4 Unmatched Benefits of Using a Foot Stand at Your Workplace

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We all know that sitting is bad for us especially if it takes a lot of hours, which is usually the case at work. But have you ever thought about the effects that this activity has on your body and mind? Research shows that sitting in your office chair for too long can cause discomfort and lots of health problems.

Still, this is something that usually stays unnoticed or people are not linking their health issues to the position in which they spend the majority of their time. Luckily, there are some tips and tricks you can use to ease some of your health problems and prevent some of them from happening. One of the simplest solutions you can try is opting for a foot rest. What is a foot rest and what’s the purpose of it? Let’s dive into it.

Foot stand as your best friend

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If you’ve never heard about footrests, simply put, they are a special type of furniture that is usually being used as support for your legs when you are sitting. However, unlike the ones that some people have at home, there are special footrests that can be used at the office. They can tremendously help when it comes to keeping your posture aligned and reducing back pain and other types of discomfort you might experience in other parts of your body (such as knees, for example). Not only do they prevent many back conditions from happening but they also help keep things under control if you’re already suffering back problems.

The whole point of using a footrest is to make sure your blood circulation is normal because when you’re sitting on a chair for a long time, it tends to slightly reduce blood flow in your legs which can result in some unpleasant effects on the body, especially for people who work in front of the computer. If you make your office into a comfortable work space and if you reduce your fatigue and improve your well-being in general, it will most certainly result in boosting your productivity. This is because you will successfully handle all your company projects on time without any disturbances. Isn’t it what we all want?

That said, one of the best ways to make your office space comfortable is by using a foot rest for the under desk. Following are the unmatched benefits of using a foot stand at your workplace:

  1. It’s Great For Short People

To be safe and comfortable on your office chair, you need to sit as your feet touch the ground which is a big challenge when you are short. Most office chairs are created with average lengths and in most cases, if you are short and sit in an office chair, your legs won’t touch the ground. Even if you can adjust your share to a certain level, it may not be enough for you to feel comfortable, which is why you need some extra support.

This normally causes discomfort and pain in the legs when they keep floating in the air for a long period. However, with a foot stand, you can give your legs the needed support as it gives them a resting place no matter if you can’t reach the ground.

  1. Improves Blood Flow

When a foot stand reduces pressure on your legs, it boosts your blood circulation to and from your legs. This saves you from blood clots that could have been caused by deep vein thrombosis. It also relieves pressure on your lower back and reduces the chances of getting varicose and swelling veins that can result from the poor blood supply. These are some of the most common problems people have issues with, but the list of health problems that may occur as a result of constant pressure on your veins is quite long.

This is why you need a foot stand to prevent any blood circulation problems that can come from sitting for long hours in the office.

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  1. Boosts Active Sitting

Many studies show that sitting in your office chair for a long period is not good for your health as it causes many health problems. The reason for this is being static for a long period of time, which doesn’t allow your body to function normally. The good news is that a footrest can promote active sitting as you handle your office tasks. Active sitting can help you stay healthy while doing your everyday tasks.

Wondering how? Some footrests promote a rocking motion as you sit. They keep your legs moving as you handle your tasks which boosts blood flow and gives your feet the needed comfort. Although you might think that these small movements don’t make a difference, in reality, they do.

  1. It’s More Comfortable

Finally, if we put aside all the amazing benefits you could get from using such a simple tool, one of the biggest reasons people opt for a foot stand is the fact that they simply feel more comfortable when using it. This is both a physical and a psychological benefit. Resting your feet on a foot stand is more comfortable than resting them on the floor. It gives your feet maximum comfort than resting them on the hard floor or carpet which also boosts your productivity at the workplace.

This is because once you have a comfortable atmosphere as you accomplish your tasks, you have a higher chance of being more productive. You divert all the efforts and time you would have spent on stretching your legs looking for comfort to accomplish all your tasks since you are comfortable in your office chair.

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In conclusion

if you need that extra rest for your feet and if you need that extra push to have a good posture in your work days, then purchasing a small tool like this can really be a lifesaver. You can opt for either static or dynamic foot stands, depending on your needs and your preferences.

No matter if you’re tall or short, and if your office chair is adjustable or non adjustable, using a footrest is always a great idea. It helps you get better support for your whole body as well as stability and finally – your comfort. No one wants to have their feet dangling! That said, purchase the best foot stand at Everlasting Comfort to give your legs the needed comfort and boost your productivity at the workplace.