Oracle 1Z0-061 Test: Best Books to Ace and Which Exam Dumps to Use?

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Importance of It Certifications

Nowadays, candidates with certificates of certain software products and technologies have a serious “bonus” when applying for a job. It should also be remembered that the presence of a credential (or several) is the only valid argument for the employer in case of a lack of experience of the applicant. Thus, the accreditation serves as a serious help in the struggle for a good workplace, being sometimes a trump card more serious than a diploma of higher education in the field of IT.

If you want to grow professionally, deeply interested in Oracle Database and you are going to pass 1Z0-061 exam soon, then this article will be helpful for you. You’ll know how to ace this test using the best prep materials and pass it with flying colors.

What Is Oracle 1Z0-061 Test for?

You have to pass the Oracle Prepaway 1Z0-061 test is if you are going to earn the following certifications:

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  • Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Associate
  • Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Associate
  • Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate

This exam is the initial step towards getting any of these credentials, then you have to pass the 2nd exam the code of which depends on the certification you are going to obtain.

1Z0-061 test consists of 75 multiple-choice questions to be answered within 120 minutes, and the passing score is 65%.

To pass any exam you need to be well-prepared for it and study the concepts you will be tested on utilizing the most reliable material.

And one of the resources you can use for learning purposes would be books. There are so many manuals related to1Z0-061 test available for purchase online, but not all of them are actually up to expected standards. The following is the list of the top study guides to ace the Oracle 1Z0-061 test.

Reference Books that Can Help You Ace the Test

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There are a lot of useful resources on the Internet, and every exam taker can find a wealth of information that will prepare well for the exam. The most popular manuals are the following:

1. OCA Oracle Database 12c SQL Fundamentals I Exam Guide 2nd edition (Exam 1Z0-061) written by Roopesh Ramklass

The author of this book is currently the Director of Data and Systems Architecture at Eclipsys Solutions. Being an architect he has much experience in Oracle related material.

This great book covers all the objectives required for the Oracle 1Z0-061 test. In addition, it includes summaries, exercises, two-minute drills, and self-tests at the end of every chapter. By checking your knowledge, you can understand whether you’ve grasped the idea properly or need more time to focus on this or that topic.

2. Study Guide for 1Z0-061: Oracle Database 12c: SQL Fundamentals: Oracle Certification Prep issued by Matthew Morris

This is a great study guide for people who are going to grow into an Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Professional. It covers all the themes that you’ll meet at the exam and the way the content is covered throughout the book is very clear and concise. The manual is intended for experienced candidates who have already gained skills and know the exam topics.

The aim of the book is to enhance their skills and fill in the gaps before taking 1Z0-061 exam. It is an amazing supplementary material to check when you’ve already become familiar with exam concepts. The author is a real IT expert in Oracle as he has been working with its database since 1996, so, you can be assured that the content of this book is very accurate and reliable.

3. Oracle 12c: SQL 3rd Edition by Joan Casteel

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If you are someone with the most basic level of knowledge regarding databases this book would be it for you. It takes you through a smooth transformation journey from basic knowledge to greater proficiency in the latest SQL and Oracle techniques. The flow of this book is very apt for someone who wants to learn step by step until the highest level required. 

The author has made much use of Oracle technologies in real-life applications and she has written books related to Oracle apart from this book. This book will help you gain the knowledge required to ace the Oracle 1Z0-061 test.

4. OCP Oracle Certified Professional on Oracle 12c Certification Kit 1st Edition by Biju Thomas, Gavin Powell, Robert G. Freeman, and Charles A. Pack

This certification kit is an ideal tool to help you prepare for your exams of the associate and professional levels. It has two guides; one that covers all material you need to prepare for the Oracle 1Z0-061 test and also the 1Z0-062 test, and another one to ace more advanced 1Z0-063 test, that leads to OPA Oracle Database 12c Administrator credential. This kit is what you need to become Oracle DBA certified.

It provides the information that will be tested in your exams. It also gives you access to such useful tools as review questions, practice test, flashcards. All these you can use before taking your exams to hone your skills. This kit is very much exam focused and it always tells you what points you need to focus on more. So it would be one of the best books if you want to ace your Oracle tests.

5. Oracle Database 12c SQL 1st Edition by Jason Price

The author Jason Price is an Oracle Certified Database Administrator and Application Developer himself and has contributed to many Oracle products which makes him a very knowledgeable person, which in turn makes his books accurate and reliable. This book covers all the new features and techniques in database.

By using this book, you will be learning how to use SQL statements to access Oracle databases, construct PL/SQL programs, handle SQL*Plus and SQL Developer, and much more. It comes with a lot of practice examples for all the SQL queries which makes it a great preparation resource for the 1Z0-061 test.

Pass Your Test Easily with Exam Dumps

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The prep process for any exam takes up a lot of time, but the right resources can not only involve you in an interesting process of learning but also pass the time wisely and effectively. One of the best study resources to use is that contains all the necessary material to pass the test well.

On this website, every candidate will find the latest and updated free exam questions for 1Z0-061 exam to gain skills by practicing with the help of the ETE Software. All these materials are reliable and as for dumps, you can train them unlimited times, check your results, focus on your weak areas, and improve your results. In order not to meet any anxieties during the exam day and to increase the chances to succeed from the first attempt, this is your way to go.


Getting yourself Oracle certified is the best way to build your prosperous career, increase salary, and fulfill yourself. It is the proofof your knowledge and skills which opensmajor possibilities in the IT world. But earning the Oracle Database badge requires you to pass certification tests. Well, you don’t have to go around getting cheated by fake and inaccurate books that made just to reap money because now you know what the best manuals to ace your 1Z0-061 exam are.

These materials will equip you with valuable information and ease the process of taking the test. Don’t forget to utilize additional practice material such as exam dumps. You can train with them, find answers to the most difficult questions and enhance knowledge. Dedicating yourself to preparation and working hard using all the best resources is all you have to do and everything else will be a breeze.