4 Surprising Benefits of Prostate Massage Therapy That You Should Know


The prostate is a tiny gland located between the bladder and the rectum in the man’s body that helps create semen. It is the most misunderstood organ of men. Thus many of them are getting prostate problems, especially past the age of fifty. However, if proper care is applied, possible health problems can be prevented.

The prostate can become swollen, inflamed, or compromised as males mature, which can cause several problems. Prostate massage is often used to cure or diagnose prostate conditions. It may also be used for sexual satisfaction, and you can check out different types of prostate massagers online at autoblow.com.

Read on to know more about your prostate and the surprising benefits of prostate massage.

What Is a Prostate Massage?

A prostate massage  is identical to DRE or digital rectal examination. A doctor carrying out a DRE would rub the prostate instead of only looking for lumps or anomalies with their fingertips. Two portions consist of this prostate. Wherein one joins the bladder, while the other surrounds the urethra.

The bulk of the fluid that covers sperm in semen is produced by the prostate and is therefore essential for male fertility. People often refer to the “drainage” of a prostate massage, and it typically takes longer. It is directed at “wringing out” the prostate. To verify the general size and condition of the prostate gland, a doctor typically uses DRE.

In the rectum, a practitioner wearing a lubricated glove sticks a finger and presses the nearby prostate’s edges. During the treatment, a specialist will monitor for any changes that might suggest health conditions. If symptoms indicate an infection, the doctor may massage or rub the prostate to collect later study fluid. The practitioner may also recommend visiting and checking herabiolabs.com for reliable LNCaP xenografts, which are cancerous tumors that can form in the prostate. If present, the doctor may have to massage or rub the prostate more aggressively to collect fluid for further study.

Prostate massage practitioners often say that for symptom relief, removing this fluid is beneficial. Expressed prostatic secretion is considered the liquid that the prostate releases. Physicians can analyze it for signs of inflammation or infection.

During the first month, patients with chronic prostatitis frequently return two to three days a week for prostate massages and decrease the number of sessions as symptoms improve.

Benefits of Having Prostate Massage

Can Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Although, until now, there’s no specific proof that prostate massage is the solution for erectile dysfunction, doctors pile up evidence about its efficacy.

Joshua R. Gonzalez, MD, who practices in Los Angeles, says that “The theory behind the potential benefit involves an improvement in blood flow resulting from vigorous milking or massaging of the prostate. Because erections are largely the result of good blood flow, any increase could potentially lead to better boners.”

Therefore a regular prostate massage can improve the blood flow, leading the penis to erect. Since erectile dysfunction can sadly happen at the early age of a man. It is essential to talk to a doctor right away should you suspect emerging symptoms. Don’t be ashamed about this case, instead talk about it with an expert so you can perform the right treatments.

Can Treat Prostatitis

Prostatitis is the result of swelling and inflammation of the prostate gland. The pressure in your groin and pelvis from when you pee might cause pain, which can be a sign. To diagnose the disease, a doctor might do a prostate massage. To see what’s causing the issue, they will measure the fluid from the prostate ducts.

While antibiotics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are the most effective prostatitis therapies, prostate massage is another choice. By removing fluids built up in the prostate, it can help relieve pain and swelling.

Small trials have shown that, along with taking antibiotics, massaging the region several days a week will provide relief from pain and pressure

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Help Improve Painful Ejaculation

Some men find themselves in a circumstance where ejaculation is difficult and painful for them. This kind of condition might be a sign of a larger medication condition, which might also be caused by prostatitis, cysts, and antidepressant drugs. As such, you should go see your doctor to ask for help and for proper diagnosis.

On the other hand, massage therapy can help improve the pain you feel through easing fluid blockages in your reproductive system. Thus, it aids you to have less experience of discomfort and pain while ejaculating. It will then result to a happier and healthier sex life that you might have been missing out for quite some time.

Improve the Urine Flow

Your prostate is surrounded by the urethra—the narrow conduit that drains your bladder. However, if your prostate is swollen, then it might affect your urine flow. If the urinary flow is impaired by an enlarged prostate, it will result in a slow  flow, wherein sometimes it may even be cut off.

Massaging the prostate could relieve swelling of the region so that the urethra could have less pressure and pain on the urethra, enabling you to relieve oneself without any discomfort.

Are There Risks in Doing Prostate Massage Therapy?

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Either for medicinal purposes or personal gratification, some men prefer to give themselves a prostate massage. However, if you rub your prostate too roughly it could pose a threat to your health and could cause unpleasant pain.

Thus, it’s best to get one from the specialist, who knows the correct approach to use if you need a massage for health purposes.


Any health advantages may be provided by prostate massage therapy, or your doctor may use it to identify a problem. But it’s not anything commonly recommended or used by physicians for research or treatment. It is only a step, or a course of action towards a favorable result that would certainly help you out in your condiiton.

Additionally, it can help prevent future prostate problems that you might encounter. Although studies are minimal, in some medical circumstances and with some health problems, prostate massage can help.  However, it is still best that you talk to your doctor and seek advice before acting on this treatment. As they say, doctors know best.