How Foreigners Can Apply for an Internship in Seoul


With the hit of the global Hallyu wave, many people are getting more interested in Korean culture. Some even go to the extent of visiting and living in Seoul to have an authentic South Korean experience.

If you are an avid K-culture fan looking for job opportunities, why not apply for an internship in Seoul? Read on to find out how foreigners can apply for a Seoul internship so you can upgrade your skills in your chosen field.

Why Apply for an Internship in Seoul?

You will find most internship opportunities in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Global multinational names such as Hyundai, LG, and Samsung are also found here. In addition, interns are in high demand by the many local and foreign start-ups in this city looking to grow their businesses.

So, as you can see, wherever you look around in the busy and thriving streets of Seoul, there’s a job opportunity waiting for you.

How to Obtain a Seoul Internship


Applying for an internship abroad is quite daunting at first. That’s why here’s a guide you can note as you search for the right opportunity in Seoul.

1. Choose Your Field of Expertise

First, figure out what kind of internship you’re interested in. For instance, think about what you’re good at, what interests you, and what areas could help you advance in your career.

To help you out, here are the industries that are currently in demand for Seoul internships:


There is a sizable shipbuilding sector in South Korea, and the country also produces a lot of cars and auto parts. As you may know, Seoul serves as the headquarters of Hyundai Motor Company, one of the most known car brands worldwide.

So, if you have a background in engineering, especially in automotive and shipbuilding, you can further expand your skills and experience in this field.

Electronics, IT, and Gaming

Are you fond of computer games or anything tech-related? An internship in South Korea’s electronics or gaming industry could pique an intern’s attention, as could a career in IT or telecoms.

Marketing and Communications

To expand their business internationally, several companies are seeking interns who are fluent in English. You could be asked to proofread advertising campaigns or offer commentary on cultural aspects of English-speaking nations.

2. Bring Your CV Up to Date

If you are applying for internships in South Korea, ensure your resume is up-to-date and targeted towards those programs. One of the best things you can do is include a link to your portfolio, if you are required to have one, to highlight your abilities and accomplishments.

3. Look for Available Positions

The search process can commence once a field has been selected. Internship providers can be a great resource for finding placements, but you can also do your research.

4. Make a Great Impression Throughout the Interview

Be sure to study the industry-specific questions and come prepared to justify your desire to work in South Korea by outlining the personal and professional advantages it will bring you. In addition, prepare some questions for the interviewer about the job and your duties there.

5. Apply for a Visa

You will get details regarding the visa procedure after your interview and receive a letter of congratulations. Working holiday visas are available to interns receiving labor payment, or employers would pay to sponsor their visas. Anyone with an unpaid work visa can apply for a tourist visa. Still, it would be best to ask your employer about this matter.

Important Things to Learn Before You Apply for Seoul Internships


Aside from learning the internship application process, you should also have more ideas on what it’s like to live in Seoul. Here are some important things you should learn to prepare yourself:

Cost of Living

Location and spending habits significantly impact South Korea’s cost of living. And you should expect to spend more if you stay in their capital city. Rent and food costs for an intern typically range from ₩600,000 to 1,400,000 ($640 to $1,270) per month.

Finding a roommate, cooking most of your food, and cutting back on expensive treats like coffee—which can cost around $4 per cup—are all ways people choose to save money. But you can find several items in South Korea for less money than in the West. A quality restaurant dinner, for instance, may set you back about $7 (or about ₩9,000.00) per person.

On the bright side, Seoul and other major cities have excellent public transportation options that make driving or taking a taxi unnecessary. Around ₩55,92 ($41) is the cost of a monthly public transportation ticket in the capital.

Work Culture

One of the best ways to familiarize oneself with Asian business methods is to intern in South Korea. The work culture in this country is very different from that of the United States and Europe.

A formal connection characterized by a tight hierarchy exists between employers and employees. Staff members are expected to give their all to their work and to obey their boss’s orders without hesitation.


Some competitive internships may require fluency in English and Korean, while others may only ask for it in one language. As many firms speak English, interacting well with coworkers is essential in South Korea.

Still, it’s smart to pick up their language occasionally, so if you’re in the area, you can look into taking Korean lessons at a language school.


South Korean job fairs and socializing with coworkers are great places for foreigners to meet potential employers and build professional networks. There is a strong emphasis on socializing outside of business hours, so interns in South Korea will have many chances to meet people from many walks of life.


Achieve Your Chosen Career in Seoul

Building your career abroad is such a challenging experience. However, the opportunity to work in one of the most developed cities in the world can help you push outside your comfort zone and achieve success.

So, what are you waiting for? Apply now for an internship in Seoul and see your career soar!