Transgender Actress Angelica Ross Is Dating An Engaged Man

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Transgender actress Angelica Ross (39) shared on March 18th photos with her new-found love not knowing that the mysterious guy has a fiance, who is also the mother of his child. Ross found out from her fans who flooded her Twitter uncovering the truth about her beau.

In the end, man’s fiance contacted the actress after which Angelica decided to distance herself from the guy whom she calls “B”.

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From the board room to film/TV sets and even the Obama White House, Angelica Ross is a leading figure of success and strength in the movement for transgender, racial and human rights equality. She’s a season regular star in Ryan Murphy’s hit FX series “Pose” and most recently became the first trans actress to appear as a starring season regular. Angelica realized she wanted to live her life truly and freely and began transitioning at age 19.