How to Prepare for the Australian citizenship test – 2024 Guide

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For many people, this country lying on the continent of the same name is a promised land that has a lot to offer to both young and old. However, it is not enough that you want something to be realized, but you need to work on it and constantly develop and learn to achieve it. The first and foremost thing you need to know is that if you want to move to Australia, you have to get citizenship, and you will see how that is accomplished.

Check your eligibility before applying

Before embarking on the pursuit of Australian citizenship, everyone should check if you are at all eligible to obtain it. By this, we mean that when you apply, you must meet certain requirements such as: to have permanent residence in Australia for the last 4 years, basic knowledge of English, no criminal record, and to prove that you have a close connection with this country (a child who already has citizenship, the partner is a citizen and you want to live together, have a bank account, a job, or a property in Australia, and so on).

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How to obtain Australian citizenship?

To be able to apply for Australian citizenship, you need to have personal documents. Verification is approached in two ways – through both interviews and tests. To obtain citizenship, you need to meet the criteria of both.


At the interview, you must bring the original documents from the copies that you have already submitted. Otherwise, you may be denied access to the interview until you have submitted the required documents.

Citizenship test

To take the test after the interview, you need to meet several conditions, which are the same as for the interview – basic knowledge of English, understanding of what it means to become an Australian citizen, and adequate knowledge of Australia, as well as responsibilities and privileges and citizenship.

How do I prepare for the interview and the test?

You can’t prepare very much for an interview, other than practicing English if you’re unsure of your communication skills. As for the test, you will have to take free time to study and remember school days. To become a citizen of this incredibly beautiful country, you will have to work hard and learn many things about it – what colors are on the flag, when the fleet from Great Britain arrived in Australia, which precious item was discovered in Victoria in New South Wales in 1851, and many other issues in the fields of the government and the law, culture, and democratic beliefs, rights, and liberties.

In order not to aimlessly go through books and search the Internet for answers, even though you do not know what the questions are, you will be much easier if you visit and do a practice test. You can practice the tests several times, and each time you will get different questions so that you cover each of the given areas with knowledge as much as possible.

The test consists of 20 questions, and to pass it, you need to give at least 15 correct answers. By practicing the tests online, you increase your chances of having these questions on the official citizenship test. This will give you an advantage over other candidates and make you feel safer.

Be prepared to sacrifice your free time, because you will have to put a lot of effort into preparing for the test.

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Improve your speaking skills

If you passively speak English and this makes you insecure, take extra classes to help you master the theory needed for the test, but also to engage in a more relaxed conversation during the interview. Uncertainty can arouse suspicion in the commission that you are hiding something, and it can also lead to you mispronouncing and saying something that you did not plan at all.

Ask about the experience of someone who has already been through this

People feel safer and more confident when they hear something “first hand” rather than when they read it because after all, they approach everything they read with a certain amount of doubt. If you have an acquaintance who has already gone through the same thing, ask him about his impressions, how he prepared, and if he has any advice on how to go through the whole process more easily.

What if I fail?

If you fail, it is not a big deal. You can apply for another test the same day, or to appoint it in several days if you need some extra time to prepare yourself better. The most important thing is not to be disappointed in yourself and never give up!

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What are the advantages of having Australian citizenship?

An Australian passport is the dream of every true traveler and adventurer because it allows you to stay out of this country for as long as you want. Australia will do anything to help its citizens who found themselves across the sea during the war, if your passport was stolen or expired, or if you are in hospital. Australian citizenship gives you so many employment benefits that you will be able to find a job in the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs, the Border, and Federal Police, and even become Prime Minister!


You have to take the test responsibly and do your best to pass it, to save your time and money, because each test fee costs around 285 AUD, depending on the category and age you belong. Another important thing why you need to take all this seriously is that the knowledge you gain in this test will help you integrate more easily into Australian society, precisely because you have a great advantage – you already know the laws, history, and culture of the people. And after all, all you have left is to enjoy this incredibly beautiful country where you will be able to afford an amazing life!