Can Argentina Win the World Cup 2024: What Are the Odds


This year is a joy to behold for football fans all across the globe, as there are so many big games, so many big tournaments, and so many interesting European leagues to watch and cheer their favorite team. Now, one competition stands out from the rest this year, and yes, we are talking about the World Cup. There are many things that make this WC a unique one. Namely, it’s the first one that’s organized in November and December, as it’s usually held during June and July. Of course, this is just the beginning, as it’s also the first time that Qatar is a host of such a global event. The number of stadiums is also something we can talk about as this entire competition will be played in only eight stadiums, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the least expensive one, on the contrary, Qatar has spent the most money to arrange everything so that both players and fans would have an excellent experience while there.

On the other hand, this year, the teams will spend much less time traveling across the country, which was a huge handicap during the last WC, and another thing that will rejoice fans is that there are fans areas with cheap alcohol and the hospitality is on the highest level. As for the competition, well, you can never know what to expect from WC, but there are always a few teams that stand out as a favorite to go all the way, and Argentina is surely one of them. So, if you want to find out whether they can finally win the World Cup and lift the trophy, let’s go through some facts.

Messi’s last WC


Even though some think that this is not that big of a reason why Argentina could go all the way and lift the WC trophy, when we take a look at how much Messi means to Argentinians and how desperately he wants to lift that trophy, we simply must add this as a plus. Of course, one man doesn’t make the team, but luckily, Argentina has for almost forever been known to have some world-class players that play for big clubs, and this generation is no different. Yes, the coach has introduced some new players, but the core of the team hasn’t changed that much, which means that players know each other pretty well.

The chemistry in this type of competition is a huge factor, as one team can have dozen of players on the top level and still perform badly, and that’s mostly because of the bad chemistry and the relationship within the team. From everything we could notice so far, this should not be a problem for this Argentinian roster, as players seem fond of each other. Above all, having Messi by your side should be an inspiration, especially for this World Cup, when everyone knows that it’s probably his last one, and every player would want to be part of the team that will lift that trophy alongside him.

They haven’t won that many trophies lately

It’s not like this team lack quality in any position, but somehow for the last couple of years, they haven’t been able to win any big trophy. Yes, last year, when they finally won Copa America, it was a great success, but everyone will agree that this team should have won much more in the last decade. Namely, Argentina won their last WC trophy in 1986 in Mexico, and the closest they were to lift it once again was in Brazil in 2014, but we all know how that ended up. That is why not many people give this team a real chance in Qatar, as they look at them as underperformers in the big games.

On the other hand, many things have changed, and it looks like the stars have aligned perfectly for this team to perform strongly in one of the biggest global events in the world. Like in previous World Cups, we will find out what we can expect from Argentina’s side in the first games, during the group stage, as they tend to flop against some so-called smaller teams, and if such a thing happens again, then everything else would matter much less.

The road to the final is everything but easy


There is no doubt that the Abicelestes have a great chance of winning the World Cup, and it is surely something that both players and fans are hoping for, but we need to mention other great teams that will try their best to bring the prestigious trophy home. According to bookmakers, Argentina is on a high third place in this important race, right behind Brazil and France, which is trying to repeat the success from four years ago. Of course, surprises are always possible, and there is no doubt that the road to the final will be extremely difficult for every team, as the World Cup is a competition in which each national team can win because of one simple reason. Players are playing for their country and their people, and there is no doubt that each of them will try their best to become a national hero in the end. Of course, the quality of the players is important too, and when it comes to the quality, there is no doubt that Abicelestes have some of the best players in the world fighting in their lines.

Final thoughts

As we have already mentioned, winning the world’s biggest competition is never easy, and each team needs to do its best if they want to get the chance to bring the trophy home. Many factors can affect the team’s games, and great chemistry between players, great team leaders, and high-quality players are only some of them. Argentina has it all, and people from all over the world expect a lot from them. However, we cannot forget other great countries such as Brazil, England, France and many others that can make a big surprise and get far in the competition. Betting on the World Cup games is something that most people simply cannot resist, thanks to the great odds and extremely interesting matches, and if you are one of them, and have some predictions on your mind, visit kumpulan situs judi bola terpercaya.