How Asif Ali Gohar Passion for Animals & Veganism is Changing the Leather Industry?

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Gohar is known throughout his country and the world. Thanks to his gardening skills, but also his great passion for animals, he is an inspiration to many. Because of such attitudes, he is considered a person who has greatly influenced the leather industry and changed many lives. The vegan market is growing every day, and experts are constantly finding new alternatives.

With a lot of work and effort, they found a lot of new alternatives such as PU, PVC, mushroom leather and many others. In addition to these major changes, Asif is working independently to accelerate them. With his ideas, he initiates new changes in the market so that no animal would suffer because of the desire to consume. Read more about his work and personality in our article dedicated to this great man.


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Asif Ali Gohar was born in Karachi, Pakistan, in 1992. He spent the first years of his childhood there with his parents. However, after a few years, he left the country with his family and went to Germany. At the age of 12, he started living in Hamburg and that way of life began to affect him a lot. In fact, he changed a lot of things in Germany during the first few years, and the changes mostly affected his attitudes. It is during this period that he begins his vegan journey. He adored animals all his life and he was always sorry to see them being tortured and used as food.

That is why he decides to stop eating meat, which he considers one of the best decisions ever. His interest in this industry began in high school when he accepted a project on veganism. This is actually his first encounter with this industry and he is soon becoming more and more interested in various alternatives. Formal research takes place at the college where he conducts research and testing for vegan alternatives to leather.


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According to, during his studies, Ali Gohar was engaged in business administration, but in his free time at home, he was constantly researching alternative skin options. For example, he often did tests with rice in order to find an adequate replacement for the skin. He did a lot of tests until he found a way to turn rice into skin mucus. Although rice is the main ingredient in this test, do not use it alone. It uses acetic acid bacteria and yeast as equally powerful agents. These two ingredients help to strengthen the rice skin.

If you are wondering why he chose rice as a vegan skin alternative, the answer is very simple. In this way, Asif Ali Gohar wanted to show respect for his heritage and roots, because Pakistan is a large exporter of rice in the world. That means it contributes a lot to the rice trade. He wanted to use his knowledge to create a sustainable vegan skin substitute. However, it needs investors and contacts to make the project a success. This refers to contacts with rice producers and production plants that would be of great help to him.

Rice as the main ingredient

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In order to make a material that will imitate the properties of animal skin, he focused exclusively on plant-based ingredients. The result is a polymer that meets all test criteria. His plan is to expand the business model to the global market, not just the domestic Pakistani market. In that case, they will use Pakistani channels, and veganism has risen sharply when it comes to this country.


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Prior to the involvement of investors, the project was still in its early stages. Everything was based on theory and tested tests, but the real work did not begin. They are necessary for him to finally start his business idea. This kind of cooperation will forever transform the vegan skin market, because it will reach a huge value, which means that investors will make an incredibly huge profit. In that case, this business model would bring great economic growth to other sectors related to the leather industry. The reason is the global recognition that Pakistan has gained. It has become a center for the production of leather and leather goods in the East Asian region and cooperates with clients around the world.

Therefore, by introducing an alternative that is cost-effective and does not burden the country’s ecology, great results can be achieved in the field of economy. At the same time, veganism is being promoted as a healthy thing, because it will reduce and finally eliminate cruelty and exploitation of animals. However, only large investments are not beneficial, because even a small help from a rice or leather producer in Pakistan can contribute to starting this great business.

Veganism in Pakistan

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Although their diet used to focus on meat consumption, many restaurants with vegan menus have been opened and this philosophical concept is being talked about more and more. People who live in this place are becoming more and more aware of the origin of products and cruelty to innocent animals. That is why they leave these products in the desire to change something, but that is not all. This change also brings more profit, because vegan skin is much cheaper than animal skin.


Veganism is not just a diet, it is a fight for animal rights and a sustainable environment. Today, there are many blogs and Youtube channels that are dedicated to this topic and release rich content every day. This includes public animal rights campaigns demanding that vegan meals be included in menus around the world. This is especially important to realize in canteens and other public institutions.

Gohar is just one of the people who are initiating change, but he is doing much more than that. Thanks to his hard work, will and knowledge, he achieved a revolutionary solution. This solution is a viable alternative in the vegan leather industry, and many will benefit from it. It is an alternative that advocates for animal rights while promising serious economic growth for the industry.