generation is moving towards obesity. It is because of the unhealthy and fatty food consumption. The more we move away from nature, the more problems we face. Rainwater is a gift of nature that can reduce fat production and can show incredible weight-loss.

  • Skin problems

Water is known as the perfect nutrition for your skin, hair, and nails however alkaline properties make it even better. It is an acne-buster. Even celebrities claim that alkaline water is the reason behind their flawless skin.

  • Bone protection

Our body is often subjected to various toxins not only from food but also from our surroundings. These substances can accumulate over time which can lead to cellular and bone damage. Especially acidic properties of substances can cause bone weakness and takes out calcium from our bones. It can cause several bone problems like arthritis. Here alkaline properties perform their heroic role to protect our bones from acidity.

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  • Acid reflux

Acid reflux can be triggered when you drink or eat foods with high acidic properties that cause inflammation in your stomach. On the other hand, alkaline water is reducing acidity and is quite beneficial for your stomach. Consider it acting as anti-acids where it eases the digestive enzymes in your stomach.

Having clean and pure water for yourself and your family is of utmost importance. By drinking alkaline water you are neutralizing your body and eliminating waste products for your overall health. It can benefit us in several ways. Drink healthy to live healthily.