5 Incredible Benefits of Owning a Lap Pool in 2024

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A lap pool is a special type of swimming pool that is meant for swimming laps. If you are a swimming enthusiast, then the lap pool is ideal for you. If you have a swimmer in your family who needs to practice swimming, then the lap pool is ideal. The lap pool is an elongated rectangular pool that has a short width that is usually equal to one lane in a swimming pool. The concept of this pool is that a swimmer should be able to swim laps comfortable in the pool.

Who should own a lap pool?

A lap pool is well suited under any of the conditions:

  • If you want to swim laps either or practice swimming or just to be fit, the lap pool is ideal for your home.
  • If you do not have sufficient width in your backyard but the length is sufficient, then the lap pool is ideal.
  • If you want a shallow pool that doesn’t pose risk for kids and those who want to relax, you can consider a lap pool.

Lap pool characteristics

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A lap pool is usually around 50 feet long. It can be longer too if you need it. It is around 8 feet in width and can be up to 10 feet wide. It would correspond to the width of one lap in a regular swimming pool. The depth of the lap pool is usually 3 feet at the shallow end, 4 feet at the middle, and 5 feet on the deep end where you may need to stand.

It is not necessary that the lap pool be outdoors. You can even have an indoor lap pool. An indoor lap pool is usually located near a gym area. This is helpful for professional swimmers who can practice laps even if the weather outside is not suitable. Lap pools are mostly made of fibreglass. They are easy to install and cost-effective due to the lesser width.

The incredible benefits

There are many benefits of installing a lap pool in your home. These benefits explain why you should consider having a lap pool in your home.

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1. It is a great way to be fit

A lap pool in your home is a great way to be fit. Swimming is without a doubt one of the best exercises. It gives you a workout for all the muscles in your body. Fitness experts recommend swimming as the best way to lose weight. Those who are overweight or obese need to exercise without fail. Going to a gym can be boring and you may not feel like leaving your home for the gym.

Swimming is fun and easy to learn. You need not step out of your home to exercise. All you need to do is spend some time in your pool. You can get good exercise that helps you lose weight. You don’t have an excuse that you have no time. With proper lighting, you can even swim at night and get your daily quota of exercise.

2. It is the perfect option for small backyards

Most people don’t think of a pool while constructing the house. As a result, the backyard gets filled up with trees, and a lot of other things that take up a lot of space. When they feel they need a pool or have the budget to get a pool, they realize space is a constraint.

In such a scenario, the lap pool is the best type of pool for your home. The lap pool needs a minimum of 40 ft x 8 ft. Most yards would be able to create this kind of space. This makes the lap pool ideal for homes with less space.

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3. A lap pool exercises not just the body but also the mind

A lap pool gives you sufficient exercise for both the body and mind. Spending time in a swimming pool can be very relaxing. It leaves you refreshed after a tiring day. You can forget the tension of school/office by spending a relaxing time in the pool.

With an outdoor pool, you have the added attraction of swimming in the comfort of your home. If you have greenery around it motivates you to swim. Whether you swim a few laps or just soak in the pool, it uplifts your mood. It can reduce anxiety and is helpful for people with depression.

4. You can use lap pools for entertainment

There is a feeling that you can plan entertainment or parties only if you have a large pool. This is not true. Even a lap pool can be used for entertainment. The space around the pool can be used to host a party. Guests can either soak in the pool or enjoy a party by the pool. If you have a deck, it is a great place to host a party.

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5. You can customize the lap pool

A lap pool is basically a rectangular pool meant to swim laps. While this is the basic purpose, there are other uses for a lap pool. By customizing your pool, you can use the lap pool for other reasons. You can reserve an area of the lap pool as a hot tub. This will allow you to spend a relaxing time, which will be great during the old weather.

You can even have a spa at one end of the lap pool. Once you are done swimming a few laps, you can head for the spa. Depending on your budget, you can have spa jets installed to allow you to relax your tired muscles. A Jacuzzi is another option to add to your lap pool. You can expand the surrounding area to create a deck with space to sit and to have parties.

All the benefits listed in this article explain why you should consider having a lap pool. These pools are easy to install, relatively less expensive, and offer great health benefits. It is a cost-effective way to get good exercise and spend a relaxing time right in your backyard.

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