Are Buckwheat Pillows Good?

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Natural accessories for sleeping are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Among all synthetic fillers that exist on the market, natural ones that are available in the form of buckwheat husks stand out. This is useful, affordable and fragrant filler; the material is completely safe and completely natural. You can choose a pillow using the jons guide.

About Buckwheat Pillow Filler

Buckwheat shells go through several stages of processing:

  • calibration giving orthopedic functions;
  • cleaning from dust and dirt;
  • thermal effect — disinfects and makes the shell durable.

The safety of husks for health after such processing depends on the integrity of the manufacturer and must be confirmed by certificates. A clean and dry husk does not slip into lumps, does not stick together for a long time.

The quality of the husk cleaning can be determined by yourself.

Firstly, there should not be broken buckwheat — parts of chopped buckwheat grains. If you use a colander with holes no larger than 4 mm and sift through the husk, then the boxes will remain in the colander, and the slot will be sifted out.

Secondly, there should be no dust. Shake the pillow well over a clean surface and draw a palm over it. Dust, if any, will remain in the palm of your hand.

The Benefits of Buckwheat Husk Pillows

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Buckwheat husk filler becomes more and more popular due to its advantages. Some of them are unattainable for synthetic materials. Among the positive qualities of raw materials are the following:

1. Orthopedic properties

Buckwheat pillows provide excellent support for the head and neck in any posture when sleeping. Thanks to it, you can eventually get rid of chronic back pain. The correct position of the head and neck during sleep relieves fatigue from constant sitting at a table. The pillow restores vascular microcirculation, normalizes blood pressure and removes headaches.

2. Full repetition of body shape and anatomical adaptability

The husk takes the shape of the neck, head, and also helps to maintain the correct position of the spine. The material adapts to the structural features of the body. It lets you evenly distribute the weight of the head, which prevents any excessive tension in the muscles of the neck and back.

3. Maintains a comfortable temperature

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The multi-faceted shape of buckwheat boxes creates high porosity and air permeability of the filler. The air freely circulating through it does not allow the heat generated by a person during sleep accumulating in the pillow, which ensures optimal body temperature for a good sleep.

4. Does not cause a greenhouse effect

We all sweat when sleeping, this is a natural process. Buckwheat pillow absorbs sweat well but does not hold it. The air stream passing through the husk promotes the evaporation of moisture into the environment. This explains the light cooling effect of buckwheat pillows. It prevents overheating and excessive sweating.

5. Therapeutic action

Treatment or relief:

  • diseases of the cervical spine,
  • pains and spasms of the neck muscles,
  • headaches,
  • osteochondrosis, scoliosis,
  • insomnia
  • snoring,
  • night sweats.

Prevention of disorders in the blood vessels functioning:

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  • Improving blood flow and oxygen to the organs of the head, neck, upper spine due to micro-massage, which sharp and moving particles of the husk have.
  • A 5-minute massage strengthens the immune system and normalizes sleep.
  • The ability to adjust the height of the product, reducing or increasing the volume of the filler.

Cons of a Filler

  • Unusual rigidity, you have to get used to it. A firm and tingling base can cause discomfort to those who like to sleep face down.
  • Specific smell. Husk exudes an aroma of essential oils that is not pleasant to everyone.
  • Product safety is a critical aspect to consider. It is not always possible to establish for certain the way the husk has been cleaned and how safe it is for health.

Buckwheat Pillow is Recommended to

  • People prone to asthma, allergies.
  • People with spine diseases, neck pain, and osteochondrosis. The ability of the husk to not crumple and adapt to the contours of the body explains its orthopedic effect.
  • Those who experience excessive sweating during sleep. The breathable filler is not rammed under the body weight, does not heat up and does not collect moisture.
  • People with numbness of the hands caused by a violation of blood supply in the cervical-collar zone.


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Many companies claim that their buckwheat accessories can last up to 15 years. This is no more than a marketing move. But in fact, such a long lifespan is unattainable even for high-quality products. Buckwheat husk filler crumbles and wears out over time, so it will require replacement in five years.

Boxes of husks are abraded, broken, lose their shape. Air permeability worsens, volume decreases. Alternatively, you can change the filler, but it’s easier to buy a new product because its price is affordable.

Features of Use

The rules for using are quite simple:

  • The husk should not be subjected to any moisture and especially washing. It is cleaned every one and a half-two months over the bedpan with a vacuum cleaner removing the nozzle.
  • The bedpan is washed as necessary, having previously taken out the husk.
  • The husk is periodically sieved through a colander, sifting out damaged particles.
  • To remove moisture and odors, dry the pillow or the husk removed avoiding direct sunlight, spreading a thin layer on a flat surface.
  • If you accidentally spilled water, immediately open the bedpan, remove the wet particles. After drying, you can use them again.
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If the pillow is new, then it will not immediately take the right shape. It takes about two weeks until it quickly adapts to the anatomical features of the owner. Thus, do not be afraid of its rigidity. If this accessory remains too hard, part of the filler can be removed.

One of the features of these pillows is the availability of different forms. It can be not only the standard rectangular shape but also a cylindrical one and more. They will be able to decorate the interior. There are small models that can be easily taken with you. In this case, there is the greatest variety of forms among all varieties.