Is Colorado Springs a Desirable Place to Live in 2024

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Most of us aren’t held by one place for too long. Some like the adventure of what the next place offers, some have to move for a job or school. Whatever the reason for moving you need to research that new place and get to know it before you move.

So, we have established that you fall into one of the two categories of movers and now you need to find a place to stay. Well, the smart thing to do is to read about this new place you are moving to and next smart thing is to find an exact place where you will live. There are numerous ways to find your next new home, but what most opt for is to utilize the help of a real estate agent.

Every town has one or more real-estate agents that will help you find your dream home, or at least a temporary one depending on your needs, and thanks to them this process is as easy as it can be. Since we are talking about moving and since the title of the article is about Colorado Springs, we will tell you a bit more about the town, is a desirable place to stay and what you need to look out for.

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As far as Colorado Springs goes, we can tell you that it is a home-rule municipality that is the county seat, plus it is the most populous city of El Paso County, Colorado. According to the 2024 US Census, the population in Colorado Springs was close to 479.000, and the info that should get you way more interested is that it had an increase of population of around 15% since the Consensus from 2010.

Colorado Springs is the second-most populous city in the state of Colorado and it is the 40th most populous city in the entire US. Colorado Springs is a home of a very high peak called Pikes Peak that sits 14,115 feet above sea level and is located on the southern edge of the Southern Rocky Mountains.

What younger settlers out there might be interested in is the fact that this city’s economy is driven primarily by the military, hi-tech industry and tourism which means that this is the place where you will never be bored at. This city will offer you more than 55 attractions and activities which is not a small number to neglect. Some of those are Garden of the Gods Park, United States Air Force Academy, Old Colorado City, The National Museum of World War II Aviation and many more.

But as things go every city and everything on the face of the earth has its pros and cons. Today we will bring you all of those regarding Colorado Springs but from an aspect of a potential new mover.


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Housing shortage

Since it is a desirable place to live, and since the world is recovering from the global pandemic, like other cities Colorado Springs also suffers from Housing shortages. If you google this it will probably be the first thing that will pop up, which is a big red flag. The last two years were great and this city had incredible growth but the tables have turned and now you have way less inventory than buyers which is a big issue. This also means that whatever is available there will be very expensive since the demand is greater than what they have to offer.


Now, don’t get fooled, Colorado Springs get cold thanks to that bipolar weather. One day it is nice and warm you can go for walks and shopping and just like that in a day or two the weather changes and it’s really cold. You will experience all four seasons here and those that don’t like the cold that many months from December to April might be a little hard on you. So, this is listed like a con but it doesn’t have to be, and if you are one of those persons that don’t like the cold or weather that fluctuates a lot, then you should consider this.


OK, this is a con to any city, especially those that are expanding too fast too much. This is a thing that you will see nearly anywhere in the world. It does ruin a picture of Colorado Springs, mainly its downtown, but it is also something that every town and state is dealing with in their way and you should respect that.


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It’s up and coming

The thing that benefits every town is that it is constantly growing and that it is constantly thriving. These are the things younger couples are looking for and despite the popular opinion, most of the movers, for whatever reason from above, are younger people and young families. Colorado Springs rates at the top for health, retirement, millennials, lifestyle. Thanks to these factors and many others it is a very desirable place and just because of these you should strongly consider moving here.

The view

Those of you who like a bit of everything meaning a bit of clear flat land and a bit of mountain range will enjoy Colorado Springs. The view here is phenomenal and thanks to the seasonal changes you can enjoy everything nature has to offer. All the colours, all that mountain range hugging the sky, everything is like a fairy tale. Plus, there is that Garden of Gods that testifies to all of this.

Commercial growth

Colorado Springs is a town that boasts a lot of commercial growth since it does get a lot of government contracts, healthcare jobs and similar. Although Denver is a bit more tech-savvy, Colorado has a greatly expanding commercial segment that is also driving the housing market. This information should be important to those that are moving in without a job or are in process of finding one. Colorado Springs has some of the greatest companies that are always looking for workers, young talents and trying to improve and expand. Thanks to that it is hard to imagine that anyone willing to work could be out of a job here.

So, out of everything we told you about this town, we would like to restrain from giving you the final answer, mostly because this decision is all up to you and you shouldn’t be feeling inclined to do something just because we said so. We will leave this list of everything in Colorado Springs here and let you decide if this is the place you can settle in. Let us know what you decided.