All The Reasons You Need Call Tracking Software  

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Setting up a business sure is expensive. You need to find ways to maximize your resources and get a quick but consistent profit. If your business depends on phone calls and inquiries, investing in call tracking can be quite an asset. But with most companies turning to call tracking for its proven benefits and to stay ahead of the competition, this trending technology has become a necessity.

● Expand Business  Focus on Untapped Areas

Start-ups and small companies aim to expand their databases and grow further. By using call tracking, one can analyze the potential sales in previously untapped areas and focus their marketing efforts on those territories. With call tracking, one can get to know the geographical data of the customer calling their company. With this data, it is easy to identify the specific areas from where you get a larger number of calls, which helps retarget your future marketing campaigns.

● Improve ROI

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With small businesses aimed at reducing their costs and earning a profit, call tracking helps one determine if they are making money or losing money. This is done by comparing your expenditure with the revenue from that marketing strategy.

According to professionals from Call Gear, call tracking analytics can help one to decide which ad channels to invest in and cut out inefficient advertising strategies. It helps one to determine the reason why a lead didn’t turn into a sale or an appointment, thus improving your strategies.

Small businesses that can’t afford to run 24-7 can make use of call tracking software to track their missed calls with ease, never missing a probable sales opportunity. The software provides data on the number of calls missed and the source of those calls.

● Improve staff management

Since call tracking software can record and playback phone calls, it not only helps in getting to know your customers better but also monitors the work of your staff and agents. It acts as a method of ensuring that the staff remains efficient and provides the best customer support and service. You can also use it as a training tool for new employees as well as current ones.

Or, increase the number of appointments and sales by analyzing the way your agents deal with customers. Easily pinpoint the areas that require improvement and adjust accordingly.

● Optimizing Marketing Campaigns

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Call tracking helps in identifying the marketing campaigns that are successful and facilitates proper channeling of the allotted budget. A company’s marketing efforts can be aimed properly, helping generate greater ROI.

Compare the results of different advertising channels including print, internet, social media and more, by tracking their unique phone numbers, and analyzing which is more profitable. If the business relies only on online marketing campaigns, call tracking helps to determine the exact landing pages that yield sales calls. It also helps to learn how to design and implement better internet marketing campaigns.

● Keyword level tracking

This is a vital tool of call tracking software for a deeper analysis of marketing efforts. Each visitor is assigned a unique phone number. Information like how they landed on your site, the keywords used in their search, and the pages they previously visited, can be gained by monitoring these phone numbers. This helps in effective market targeting.

● Better Customer Service

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Call tracking software enables the recording of inbound calls. It’s easy to extract information on the preferences and needs of customers, and the issues they are experiencing. For your business, this helps in modifying products and services, thus improving customer satisfaction.

The customer service personnel can get to know when people call during the workweek, the exact time of day, the number of missed calls, who answers the call and how they handle the callers, and whether the leads get converted to appointments.

By having a better knowledge of the effectiveness of the company’s staff, you can better accommodate the staffing and training needs, and reward employees for a job well done. Having a new perspective on customer service helps make the necessary modifications to gain future leads.

While understanding the customer interactions real-time with lead tracking, one can know the intent and source of the call, allowing one to adapt and optimize the customer experience, ensuring that the right messages are being advertised to the right people.. By knowing the intent of a call beforehand, the sales reps can offer a well-informed and engaged conversation with a probable buyer.

In short, call and lead tracking provides you with detailed information on what prompted the call and what transpired between the sales rep and the caller. This later helps in measuring marketing effectiveness and ensures a better user experience.

Get the maximum return on investment, avoid useless expenditures and the wastage of resources. You have to be smart to survive in this hi-tech era of business. It’s time to invest in call tracking.