All You Need to Know About Christian Dior & Dior Fur Jacket

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Christian Dior (1905-1952) was one of the top French fashion designers in the early to mid-1900s. He was known for owning the top fashion houses of the time. The houses still have locations on global levels and are currently owned by Groupe Arnold. He was the second of five children of Maurice Dior, who was a prestigious fertilizer manufacturer. The family was hoping that Christian would be a diplomat but simultaneously didn’t disapprove of his interest in art. Arguably, his art business started when he sold his fashion sketches for 10 cents each. He dropped out of school in 1928 to open his own art gallery, which Maurice also financed. Some of the art sold there were by famous artists, such as Pablo Picasso.

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However, the gallery lasted for only three years due to the Great Depression and Maurice lost the fertilizer business. In 1937, Christian was employed by his first fashion designer, Robert Piguet for whom he designed three collections. The Café Angelia, a day dress with a short skirt sold particularly well. Then he was drafted into the French Army. After he left the military in 1942, Christian became one of the primary designers for Lucian Lelong. In order to help preserve the fashion business, he designed dresses for Nazi wives and prominent French collectors. Then his sister, Catherine, who was in the French Resistance, was captured by the Gestapo and liberated in Ravensbruck in 1945. Christian named the perfume, Miss Dior, in her honor two years later. The Miss Dior perfumes are still around. There are several scents such as Rose Body Oil and Forever and Ever.

Origin of the Fashion Houses

In 1946, the wealthiest French entrepreneur, Marcel Boussac, offered for Christian to design at the Philippe et Gaston, which was established in 1925. However, Christian turned it down to make his own brand, which Boussac supported.

Christian’s first fashion house was open next year with the first collection, Corolla. However, he agreed to let Harper’s Bazaar editor-in-chief, Carmel Snow change the name to New Look. Christian was best known for a more voluptuous and shapely look, which was inspired by a need to ration fabric during the War. This caused a bit of opposition, including by Coco Chanel herself. However, it ceased after the war.

Christian succumbed, allegedly to a heart attack, in May 1952.

Dior Fur Jacket

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In its golden years, Dior fur products, particularly mink fur coats, were very popular. They don’t seem to produce as many anymore given the aggressive movement against using real fur in products and fewer companies doing so. The only Dior Fur Jacket currently on the market is fox fur combined with lambskin and silk. There is also a brown shawl made of rabbit fur. The jacket is reduced from $14,000 to the $6,000 range and the shawl from the $400 range to the $300 range.

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Today, Dior sells a range of products from silk blazers to luxury sunglasses that are at least $100’s of dollars. Dior remains the luxury brand that it started out as and the company’s taste seems to be combining some of the old styles, such as tweed, with modern styles, such as a sheath cocktail shirt. The line also currently has its share of handbags if you like to carry small handbags.

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