Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer – Buyers Guide

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When we thought that everything was invented and that the current vaporizers on the market could never be improved … we discovered the incredible Arizer Extreme Q . These first words have given you a complete summary of the results obtained after acquiring, testing, retesting, and continuously using this model.

Many of you who are reading this article right now will surely have already tried vaporizers as well known and widespread in the market as the well-known “Volcano”, more portable models like the “Iolite” or the new pencil-sized vaporizers that are so fashion. In this test we are not going to enter into comparisons with other models, although as you will surely be curious to know which is better, what this or that offers, etc…. We will summarize indicating that we have tested the majority of vaporizers on the market and the only vaporizer capable of being compared with the Arizer Extreme Q is the well-known “Volcano“.

Although for performance, size, value for money, and versatility…. Arizer ranks first by far. Let’s see what this vaporizer has offered us, our personal impressions and what we would like it to be different or better.


We start by talking about the package where the Extreme Q comes from, at first glance it seems small … when we open it … .. we see that there are two more boxes inside, one with accessories and the other with the heater unit and transformer. It is even smaller than we thought, after seeing it several times in photos and videos we had a mistaken idea of ​​its size. It is barely 17 centimeters tall.

Although somewhat strange, we only see advantages at such a small size. We can take it anywhere in the suitcase or backpack given its small size, which makes it much more comfortable when transporting or storing it at home.

The positive of this device is its multipurpose value. For starters, you have an option to fill a bag by “inflation” process, as well as aspirating steam directly from the tube. The tube also has two different types of uses. One is autonomous the main fan, simply inhaling the steam in a puff. The other is to use the ventilation system, as the same filling of the bag but still vacuuming directly.


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The heating unit allows us to program the temperature from degree to degree, so that we can test various temperatures degree by degree until we reach the steam that we like the most, another great detail. It can be programmed in celsius or fahrenheit. According to the range is from 122F – 500F (50C – 260C) in 1 degree increments.

We recommend starting at 170 Celsius and testing vaporized as we increase the degrees, we thinkg the best vapor is obtained at 190 but some people prefer even a little more.

Once the temperature has been programmed, you can use the very simple panel provided by the heating unit or the also simple remote control. But before starting to consume it, it is highly recommended once the temperature is reached, leave the vaporizer about ten minutes to heat, so that both the bowl and the herb inside it, also heat up.


The panel of use is very simple, it comes with a led screen that indicates everything you need simultaneously; the level of the fan (or if it is working or off), the option to remove or put the bottom light of the vaporizer, the one that makes it look like a spaceship, if we have programmed the timer, the program temperature and the current one, etc.. The remote control (with battery included) is even simpler, just by looking at the drawings of each button we will know how to use it without even looking at the instruction manual that comes with it.

How is it used?

As indicated above, this model allows double use with a bag or without a bag, one of the benefits of using a desktop. The temperature can be adjusted to a specific degree of each preference, but it is always customary to use temperature above what is customary in a laptop.

The cleaning process is quite simple, although it is necessary to clarify that it incorporates different parts that must be cleaned separately, so it takes time. However, since nothing can be perfect, the glass chamber tends to get quite hot with intense use, in addition to the fact that the bags take much longer to fill, unlike other devices.

Use of tube vs. use of bag

Regarding the use of the tube, the quality of the steam it emits is very dense and tasty, always being better to use forced air with the first setting offered by the fan. On the other hand, as we already mentioned, the filling time of the bag is quite considerable. Using the best setting offered by the fan – which is the slowest – we have better steam and the filling time ranges from three and a half to four minutes.

This prolonged time can be avoided by increasing the power of the fan and achieving a decrease of up to a minute and a half, but at a higher speed of the fan, the steam loses thickness and flavor, so its quality could not be sacrificed just for speed.


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As for the warranty offer, the Arizer Extreme Q is guaranteed for life against factory defects in the ceramic heating element. It also has a three-year warranty for defects in other materials, applicable for a defect that did not arise from a blow or accident. The only thing that escapes protection by guarantee are the pieces that are made of glass.


The Arizer Extreme Q has significant improvements over previous models, mainly in the incorporation of remote control and digital temperature change. It is truly a multipurpose vaporizer, offering a whole range of options that will please even the most experienced vaper. It is up to the user to decide whether to use the steam directly from the tube or using the bags, although we always recommend using the tube as it is much simpler. Its small size makes it practically a portable vaporizer and although it is not included in the kit, there is an adapter to connect the vaporizer to the cigarette lighter socket of the car.