Top 4 Must-Have Weight Lifting Equipment For Home Workouts


Home workouts save you so much time. You don’t have to wait for equipment at the gym or even drive there for that matter! With some investment upfront, you can create a home gym that will last you years.

If building muscle is a priority, you will want to look at weight-lifting equipment. With a few good pieces, you can practice a wide range of workouts. This allows you to target any muscle group you want.

Let’s take a look at the top 4 must-have equipment in the world of weight lifting.

1. Resistance Bands or Free Weights

One of the very first pieces of equipment you should look into is some type of weight system. You can build muscle faster when you add weight to your workout routine. This is most commonly done with resistance bands or free weights.

Free weights have been the most common choice for years, until recently when resistance chord or band training has gained in popularity. Now more people choose bands over free weights for several advantages.

Using resistance for your weight training gives you a layer of safety. You don’t have to worry about dropping heavy weights, possibly on you! Resistance systems allow you to carefully lift your desired weights.

Resistance systems also give you more weight without taking up more space. If you use free weights, you will need ample space for the different weight levels of your dumbbells or plates. Resistance systems are usually confined to less than a 3-foot by 2-foot space.

2. Helpful Weight Lifting Equipment: The Adjustable Bench


Getting yourself into the correct position and at the right angle for an exercise is a lot easier when you have an adjustable weight bench. It allows you to do all of the different arm, back, and shoulder exercises. It’s also beneficial when you’re doing balancing or leg exercises that need extra support.

When looking at adjustable benches, make sure it can lay down plus sit up. You also want to have several angled positions the bench can be set to. You’ll find you’re able to do bench presses, flyes, and curls much easier with the help of a bench.

3. Bars and Ropes for Upper Body Workouts

When you want to focus on an upper body workout, several tools like bars and ropes can help you get that burn. By positioning yourself at different angles, you can hit all of the different upper body muscles. This gives you a nice, muscular look all over.

Ropes attached to a resistance trainer are a great way to train all of the muscles in your arms, even the little ones we sometimes forget. You can even use resistance ropes to do core and back exercises.

A weight-lifting bar is perfect for pumping up your chest muscles! The bench press and the overhead press are two of the most popular exercises on the bar. If you’re using a resistance bar instead of a free weight bar, you can usually also set up for a rowing exercise and target your back and shoulder muscles.

4. Level Platform for Safe Lifting


What’s great about having a good lifting bar for your upper body, you can also get a great leg workout with that same weight lifting equipment. When doing exercises like squats or deadlifts, it’s important to be on a level ground.

This is where a weightlifting platform can be extremely helpful in keeping you in good form. When you stand on a level platform, it causes your feet to stay flat. Then as you lift or resist the weight, you’re able to plant your feet firmly keeping your back safe.

As technology advances, so does weight-lifting equipment. Some resistance platforms will track your progress and keep you on track to hit your weight goals. It’s like having a personal trainer all in one!

Other Home Gym Considerations

There are some accessories you can consider adding to your home gym that can elevate your workouts even more. Here are a few:

  • Mirror: When you’re weight lifting, you want to make sure you stay in good form. By adding a mirror to your home gym, you can watch how you lift and make sure you stay in the proper position.
  • Ground Mat: You may be at risk of damaging your floors if you exercise at home. There are convenient equipment mats that will protect your floors as well as provide you with a more even workout surface.
  • Stretching Equipment: Thick yoga or exercise mats are really nice when you’re lying on the floor working on stretching your muscles. You can also get foam rollers to help break up fascia and help deepen your stretches.
  • Cardio Gear: Whether it’s a jump rope or stationary bike, having a good cardio option is a must-have in your home gym. You may hate interval training, but your body will love you for it.
  • Weight Lifting Gloves: When you first start lifting, it can be hard on your hands. Over time, your hands will toughen up, but sometimes that can lead to callused skin. To prevent that, you can get weight-lifting gloves that will also help you grip.
  • Motivational Tools: Some people enjoy working out to music or a TV program. Others find watching out a window is a nice way to get through an exercise routine. Think about what will motivate you to keep going and bring that into your home gym space. The more you make it an inviting space, the more you’ll want to use it.

Save Time and Enjoy the Convenience of a Home Gym

When you set up your home gym, those are the 4 weight lifting equipment pieces you will need. Free weights or resistance bands are a great starting point, as they will help you perform a lot of different exercises. At-home workouts that can target your different muscle groups are worth the investment. They save you time and when done properly, will last you for years.